Thursday, July 31, 2008

my life as a designer

He what's up everybody! Well I finally got my Sidekick Gekko, and I'm so excited. I feel like the excitable bore when he posted about getting his new iphone. So instead of showing me with the phone and holding the box, X... I decided to take photos with it, showcasing my life as Designer!

Ok so this is my desk. Pretty much where I spend most of my life, if you really think about it. Of course I have my blog on my screen. You guys know you blog when your at work! All those post-its on my mac is all the things I need to do, people I need to call, reminders and all that good stuff. I have all my X-Men Action Figures with me. They make my life less serious. Co-Workers like to hide them from me! One time I found Beast in the freezer! Ughh! The silver mouse was given to me by blogger, Darius. Inscribed on it says, " Imagination is Better than Knowledge" That is the code I live by!

Ever since I have been working out, I have been eating pretty good. I eat much better at work then on the weekends. Smart Start is so good, but I also eat oatmeal on certain days. Usually for Lunch I eat something healthy like baked chicken, but if I want to be greedy there is a pizza place right next door or evil Burger King! Love there strawberry milkshakes!

This is my Designer Book. It is pretty much the company manual which I created and designed. Under it is my "Things to Do" Pad. I make all my phone calls in the morning. Work on Design projects, see what I have put into production, and also get quotes for new jobs.

This is the company's brochure, which I designed. Just to let you know, mostly everything here I have done. I have been here for 5 years, and pretty much the head designer. I have had other designers here as well as interns, but usually I'm the main squeeze at this bad boy!

These are all my design books. If I need to find out how to do anything in Illustrator, Photoshop or Quark, I come here. I also have a Design Basics Book, a book on how to Design for different Cultures, a Pocket Pal on Production, a book on how to do Professional Presentations, and also a Art History Book. You always have to have the Dictionary, trust me you will need it!

Sometimes work can be stressful, so I usually read "The Secret" to bring me back in line with my spirit and self. Usually if I am stomped on a design, I will get inspiration from my "Creative Crown." Yes it is just a Burger King Crown with a post-it, but when you put it on, it is so much more! I have done some of my best work with it!

Ok a small tour of the place. My job is mostly a design studio, but we also have a copy center where people can come in, make copies, photo enlargements; just think of it as a really small Staples Copy Center. Usually the intern or secretary handles that department, but I'm usually called over to help out if a customer wants a design or something.

There is also another division of the company that focuses on giving new clients business solutions. It was going to be a full department, but the person in charge left the company, so it is mostly on the consulting now. Either way, I designed the logo, and most of the structure of how the company works. Even painted the squares that is on the wall!

Another division of our company does Mailbox services. I designed the character to be my boss, I find it quite funny every time I see it! We are also a FedEx Authorized Ship Center. Don't get me on that, such a long story!

This is the conference room I helped design. We usually take our big clients in here for meetings. It is pretty comfortable in there to. We have designed for clients who does Wine Distribution, Architectural Engineering, Real Estate,  Medical Centers, Churches, Restaurants, and even Barbershops. That is the best thing about my job is that it is very versatile!

You know the Drill! Wash Your Dish! LOL. I hate washing dishes at home, and even here, but I have to.

And there you go, a glimpse into my life as a designer! Ok now back to my sidekick, I have some planning to do for this weekend, and now I can do everything at my fingertips! Hahahahahah

How is everyone at work doing? 
Do you enjoy your career?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sidekick gekko!

I so want this like RIGHT NOW!

Sure there are other phones that have better features that cost less, but nothing beats the sidekick which is always about style! As a Graphic Designer, I love how you can customize this phone anyway you want! I have the Sidekick 3 now, which is great, but now they they have a better High Resolution Screen, Video Playback, and enhanced Bluetooth, I so want it now! I'm going to sell my old phone to offset the cost of this one. (If anyone is interested, let me know!)

Ever felt like you wanted to be the new kid on the block with the newest hottest shit? Yeah that what I want to feel like right now! I have one week, we will see what happens...

Those of you who want more info, Here you go:

The T-Mobile Sidekick will be available July 30 at select T-Mobile retail stores and online at for $149.99 with a NEW two-year service agreement. Pricing for the shells is $14.99 for two for $9.99 each.

