Thursday, January 31, 2008


This post was inspired by Avatar, Jermaine, Left Eye,
Jesus, and the geek in me...

One of the main things that I do to try and understand Life, God, Religion & the Universe is to see how things are alike. We humans spend so much time nickpicking over how we are so different, that sometimes we forget how much we have in common.

I was watching an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and was amazed at how the characters have the ability to create and control elements like fire & water. I have this thing about fire that I like. It can be used to create life and destroy it. It is quite powerful! I wanted to know what where the chemical elements in fire. Funny how Left Eye was known for her control or lack their of ...

"The House of Evil, is burnt to the ground!"
-Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

Got to miss that woman! Anyway, as I was researching on Wikipedia, I started reading about Oxygen and Hydrogen, and a whole bunch of other elements in the universe. Jay and I had a conversation about GOD and Jesus. When he was in the hospital, he felt he almost died three times. He even said he saw "the light!." I always wondered... what happens if you really go into the light? I believe that everything in life is energy. Do our bodies merely turn into a subatomic form much of which light is?

Then I read that the universe is made up of a lot Hydrogen. Then I thought, could it be possible that Hydrogen is GOD? Now my mind got me going... so I did a little comparison from my research. Want to read it? Ok here it goes...

The Holy Trinity of Elements:
Hyrdogen, Helium & Oxygen.
(you like that title right?)

Hydrogen & The Father.

Hydrogen is the most abundent chemical element in the universe. Hydrogen is what powers stars and gas giant planets, all of which are necessary to create life. Hydrogen is found in all the four elements of life. Earth, Fire, Air & Water. Yet even still Hydrogen in its most highest gaseous form and is very rare in earth's atmosphere and can only be of great use when it is combined with another element. Hydrogen is extreamely flammable, and can be used in many forms to create everlasting energy. Is this not some of the elements of GOD?

Helium & The Son.

Helium is the second most abundent chemical element in the universe. Helium is named for the "Sun" when it was detected during a solar ecplise. The element was created during the Big Bang Theory and all helium is created from a nuclear fusion from Hydrogen (The Father). Helium is rare on Earth.

Helium can come in many forms. As a gas, it can be used to lift things up, since it is lighther then air. It is also used with Oxygen (Holy Spirit) to create Heliox, which is used to allow people to breath, when they are not able to breath on there own. As a Liquid, it can be used to cool Hydrogen (The Father) so that it can be used for energy properly. It can also be cooled down enough to become superconductive, like a magnet, and bring elements together. In its plasma state, it makes apperences on earth as a solar wind or aurora.

Most of the Helium on earth is created when the atoms in the earth's crust decays. It is only through the destruction of the core that sustains us, does Helium prevail. Is this not some of the elements of Jesus?

Oxygen & The Holy Spirit.

Oxygen is the third most abudent chemical element in the Universe. This element is in all of earth's elements and sustains living organisms. Oxygen with Hydrogen (The Father) and Helium (The Son) can create many great and amazing things in the world. Hydrogen can create Helium by using Oxygen.

We to can use Oxygen to enhance us. Oxygen can be used to create an "ozone" to protect us from harmful effects. Oxygen can be used to empower us from internal invaders. Oxygen also fills us up with life, as we breath out the negative elements from our lives. Oxygen can make us as strong as iron, and become the area in which we can create a light within the universe. Is this not the elements of the Holy Spirit?

So what do you guys think?
Think the comparison fits?

glow in the dark tour

Ok, so who's taking me?

Monday, January 28, 2008

{need a title for this post}

Sometimes I can't hide things very well, and other times I wear my feelings on my sleeves.

For the past couple of weeks, everybody has been pissing me the fuck off. It is as if everyone pulled there pants down, took out there lil pee-pees, and gave me a golden fucking shower. As I stood there in my toilet filled anguish, I felt like shit. Since when did I become the rest room for every body's problems?

This facility is out of order.

Indeed, my mind was out of it's natural order of who I am, or what I am suppose to be. I made a conscious decision to not let other people's problems become my problems, unless I had a role in helping in the process of fixing it. What do I look like, President Bush?

You guys know, I am not a religious person, actually sometimes I wish I was. It would make my life easier to just follow an outdated, dogmatic, fear-based doctrine. At least I could follow a routine of sitting in church and being reminded about how much of a sinner I am. That's it, I need Reminders! (Thanks God!)

