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In Celebration of My Birthday, I will give you guys a chance to ASK me any Question, and I will only answer 28 of them! So Bring the Questions On, and Leave Me a Special Birthday Comment!


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easter: sermon on the mount

Like most Easters, I usually don't attend church on this day. I guess since I don't do it on a yearly basis I don't want to be seen as a "Easter & Christmas" Christian. I do attend church if my spirit permits. I honor my christian upbringing, but I am not a church goer.

What I do tend to do most days is read the bible, look at art, research info & watch documentaries on Jesus Christ. It is through all these methods in meditation and prayer that I honor GOD and know what it is to be a true Christian like Jesus.

Today I felt compelled to research the oral presentations and sermons of Jesus. Why were they so motivating? So Controversial? So Loving? It was through these words that a new system of how to live outside the Roman and Jewish system emerged.

One of the most "famous" sermons that Jesus gave was the "Sermon on the Mount" Some of the major points that stuck out in my head when I read it was:

You are the light of the world.

Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets.
I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.

If your right eye causes you to sin,
tear it out and throw it away.

Let your 'Yes' mean 'Yes,' a
and your 'No' mean 'No.'

When someone strikes you on your right cheek,
turn the other one to him as well.

Be perfect,
just as your heavenly Father is perfect.

What I find interesting about my own younger church experiences is that pastors have created sermons that are more judgemental and more related to sinful natures then the idea of us coming from "perfection." I always seen "sin" as a blessing, because from there we grow and become better people. That is not to say that we must wallow in our sins, but acknowledge our own wrongdoing and move past it. I actually don't like using the word "sin" as a universal word for wrongdoing because there have been sins that have been created, deleted, changed throughout human history, so what is a sin for one person, wouldn't be for another, but we must all use our spirit and intelligence to see what is really good for all of us. Sermons or speeches are much more productive when you can point out that there is something wrong with a system, and it can be changed because our hearts, mind, and soul can do so. It is like breaking something down, and building it back up.

One speech that I have recently watched which follows this model is ObamA's speech about race and his connection to his pastor's views on political issues. When I tell you I was moved, I was! He really handled it very well, and I'm not just saying this because I have a huge crush on the man. I truly felt a connection when he spoke. Here is the video if you havn't seen it:

You can also read the text: HERE

So here I am this Easter, proud to be part of a linage of great Christians who have faith in Jesus Christ, and also a proud Black American who sees that even if our political system, theology and racial & sexiST judgements may be flawed we can still be the "Light of the World" and "Be Perfect like our Heavenly Father."

soundtrack: the dollhouse

During Greg's 30th Birthday party at the elmo restaurant in New York, me and Reggie went over to the DJ to request a song. "Do you have the song, Damaged?"I asked. The DJ replied, all you have to do is go upstairs.

"Huh? What do you mean?" I said.

"They are right upstairs, just go up there and see."

Reggie and I quickly ran towards the door to see was it really true. As we go up the steps and turn the corner, we immediately saw Aubrey in the corner booth. It was them, Making the Band themselves! We run back down the stairs giddy, and tried to come up with a plan to have them come to our private party downstairs and/or meet them!

So we grabbed the camera and ran back up the stairs. We didn't want to see like eager fans and ruin there dining experience. We asked Dee, one of the boldest of the the group to go over and ask them to check us out at our party. All his drunk azz kept saying was, "Who is Danity Kane?" We couldn't send him in there, then they would have never meet us!

Plan B.

We asked one of the waiter's was it ok to go over there. He said he knew Aubrey, but didn't think they would come downstairs. Could we just say Hi maybe. He went over and asked them, and gave us the go ahead! So we took a deep breath and headed our way over! Here are the photos...

Aubrey & Shannon were very much enjoying there drinks but still looked flawless! At one point Aubrey made a joke and started singing the "Damaged" song.

Dawn who is one of my favorites was very nice when I shook her hand. I asked her how did she feel about the album coming out, and she replied: "I'm Drunk, so I'm feeling good!" Baby, so was I!

As we looked over to the other tables we saw D. Woods and her entourage in the corner. We had to go over to see her. When I tell you this woman is flawless, she is flawless! Damn! I told her that I was trying to buy her album but it was sold out everywhere. She was shocked and asked us to buy it on Tuesday so hopefully they could make it to #1 for a second week! She was mad cool for us to take a photo with us!

Then there was little Aundrea who is the cutest thing! Can you believe she is shorter then me... and she had heals on! Got to love her! The funny thing about seeing celebrities is that they all look so much bigger on TV, but they were all very small and slender... very good looking!