Additional T-Mobile Sidekick Features Include:
· Easily personalized exterior that provides customers the ability to create “shells” on their own terms.
· Record, play and share videos: record videos using the camera; receive video attachments from e-mail, picture messaging, or side load videos to the microSD card; play video using the built-in media player; share videos via e-mail, Bluetooth or picture messaging
· T-Mobile myFaves-enabled
· Horizontal swivel screen and full QWERTY keyboard (manufactured by Sharp)
· WQVGA screen with high-definition LCD technology
· Personalized Web surfing: PC-like, full-size layout or standard Sidekick screen-size layout to scroll and read a page; use Mini Page to zoom out on an overview of an entire Web page; save images from Web pages to the microSD card
· Customized IM experience: create and join group chats, set custom status messages, search for friends in a buddy list and see who is logged into IM to immediately start a conversation
· Easy downloads: install and use downloads without the need to restart the device; set a theme as the device’s default instantly
· Store more information: Up to 25 ringtones, add up to five slides to multimedia messages, and up to 60-second voice messages
· Quick Find to search across all applications
· Dimensions: 4.7” x 2.3” x 0.7”, 5.3 oz.
· 2.6-inch display, 400×240 pixels
· 2.0 megapixel camera
· Quad-band world phone 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
· 512mb microSD memory card
· 1030mAh Lion battery
· Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP supports stereo Bluetooth and Bluetooth file transfer to other Bluetooth devices including Bluetooth photo printers.


Monday, July 28, 2008

the gay demon

"...Once upon a time, I had a friend, that loved me unconditionally. Then she found out I was gay. Yet even still, she accepted me and loved me. Soon thereafter as I was telling her of my troubles, she took the opportunity to state that the cause of my troubles was that someone placed a demon inside me, and casted me away, never to associate herself with me again. It broke my heart and our 10 year relationship..."

Many Homosexuals have been lead to believe that we have a spirit in us that controls us and leads us from doing right. Some call this the gay demon. A sin, an abomination is he. For he is the one that will lead us to the depths of hell...

Meet Aden.

Aden is my gay demon. Aden possessed me at the age of 16, even though he was with me all my life. Like most gay demons, they have to use an object to tempt there host, much like the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Aden had a hard time finding the right object for me.

At the age of 8, he tried to use my mother's lipstick. "Shawn try this, the color will look so good on you, Girl!" I picked up the lipstick, and turned it as it slide towards my lips. I stopped. Put the lipstick down and went to play video games. "Damn It!", he said, I have to try something better!

At the age of 12, he tried to use my sister's jump rope. "Shawn try this, it will make you jump for joy, Girl!" I picked up the jumprope, and placed it behind me. I stopped, put the jumprope down and went to play video games. "Damn it Again!", he said, I have to try something even better!

At the age of 16, during a sleepover he decided to use what I loved the most: Video Games! "Shawn try this, it will be so much fun, Girl!" So I picked up the joystick, and played for hours and hours. Then as I was beating the last level, my friend put his head on my lap. My friend was a guy. He was on my lap. Sleeping. Oh no, I didn't know what to do! My dick started to get hard! My face started to sweat, and everything started to turn RED!

Aden had finally did it! He finally turned me GAY! Oh the other Gay Demons started to pump and dip, and vogue for dear life! Who knew that videogames could make teenagers gay! It was all over for me, Aden was here to stay! Aden rejoiced in my underbelly as he sipped on a watermelon martini. Finally he was leading my soul to Hell.

As the months and the years passed by, Aden started to get impatient. He wondered. When will I be able to return to the pits of hell in which I came? This homosexuality thing just wasn't making me, well... evil. Actually I started being a better person. Aden was angry! "Go kiss on that boy, and see how the humans will hate you, then you will see the world's ways. Become Evil, let me lead you to hell!"

But the kiss actually made me smile. It mad me happy. It made me fall in love. Through my love with this man, it made me a more loving and peaceful spirit, standing up for what was right, and helping those in need. It allowed me not to judge, and see the beauty in others.