I need a list of things that details my morals and values, and general guidelines that best benefit my life. (Christians: See Bible.) At least that way, when family, friends, and boyfriends come up to me with "A LOAD", I can smile in there face and remember, "What would Jesus do?"

I can be the kind hearted, unbias, nurturing, listening and attentive man I know I am. Now I know I am not going to be as good as Jesus is, because one day you guys are going to make me "bitch-slap" a homo, but I know my limitations.

Jay told me that I can't save the world and choose the highest moral code in every situation. You know what Jay, your right. (Jay likes to be right) Sometimes you have to fight a war to protect your freedom. Sign Me up Mister, I's going to battle!

Battle to...
...achieve ever single Goal & Dream I set out for myself. those that love me in return, and even those that don't.
...forgive those who Shut The Door in my face.
... being ME, even if you don't like me.

(And I am telllllinnnggg you, I ain't gooooinnnggg....)

I am going to be ShawnQT, with a capital QT, because nobody can't take away my confidence. You know what it is about confidence? You can call it conceited if you want, but people feed off of that. People admire Confident People. Just look at people like Sen. Obama. The key to confidence is that, you allow other people to have confidence as well. I try and make a point to do that with everyone that I meet or know.

It is not about how you "got it like that" or how "big your name is" on something or even "how bad you have it" (People use there trials and tribulations for attention to now!), it is about what you "DO." Let me say that again. It is about what you "DO." So I have to keep doing what I'm doing, so that other people can see you can do the same thing.

Isn't that what Jesus would do?
now that I got that out...

{post title? thoughts? suggestions?}

Friday, January 25, 2008

design & culture

As a Graphic Designer & Artist, I take great pride when I see how Design creates, enhances & motivates us to living "the good lifestyle!" So During these blog post topics, I will showcase how design plays a integral role in our culture today.

h&m ::
fashion against aids

Not only is H&M one of my favorite stores, I love how they are marketing these new t-shirts. H&M and Designers Against AIDS (DAA) are joining forces in the battle against AIDS and are launching a collection for guys and girls together with Rihanna, Timbaland and other well-known designers, musicians and artists. The aim is to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, which affects many young people all over the world.

The cool thing about it is, the artist are actually designing the shirts themselves! I love it! I plan to pick up one of Timbaland's shirts, and see if there are any other one's I like as well. Got to love Fashion with a message! Every Black Gay Man should support... You guys know how yah homos is up there, getting cute shirts and underwear (Trackstar) so while your doing that, pick one of these up as well!

The collection "Fashion Against AIDS" will be available in H&M's Divided departments from February 2008.

nokia 7900 ::
the crystal prism collection

Talk about an art phone! The baby is a beauty! The Nokia 7900 is was designed by an Avante-Garde French Artist by the name of Frederique Daubal. It even comes with a cute bandanna and pouch, how fly is that! Purple is my new favorite color (everyone will soon see why) and the buttons are very unique yet functional. The crystal in the middle is fly, and would look great in the club! X, think you could rock this?

Of course it is still a phone. It has 1 GB of built in memory, Bluetooth, Music Player, 2 mega pixel Camera which also captures video, & Internet ready. Only thing is, the phone is only in Europe, but having one of these bad boy’s would have me living good!

from canada::
the batcave home theatre

Once I hit the lottery, the first thing I have to do is create my own custom home theatre! This batcave is not a bad idea! It amazes me how comics and cartoons are so part of our culture. Created by Elite Home Theater from Canada, this home theatre is perfect for any Dark Knight Fan. I love how natural everything looks, with the nicely designed sleek chairs. Very comfortable I’m sure. I can see Omar in awe right now! Now you can check out Heath Leadger’s (RIP) Joker performance in the Batman Begins sequel in perfect style!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was never one to go to one of these things, but X always wanted to go. He is young and feels like he wants to fulfill his wild oats, so who am I to stand in the way of a man on a mission. Reggie said he wanted to tag along and watch. We all knew, that wouldn't be happening tonight.

