Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 FAST everything is crazy over here and i just don't know how to slow down because work is like moving at hyper speed with all these new projects for this new company we have to do business cards and postcards and letter heads and everything else under the sun so i"m just here pumping everything out and hey it is what it is but having so many parties and get togethers at my house doesn't help but i love doing them but all this cleaning to party just to clean again is crazy but hey I love hanging with my friends and I get help really i do so i cant complain to much so you just have to keep moving and having that heart pumping even though i have been so busy that i haven't even stepped in the gym all this week but speaking of hearts why wont mines stopping beating over this this well i don't even want to talk about it because I don't even know what we are and I cant believe someone can be so nice and sweet all in the matter of a couple of weeks and it feels good but im scared and i want to feel it but I think I'm moving to fast so I need to just slow down but clearly when i drink that doesn't happen because my mind goes on and on and on and on and i say crazy stuff and i don't mean to say crazy stuff when I'm tipsy but it happens so i just go to sleep and sleeping is fun but that just goes to fast as well and all then bam here is Halloween and i have to dress up in drag and i don't even know if I'm ready for all that and i just got used to my mustache looking all fly and i don't even have any clothes yet and its only two days away and Omar is going to kill me if i chicken out i just need a day off well I am taking November 4th off to help Obama and we are also coming to the wire and all this information on CNN and fox news is just going so fast that i cant keep up with who is doing who and the stock market is up then down then down then up and I'm like who can read all those numbers so fast and i just really want to go home rest and just...



And just enjoy the moment. 

Monday, October 27, 2008


Ok I finally got some time to finish the new blog design!

I like it because its a lot brighter, and easier to read, especially on a cellphone! I know that my friends were telling me that the last template was crashing their phones, so this should be MUCH easier to handle now. I read blogs on my phone all the time, so it was important for me to make sure that worked. The heading at the top I can pretty much change it to whenever I want, to fit a theme, so that is cool. If you get tired of seeing my mug, let me know!

I like the last one, but this one is cool to! Something different. I mean I had this blog for two years now and never changed it. Wow 2 years? And I'm not even talking about adultswim! In any case, tell me what you think!

So this weekend was great! It was Twin's Birthday, and he was having the party at my house. I know everyone always ask: "Why are all the parties at Shawn's House?"

Well for the most part it is like the central focal point for everyone. Not to far and easy to get to. I have ample room for parking, its a two bedroom apartment so pretty spacious, and I have a lot of things that can entertain mostly everyone. Or like X says, my house is just "magical" LOL! We just always have a good time here.

So as always I had to clean. I hate cleaning. But what I hate most is having a dirty house, especially when NEW guest come over! So I went to work! I paced myself to clean one room in the house an hour. If I could just actually focus, I could do it in less, but my attention span never allows me to. Have to stop, check my email, see if I got any new comments on my post, make a phone call, send a text, you know! Either way everything was clean before the guest arrived so that's all that matters.

People started showing up, and I haven't even showered yet, so here I am with no shirt on trying to find some clothes. I'm sure some of the guys didn't mind! :) Besides I'm not one to really be hung up on clothes, or having clothes on in front of guest. Its my house! But for the sake of others, I found an outfit. A fly one to, from H&M, looked really good on me to!

So Twin comes, with huge platters of FOOD! He really cooked his azz off! Twin is always known for making drinks, three kinds in particular.


I don't know exactly what is in it, but its fruity, and STRONG, but more like a creeper. I can have like two of those and feel tipsy. This is usually the drink of choice at any of the parties we throw.


I don't know exactly what is in that either, but it is GREEN and has a pineapple taste to it. It was created for Xavier's Birthday especially for him, I have to show the bottle we created for it. Now that drink will get you to where you want to be, just like the title!


Now this is a new drink that Twin made, its RED and has a strong STING to it! Man, but it wasn't bad, have to taste it more to see where it takes me. Only had one glass of it at the party.