"No! That is not what Gay people do!" said Aden," You suppose to hide yourself from the world! Have multiple sex with multiple people! Drink and smoke until you get AIDS, and die in the pits of hell while wearing women's clothing!" So I asked Aden, who told you that?

"You did."


"Yes you, and the rest of your kind."

Then I realized that, the only way for me to be free was just not to listen to the negative comments and sterotypes that have been put on me. If I just stop beleiving that I had a gay demon inside of me, then it would just simply go away. And it did.

So the moral of the story is...

"Lesbians Lies & Fag Tales stop giving DEMONS power over YOU, give GOD the Glory! Your are a loving and beautiful human being gay, straight, or otherwise! Don't let nobody tell you about who you are! Your an evolving and every changing being, Live your Life! And play a videogame or something!"

Friday, July 25, 2008


I totally forgot to post these photos of Gay Pride in New York City! Sorry I didn't get any photos of any sexy guys, it was waaaaayyy to crowded for that! Let me know what you guys think of my outfit? And please take a look at Fuzzy's photo, 2 Funny!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sleeping with the enemy

When does a dream become a nightmare?

Meet my boy Mason.

I met him at one of my infamous house parties. Tall, Light Brown Skin, Slim, but with a muscular build. I could tell by the shirt he wore, the brotha was on point. But there was something about him, he seemed pretty social, but distance at the same time. As the party continues, and the liquor is flowing, Mason goes outside to take a cigarette. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself so I decided to head outside with him.

"Name is Shawn, nice to meet you."

"Oh so this is your house, very nice, thanks for inviting us, your friends are crazy!"

"Yeah, they can get like that, got to love them. So do you smoke to relieve stress?"

"Nah, but if I did, then I would be smoking two packs a day!"

"Why do you say that" I replied as I sit on the steps of my porch."

He took one last pull, and flinged his cigarette into the street. He looked at me with these lazy eyes, which at first I thought was due to his tipsy state, but found out it was deeper then that.

"Can I tell you a secret"

I shook my head, yes, and he started to tell me his story.

"I used to be be so in love this guy. We met in the village. I never talk to anyone in the village! But he came up to me, and just swept me off my feet. We fucked on the first night, but it was hot!  Months later, we became exclusive, and even lived together for a year. The sex was so fucking hot. He was a sex addict! Now I can be a freak to, but sometimes I couldn't keep up!

Seems like he was just a little to fast for me because, one day my boy called me up and told me he seen my dude with another dude... In the bathroom of the fucking train station! With fresh cum stains all over his shirt! I couldn't believe that shit because my friend is known for being a damn liar. A week later I came home, he was in the shower with the music blasting. I went into the bedroom and found a opened magnum by my family portrait on the night stand, and a towel that was used to clean himself up. I went crazy, this fucking bitch just got done cheating on me like 10 minutes ago! He admitted it to me, and I was so done with him after that. He moved out, and was depressed for a good 3 months.

I was really going through it, and like everyone says, the only way to give over old dick is to get some new dick! So I hit up BGC..."

"Your on BGC for real" I interrupted.


"You got nasty naked pics on there?"

He laughed and said, "Yeah of my dick and ass, but they are private, and no I'm not telling you my screen name! Anyway... I met this dude on there, who was hot! We decided to meet up for dinner and he was a decent dude. We took a walk around and just talked, and I felt so comfortable with him. I wasn't going to make the same mistake I did with the last dude by sleeping with him on the same night. 

So like a month later, I'm really feeling him, so I was like, yo come through to my crib and lets do this, nah mean! So I told him where to go, and he said he knew the area, so it shouldn't be that hard to find my apartment building.  I buzzed him up, and told him my apartment number. So he comes gives me a hug. I had the place on point, dim lights, only candles, I was ready to get it in! 

So he says, "Did you just move into this spot." 

I told him nah, I been here for like a year now. I took him into the bedroom, and he sits on the bed. I head to the kitchen to get some wine and shit, and come back and he is looking at my family portrait.

"Is this your family here?" he says.

I'm like yeah why, as I start to kiss on his neck and play with his nipples.

"Do you know this dude name Jason?"