We get to the top of the stairs and this bald headed guy stares us  down. He gestures us to lift up our shirts. X proceeds first, sucking in his stomach, and pumping his chest up. I don't know why he does that, his body is fine. Reggie is next. The guy glances over to the side to look behind. Of course, running track his its privileges. I then proceed to lift up mine. Of course, every thing is tight in the right places. It should be since I did a million push ups before we left. The guy smiles, gives us a wink, and escorts us inside.

Everything is dark. All you see in the red light. The air feels thick. We come up to another table right by the door. "10 Bucks" he says. Cool, that is cheap! Then again, why pay when you can get it for free? As I proceed to put everything in the plastic bag, I look down at myself to make sure everything is looking good. Looks noticeable to me, they don't call him "the man of steel" for nothing.

X & Reggie go over to the bar to get some drinks. This is the perfect time for me to head to the bathroom real quick. Question is, where is it? I take a deep breath as I make my way down the corridor. Of course everyone would be standing right in the way, but maybe I can cop a feel or two on the way. I finally make it in, with a smile on my face. That was fun. I look in the mirror and think to myself. I can do this. I splash some water on my face, and head back out.

Instead of heading back to the guys, I go down the rest of the way to the other rooms. My excitement grows... in more ways then one.  I think I can make out like 6 under the dim lights. As I look towards the end of the room, I see this guy standing on the bed up against the wall. His head is tilted back. One of his hands is on one head, and his other hand on another. He grabs both of them with such force. It looked like he was dribbling two basketballs between his legs. It's funny because, his basketball shorts were down to his ankles.

As I stood in the doorway, he took his eyes from the ceiling to look towards me. He smiles. I think he liked the view. He was taller then me, light brown skin from what I can see from the moonlight outside the window. He had a fuzzy beard, yet it was still neat and lined up. The contours of his physique was quite alarming, my eyes got dizzy from all the bulges. I liked. I never thought lips could look so full. Quite lick able if u ask me.

I slowly proceeded to let go of my inhibitions. It didn't take much tugging and pulling to fill my hands with stiffness. He quickly become disinterested in the guys below him, and began to tug and pull his own. He gestured me over with a smile. I gravitated towards him like a magnet. There was definitely something pulling us together. Both curious, we both proceeded to find out.

"How you just going to interrupt my flow like that?" he said in such a deep and raspy voice. "Thought you might want to change flows, and go upstream with me?" I was always good with words. His eyebrows lifted in amazement towards my flirtation. He smiled and looked down at his, then mine. The two of them, jumping for joy. We had no control. All I wanted to do was feel it on me. Just the thought of the pressure of our closeness would have me leaving puddles on the floor. "Clean up on Aisle One," I said with a smirk. "Let me mop that up for you sir." He cleaned me DOWN!

He cleaned me for a real long time. Soon as he stopped, it would get all wet again, so he cleaned me up some more. He knew what he was doing. He flipped me over, face against the wall, and showed me how much he knew what he was doing. I didn't know a tongue could go that far. I didn't know I could moan that loud. I didn't know I could roll my eyes back that far. I didn't know I could scratch the wall that hard. I didn't know I could be this hard.

After climbing the walls I fell to the ground. He looked down at me, wiping his face with glee. He laughed at me and walked out the room. Was he done? Did he want me to follow him? I pulled myself together, and proceeded to find him. I looked in one room, nothing. I looked in the other room nothing. I saw X on one of the wall, he was busy. I looked on the sofa, Reg was getting busy. Then I entered the kitchen...

He leaned against the stove, and all you could see was the light moving down the smoothness of his bottom. He turned back towards me and said, 

"Do you want some of my cookies?"

Anyone got a napkin?

Monday, January 21, 2008

thoughts about dreams...

When You really want something really really badly, the universe DOES NOT make it easy for you. Who was I to think that it would be? Just because it is your dream to do something, does not mean it is everyone else's. Everyone is not going to support you, or at least have the same hunger and drive as you do. You have to SHOW them how bad you want it! Dreams don't come true overnight! You can't sleep on it, you have to wake up and make it a reality! You have to do what you can, with what you got. Then take what you have and make more then you could ever imagine. Sometimes I have to do it alone... and take the GOD fulfilling power in me and make it work. I will not let anyone or anything derail me... this dream will come true!

I will make you proud MLK


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the good | lifestyle

"Every man has a dream... 
to live free, to live happy, to live good."