So the party was doing pretty good, there were at least 30 to 40 people by the end of the night that came through! Twin was enjoying himself so that was good. Fuzzy's play list wasn't too bad, even though we needed more Baltimore Club Music bangin! Of course they played "Single Ladies" 6 time in a row! AGAIN! LOL. I didn't mind, but gheesh. My computer room ended up turning into a night club, I'm telling you, but It was fun!

Sunday we all went to the Buffet to eat, and watched Saw 4 to prepare for 5 when we do see it! So yeah, that was pretty much my weekend. About to head home to clean up the mess from the party, which isn't too bad, and just chill and relax! I'm going to do another post tomorrow, now that I have a new look to the blog, I feel like writing everyday!

Yeah right, like that's going to happen...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hey its me! Im starting to like taking photos in my glasses 
if there isn't a huge FLASH in them!

Last night I made Fish for the first time.
Everyone knows I can't cook, but I'm working on it!
It actually came out good. Had Veggies and Seasoned Fries as well.

This is a picture of Omar, my Canadian Friend Charles,
 and Derron getting there Mani and Pedis in NYC!
Those Chines Ladies know how to work!

LOL! Jay pointing to the sign "Active Bottoms!" 
Hmmm... how much!?

My barber, who is a great friend of mine wanted to experiment with my hair.
This was the first design he did. Everyone says it looks like the Wonder Woman Symbol! LOL

This is a design I did for a client!
I took a picture of it because my computer froze,
and I forgot to save! So I needed a reference to go
back to when I had to do it all over again, Uggh!

One of my good friends in his Christian Fashion show. 
Just looking fly as ever!  The place was called Cafe Shabach!
Sounds like somebody would have loved this place...

friends are sexy! get some! 
Not this one though, lol...

"because your goofy!"

So I found out that a friend of mine that I have known for a couple of months had a crush on me. I never would have thought! So I asked him, what makes me so attractive? Then he said, "because your goofy!"

Huh? Since when did me being goofy become sexy?

So I started thinking about it, and it really made sense. One thing that I have noticed being a "slut puppy" and what not is that a lot of guys are two things. Either very serious or very boring! In general conversation or during sex! What I also come to realize is that many of the guys usually come off "being Mr. Suave" but they are just a "goofball" like I am!

I like being "goofy" because Im soooo serious and professional at work, that I need a way to unwind when I'm home! Besides my friends are the funniest people I know, so you just can't help it. Laughter is just so important, you just need it to live really! I try not to take myself to seriously anyway. My boy sent me this picture to my sidekick of this cartoon character. He said it reminded him of me...

LOL, I don't know do you see it?



If anyone knows me, they know that I love video games! I have had a PS3 for sometime now, but what most people don't know is that I bought the system for this game in general! LITTLEBIGPLANET! 

What is this game actually? Well the concept of the game is that we as humans, when we are sleep dream, and through those dreams we give off this great energy of creativity. Where does this energy go? Into the sky, and combines into one huge place called, LITTLE BIG PLANET. (We all know I love dreams and creativity!)

The game is the new Super Mario of this century! You play it left to right, jumping and grabbing and getting past obstacles all the way through. You play as a SackBoy or SackGirl in this superrealistic minature fun world. Not only that, but you can CREATE your own levels and SHARE then online for others to play. You can customize your characters, the environment, and you have the ability to take photos of yourself, make it a sticker and place them anywhere you want in the game.

I had a couple of my friends play it with me, and every single time we are bugging out laughing at how fun and cute the characters are, and the fun turmoil we place on each other. One time one of my friends kept placing donkey tails all over me to the point where I couldn't even lift my character up to jump!  I got him back by placing stickers all over his body! I won by the way!

So to my dismay, the game was RECALLED! Seems that one of the soundtracks uses impressions from the Quran, and it would have offended Muslims, so the game was recalled so that problem would be fixed. Really sucks since the disks have already been shipped to retailers. Now the game is in HIGH DEMAND, and I actually was able to get one at my local game store (last one) outside of it being recalled. So I played it yesterday with a friend, and just loved every minute of it!