I said yeah, that's my boyfriend, well ex boyfriend until he fucking cheated on me. Then dude turns around and tells me that, he fucked with Jason like 3 months ago in this very apartment! My apartment!  My fucking apartment! You can't be for real? Then dude tells me that Jason told him that my apartment was his, and he didn't even know he had a boyfriend! 

I was sitting there like, wow. I was so ready to sleep with this dude, and he was the guy that my ex cheated on me with. I told his azz he had to leave. Now he has been calling me for like a week, telling me that he wants to be with me, and we have this connection, and his azz didn't know, but come on... this dude is the enemy!"

I just sat on the porch in aww of what Mason told me. He asked me for advise, and I didn't know what to say. 

What would you

 guys do in this situation?

Friday, July 18, 2008


Jesse Jackson why?

I mean really, 

Obama's balls?  

As round and as firm 

and as patriotic 

as they are,

Obama's balls will be 

the foundation

 to this country.

Mr. Jackson

 I think your jealous.

You have old

 & wrinkled

 nigga balls.

Nigga balls that 

birthed a daughter 

that you haven't paid 

child support for

and/or seen in months.

At least that's

 what I heard, but..

I know why your MAD!

It's because when 

Obama talked about 

Black Fathers 

taking responsibility,

he was talking about you.

And Nigga,

 stop calling us

 the N-word, 

your making confused

 white women cry

 on national tv.

And you know Whoopi

 isn't the best person

 to speak for us!

Grow some balls,

and leave my man's alone!

Obama 08!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

{re}uncovering the body


{work in progress}

:: Inspired by ::
photos taken by fuzzy

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

random random random

Hey, what's up everybody! This post is going to be pretty long because it seems like I haven't blogged in so long, even though I actually have. I first want to thank everybody for there comments on my "Here I Stand" Video. I know that most of you guys either read my blog on your phone or at work, so your not able to really watch the youtube videos, but please, when you get a chance check it out. It took a lot for me to release it.

It is funny how my life can be pretty occupied without really doing anything MAJOR! Of course I have my new dog Chilli, and it she is doing ok for the most part. Recently she has been making some weird sounds, but we are going to take her to the Vet pretty soon. She needs her shots and everything anyway. She has already been a terror! She has chewed up my extra pair of glasses, my ps3 cord, and my ipod headphones. SO NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT! But I'm trying to make the house "puppy safe" and she for the most part is getting better. For some reason she thinks that pooping outside is uncivilized, and no matter how much I walk her after eating, she will not GO! She is doing it on the Wee Wee Pad, so that is good enough for me.  I took her out to NY out on the Pier with the gays, just me and her. When I tell you, I never got so much attention in my life! Everyone and there Gay Mother stopped me to ask me questions about her, and even take the opportunity to get a chance with me. This older gentlemen from Germany was really aggressive on taking me out on a date. "Your such a beautiful black man"... uggh thanks, but I have a boyfriend! Then this one guy was asking if he could suck my dick, it was just to much! Chilli has been going places with me to some of my friend's houses. She loves Uncle Twin, but  when she met my friend James dog, they went to fighting! It was the funniest thing! My baby know she from the ghetto, no matter how prissy she thinks she is! Anyone have any suggestions on raising a dog?

Why are these like my favorite places to be in the whole wide world! Me and Twin went to walmart the other day so I can get Chilli a Carry Around Bag. I came out of there with two packs of black ankle socks,  some Swagger Deodorant, 3 things of Tropicana Fruit Punch, and a box of magnums! Walmart was created by the devil, and I thank him! Yet heaven on earth is really IHOP, and I was so excited to join my friends last weekend at my favorite one here. I had pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, fried red potatoes, home fries, and big ol' glass of water! God forgave me that day for buying so much at Walmart. Which one of these are you addicted to?

So why the hell does X get to have free home cooked meals for doing nothing! Twin cooks. So sometimes Twin will ask X over for one of his meals. But WHY? They not dating and they not fucking, so why does he have 4 To-go containers of food, when I have a Chef for a Boyfriend, and I don't even remember the last time he made a Creative & Extensive Good Ass Meal for us! Don't get me wrong, Fuzz feeds me, but I want him to really SHOW OFF! I mean you went to school for it! I designed your business card, I give you  my skills, now I want food! Sounds selfish? Yeah I am! This sunday will be the battle of the Chefs. Twin VS Fuzzy. Me and X will be the judge, and I will be a full and happy man! Anyone have any suggestions on what they should cook?