You know me. Always trying something new. Ok... to spice up my blog a little, I decided to start a new section called "the good | lifestyle". I will discus about things that makes my lifestyle, well, good! It can range from fashion, technology, philosophy to anything, based off my personality! It can be something I already have or used in my life or something I always dreamed about. It is a good way to get to know myself more, and some of the things you may take for your own "good" lifestyle. 

Don't we all want to live "the good life?"

Already then, here we go...

:: play games
2 get a good man ::
My friends and I were talking last night while playing a game, and I had this idea. What would be the best way to get to know a man? Play a board game with him! Just think about it. You get to find out:

1) How well we can interact with you and friends
2) How well is his Intelligence and can he follow directions
3) See if he is competitive or a sore loser
4) If he is a good cheater or a bad cheater
5) If he can enjoy having fun!

These are some games I own or played that would be great:

"Get a Good Man" 

Play cards from your hand by matching color, number, or word with the top card of the discard pile. When you have one card left, yell UNO! Includes 108 cards and instructions.

How many words can you make in 3 minutes? Take the Boggle challenge! This classic head-to-head word-search game spells fast family fun for all ages! Turn over the 3-minute timer and start hunting: How many words can you make by joining letters up, down, sideways and diagonally? When time's up, count up your words and your points...then play again!

How do you get your team to say "diamond" if you can't say "baseball, ring, carats, jewel or engagement?" You might say, "These are a girl's best friend...The World Series is played here...Some are found in the rough..."Give suggestive sentences, funny phrases or even one-word hints as clues. But don't use any of the words on the card - that would be Taboo! Each time your team shouts out the secret word, you get a point. It's unspeakably fun - take our word for it! Contents: 504 cards, card holder, buzzer, timer, scorepad and instructions.

Supercharge your next get-together with an infusion of Cranium fun. Take the best of original Cranium—sculpting, drawing, humming and fun facts–and add 6 new activities including Zooma (identify 3 objects shown close up) and Odd Couple (pick 2 things that don't belong on a list) to get the Cranium Turbo Edition. Perfect for parties, showers or other events, this edition comes with a bonus pack including 100 invitation cards in 5 themes (Cranium Party, Family Get-Together, Our Town, Bridal Shower and Baby Shower) plus 1,000 new activity cards, and an electronic timer with music and lights. For 4 or more players, teens and adults. Imported.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the attention whore.

I often lay in my bed with my ipod in ears, just listening to all the great songs I have accumulated in my musical collection.  It ranges from B2k to Bjork. At times a dance track would play, and then it begins...

There I am, moving and dancing to the beat. My legs move under the covers, and then I let go. I am engulfed in my own mind, and I am the star. If only you guys could see what I see?

Maybe that is why I created my youtube videos and my reality series. To try and show people MY VISION.  Or maybe I am just the attention whore. Call me what you will, but I know that YOUR one to. Oh yes YOU! In one way or another, we ALL are attention whores. Some of us are big whores, some of us are closet whores... yet we strut our stuff, waving our hands (some us our asses), saying:


I was having a conversation with my friends the other night, and one of my friends was sitting on my coach and we was having a conversation. His phone goes off, and he gets a text message from one of his (hmmm, what would be the right word to use here?)... FUCK BUDDIES.

"Let me suck that dick."

He laughs, responds back, and continues the conversation. A minute later another sexual text comes through. He laughs again, knowing he is playing cat and mouse with this dude. I then mention to him that you must love all this attention from these guys because you are just having the time of you life over there.

"No, I don't."

Yes you do, your an attention whore. You like sexual attention from guys. It's ok, I mean I am one too. We laughed and agreed. I may not always want sexual attention but, to me, it is important for people to like my creative work. One of my friends an attention whore when it comes to his singing. Another for so that his opinions can be heard. Another is an attention whore when it comes to, ummm, everything! 

Most bloggers are, I mean really, we talk about our lives to hundreds of people, for whatever reason! There are over a million Youtube videos of people, just doing, whatever! We have reality series on finding love, being a model, running a race, and becoming a star!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

the video experience

Janet Jackson's Feedback Video
premieres tonight on 106 & Park!
6 pm EST!

Yahoo 7:30 pm EST!

{more info coming soon}

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

soundtrack: ALL THIS SMOKE

Sometimes you have to let go of things in the past, to move on into the future...

Embrace the New Year...