If anyone has a PS3, this is the game to get! Great for casual fun, and creating levels can be challenging for those really into Gaming! It's a first of its kind, and hit me up so we can play online!  Here is a video of the game:

Friday, October 17, 2008


After dealing with a breakup, being a slut puppy, and trying to work out my finances after the transition of my job, some things have really been put at the waist side. In turn, my house and "home life" is a tragedy!

I need to Clean & Buy Stuff for the House! 
I need to Wash, Throw Away, and Buy New Clothes! 
I need to go Food Shopping for Myself & Chilli!
I need to Reorganize My Computer, IPOD, Office!

It's a lot, and I have been lazy, and its making me lazy, depressed, and effecting others. It doesn't feel good to go into the bathroom, and the light is blown, only to step in Chilli poop, then once you handle your bizness, there isn't any toilet tissue! Ughhhh! So yeah, Operation: Re/Do! is in order!



obamalove :: family

Not only is he a great man, he is a great Father!

Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you guys, my Aunt a couple of months ago went to our Family Reunion, and told me that Michelle Obama is my distant cousin! 

 (watch your man!)

Monday, October 13, 2008


Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonce

chichis nite

I wanted to just post these photos from my weekend at one of New York's most convient black gay bars. I don't want to give a whole rundown of what happen, but we had some sexy tipsy fun!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

chronicles of a slut puppy

(the muscle bottom)

"I promise Shawn, will make it up to you."

Like I haven't heard that before. Yet, me, I always give people the benefit of the doubt, give people a second chance, see the good in people. Some people make mistakes, and also some people just don't give a fuck.

That is why I'm a slut puppy now. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to be the good guy, the perfect boyfriend, always forgiving and understanding, yet like our Alaska Governor says, "No Thanks, to that Road to No Where!"

So I met this guy. I met a lot of guys since my breakup, but this one was different. He was 27, a year younger then me which was cool, and he seemed very mature. He was a little taller then me, brown skin, big brown eyes and an amazing smile. Yet all and all, I was more interested in his body. Ohh my Blog Readers, This dude was ripped like no other, I mean chest, abs, biceps, legs the whole nine! I was on cloud nine! 

I never attracted guys like this, but like my friend Jared said, I have a new energy, a new body and I was raging a sexual war on all of New Jersey (So thinks Joseph)! Guess Im gunning one body at a time... funny how raging hormones really make you say some crazy shit! Yet he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. I so wanted to get my grown man business ON!

So not to be a total slut puppy, I decided to start off slow. I invited him to dinner with me and my boys and have drinks later at the house. He wasn't able to meet our previous chances of hooking up, so he owed me big time! Then I get a that call... "I can't make it to dinner tonight."

See this is the bullshit I be talking about! Men always got something going on! Those "behind the scenes" issues is what I call them. I knew it was something, but didn't feel like being detective tonight. He could tell I was annoyed. Yet, he said that he would meet me at my boy's house later. Ok cool! Then as we was about to get off the phone, he whispered something that made my dick jump! "You going to do what??? Hmmmm" I was so ready now!

So as I'm sitting at my boy's house, taking back a couple of sips of "Get Right Juice," I get a call on my sidekick. "Im outside." Ok, cool, I see him, and he has on this tight shirt, fitted jeans, thuggish but still gay. All I can do is smile. For two reasons, he is cute as shit, and I am tipsy like crazy! I get all cheesing when I'm tipsy!

So we go inside, introductions around, and I get approvals from everyone, dude is tight! He gets himself a drink, downs it in one swoop, and smiles at me. I asked him, "Are u trying to get this party popping?" and all he says is,"With U." Then he leans over and tongues me down! I was so feeling it. I went to go touch his chest and pulled back. "What's wrong?" He said... I just couldn't do it! It was so big and tight, my dick was brick! Can a chest get this big? You can bounce a nickel off this bad boy!

After a couple more sexual songs on the stereo, a few more kisses, and one or two more shots, we decided to play spades. So the cards are being dealt, and my boy says to my date, so... how old are you again?

"Im 39."