So I want the Sidekick Gekko. It looks so fly! It will have a better camera, record vdeo, better web browsing, and have customizable shells! They are saying it will be a lot more affortable, so I think I will shell out the cash for it. Depending... It feels so good to be a PS3 Owner! I have GAMEFLY so I can rent games that I wouldn't normally buy, but I so have to get LilBigPlanet (the newest Mario-Like Game) BUZZ TV (Trivia Game) and HOME (A Sim-Like Chat Room). I finally have the ability to rent movies from my PS3, so no more blockbuster for me! Will be really cool when people come over and we are bored. Do any of your guys have a sidekick or ps3?

So two of the Black Gay Prides for NYC are coming up, and they both take place at the beach. I have been working out, and really starting to see results. I won't be super built in two weeks, but I am comfortable at where I am. Now I just need to buy another pair swim trunks! Anyone else going?

Some of my friends from YOUTUBE (5Blackguys) are coming up to NYC, so I decided to hang out and get to know them while they are here. They are 5 Black Gay Men that are youtubers, and they create challenges that the other four have to record and put on the site. It is quite fun to watch! I call them my other 5 boyfriends, lol. Boyfriend #2 is cool, really funny, so it should be an experience. I kinda don't want to be on camera, but I have a feelings I will end up on there show. I just wanted to go, and just be behind the scenes, unless the play Beyonce, then I just have to just do my thing! Have you guys seen them on youtube?

I like being naked, especially in the summer! I mean it can get hot in my house, so I just let it hang. Then you walk by the mirror and check yourself out and smile, and then go about your business, I love it!  I mean who goes to bed with clothes on? Just get under a light sheet, put that fan on, and feel that nakedness! Why can't I have a Naked Party and it not turn into a Sexy Party? Even thought a Stewie Like Sexy Party would be fly! I think the only other person that I know that equally enjoys it is Fuzzy & Omar. Anyone else wants to join in the Birthday Suit Club? LOL

Sunday, July 13, 2008

here I stand

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


  • The People: new and different, I digged that.
  • The Lesbians: a unique breed of homosexuals indeed.
  • The Ride: 2 hours in a car and 30 minutes by boat. Alot!
  • The Color Purple: I was fly as shit!
  • The Island: step on the port and the gay music is pumping!
  • The Fog: Why on the beach, I mean really! It cleared later.
  • The Twin: was so not drinking in moderation.
  • The Drinks: and how someone sucked it out my belly button.
  • The Sidekick: Mike's sidekick gave my sidekick a virus. Already ordered a new one.
  • The Fuzz: Loving this dude and his "Hulk Smash" Bikini!
  • The Body: Working out is paying off, I was tight? What you think?
  • The Booties: Get into the booty line, so sexy!
  • The Fun: I was jumping for joy... literally.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Well today is the end of my vacation, I go back tommorrow. I was pretty much just lazy in the house, went to the the movie, NYC Pride, Fire Island, Six Flags Hurrican Harbor, and jerked off more then I should have. Oh and I got a new dog! Thanks to everyone that sent in names. I really liked a lot of them, but her name is...

Even though I am a BIG TLC fan, I thought it would be fitting for a mexican dog, you know! Actually my mother calles her Chilli Coco, but that just sounds like a drag queen's name to me, lol.



Wednesday, July 02, 2008

can you help me name my dog?

Hey whats up everybody, I have been away for a minute, but I'm cool now. I hope that everyone is doing good, Im on vacation this week, so Im just so relaxed right now... anyway. I need a favor! Yesterday, I finally found the dog I have been wanting for months. It's a girl, but I couldn't turn her down, she is so fly... but the only thing is, I don't know what to name her! Check out the photo above and let me know if you have any suggestions. She is a Chhuahua, a small puppy, around 4 to 6 months and all black!