I peeped over the cards in my hand and looked at him... my jaw dropped! My friends said my whole energy just totally changed, and it did. Here I was thinking I was a year older, and he is close to 10 years older then me! "'Let me see your ID?" sure enough... he was. Now this is the crazier part. The name he gave me, was NOT the name on the ID either! What kind of game is this dude pulling?

I went to the bathroom to compose myself. I was tipsy. I was horny and this banging as muscle dude isn't who he said he was. He ran into the bathroom and grabbed me and caressed my face to look at him. "Im sorry, I meant to tell you earlier, but we haven't had any "one on one" time to talk." I just looked at him and he smiled at me. "Don't hate me baby, remember I said I would make it up to you right?" I smiled, and my dick jumped again. I was cool with it, and he did look hella good for his age!

So we get back to the spades game, and I was fucking up left and right! I fucked up how many bids to set. I fucked up by putting cards out when it wasn't my turn, and I fucked up and put out a spade when I had the right card in my hand. We lost the fucking game, I just wanted to fuck!

So I sit back, and I apologize to my dude, u messed my head all up! Then he said, "I can give u some head, if it will make u feel better." I couldn't, my boys was right there, but then again that has never stopped me before. "I know how to loosen your azz up!" He gets a shot, and throws it back, grabs me close, and kisses me down, spewing liquor all down my throat! I was shocked and turned on! In yes, in a couple of seconds, drunk as hell!

It was going on 4am, the lights get turned off, and my boys are nowhere in sight. In my drunken states, All I see is this dude taking his clothes off and his body is so sexy from the moonlight! Damn yo, was this real? Really really, for real real happening! Is this what being a slut puppy is all about? I take off my clothes, and by his stare, he was impressed. I take down my boxers, and he was even more impressed, such so that he got right on his knees and "complimented me." I tried to say thank you in return but it was just feeling so g g g goooood! 

He picks me up and hurls my lil azz on the coach. No really, picked me up and just threw me through the air! Thank goodness there was plenty of cushion. He lays on me and we just start kissing and going at it! I lick on his nipples, kiss on his back, and make my way down the crack of his... "Ohhhhh shit, that feels so good Shawn" When a guy says my name, it is such a turn on!

His azz was nice, real nice! Plump, juicy, and deep. My tongue could have gone for hours, but he flipped the script! I layed on my back. He puts one hand on my dick, and one hand to his azz, and says...

"I really want you in me, its already wet and everything..."

Clearly dude didn't get the hint, or a clue, Im quite negative, and I want to stay that way. So I get up and go to the bedroom to get some magnums. Thank goodness my friends be slanging to! Which was funny cause they was slanging right on the bed in front of me.

"Where's the condoms, I whispered!" No one said a word, well that's not true, my boy said "ugghhh, yeah, give it to me nigga," but I don't think he was talking to me. After looking forever for them, I get the box thrown at me, and I swear I heard in the most devilish and deepest voices, "GET OUT!" 

Maybe it was the liquor tallking!

I came back out, I slip the condom on, and he proceeds to slide down it in one swoop. No Lube, I swear he lubricated all by himself! Until you dont see a banging muscle dude jumping up and down on ur dick, u haven't lived! The shit was tight, man! I wanted to bang this muscle bottom, all night... but I had to pee!

I go in the bathroom, pissed cause I had piss and I didn't have anymore condoms, and I was only in it for a good five minutes! Damn damn damn... but I go back out, and he furiously jerks & sucks me down. I stick my finger in his hole and as he moans, he cums all over my chest like a freaking waterfall! 

He lays back and I plop myself on top of him. Damn the shit was hot, but in the back of my mind I wonder... now that I am a good boy gone bad, can I handle the bad & crazy situations that come along with being a slut puppy?

Too be continued...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

confessions of a slut puppy

I really want to blog about this story, which I will be writing in a couple of hours, but I wanted to show you guys this video that me and my great friend Jared and I did for youtube. Leave your comments, let me know what you think! And I promise I will finish the other story before the week is out!