It was really cool to meet them. During the end of the night, we saw Aubrey talking very close and intimate with one of the guys from Day 26 by the bathroom... and no it wasn't Donnie, they are just friends right? I won't personally reveal who it was, I like for people to have there privacy, but I sure was shocked to see them together!

I will post more photos from Greg's party tomorrow!

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Good Thursday

What's Up Everybody!

Today is "Good Thursday" because I have a three day weekend ahead of me! You don't know how much joy this brings to my spirit. Just want to run through a field of flowers with white streamers flowing from in the wind towards the rainbow up on the hill...

{Brief Pause}

Nahhhhhhh! I'm not that gay! I'm still hood now. How about driving in a drop top, with my fitted and some shades while I bump some Biggie would be better while I wave my gap in the air would do it. Yeah, that's not me either.

I think maybe doing a little dance in the middle of the street holding a glass of Kool-Aid would fit me on this "Good Thursday." I woke up this morning, not even tired. I got a haircut the other day, so I'm looking fine as hell right now. I put on the last of my USHER Cologne (hint, hint) and headed out the door. The first day of spring. More like 7 days until my Birthday.

Please note: I am not doing this whole "lying about my age thing" for you damn homos! If I meet someone, I am NOT going to tell them I am 25... again. That shit is just ridiculous. If somebody asks me my age, I am NOT going to ask them "How old do you think I look?" Bitch I am 28! Gag! (This darn Gay Lingo, Damn Fuzzy been rubbing off on me.) I am going to be proud of my age. I am not even OLD, so all these old jokes is just stupid. Always the young ones that don't have it together. When I reach Dave's age, then you can call me old. LOL. Sorry Dave... you still look good!

So anyway, "Good Thursday." I am at work, and for some reason I feel like I am the one who sets the tone in the office. If I am in a good mood, everyone is cool, if I don't feel like being here, they want to make my day even worse. My Boss and the rest of my coworkers was just doing work, laughing and making jokes about stuff. It was nice... until somebody clogged up the toilet. I go into the bathroom and there is Dookie all over the place! I want to know who it is. I really think it was my boss. It is bad enough I have to deal with your shit everyday, but not in the bathroom!

It is finally fixed. Glad because I really had to pee.

After work I am going with X to the supermarket. I love X. I just wish that people would see how caring he is. Then again, I wish he would show how caring he is, lol. Outside of his Lustful & Moody antics, he really is a loving guy. He probably won't get it until he is 28, lol. Speaking of people who don't get it. Omar is such a STAR. He is Intelligent, Creative & everyone loves him... except he doesn't. I tell that to him all the time, so this is no surprise. I wish I could just bop him on the head! I guess he won't get it until he is 28, lol.  Then again, at 28 do I get it?

Ahhhhh "Good Thursday." Rita's is selling free icee's today! Yum! Hopefully I can pick me up some. I actually wanted to pick up Danity Kane's CD, but it has to be like $10 or I'm downloading it. I want to support good talent though. Do Do you have a first-aid kit handy? LOL. Don't know if I will pick up Day 66, 56, 26, whatever. I like the guys, but they haven't wowed me yet. They was boring on Making the Band, and the girls just out shined them. But I will tell you one day, it is not a "Good Thursday" when Diddy has to speak on ever damn record! Enough is Enough!

So the next "Good Thursday" will be my Birthday, and I have 

{ps. watch my video below. smile.}

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Sometimes you can express your thoughts about somebody in many words, and sometimes you only need one. I admit that I tend to forget to appreciate those that I admire... until your heart & soul can't allow you to anymore. Throughout it all, he stays determined to SPEAK when no one else will. Continue to be a VOICE that always speaks GENUINE to my experience, our experience, and everyone else's. Love You Darian.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i never...

I never had a Celebrity Crush, let alone a Presidential Crush like this before... except for Will Smith, but then again they do have some similarities.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I [heart] ps3

When I first heard about the PS3, I knew I wanted it right away! When I saw the $600 price tag, I held back. 2 years later, I am glad I waited. Now that Blu-Ray is the standard in HD disks, there are great games coming out in 2008, and the price tag went down 200 bucks, It seemed like the right time. When your a fun loving creative & visually stimulating person, video games are so attractive! I have to ability to go online, streams my media from my computer, play fantastic games and even download games from there online store. Yes the PS3 has made me a "Happy Camper."

So most of my days are spent playing the a game, looking for a new game, reading about new games, or trying to figure out how to come up with money for a new game! The cycle never ends. I don't know though because it is like my own little hobby. Fuzzy is into games as well, so at least he can join in my joy... even though sometimes I ignore him to play the ps3, lol. I try not to. Omar and the rest of my friends have started to get into it. We played bowling and this fun game where you throw this guy on slingshot into the air so that way he hits anything in the city causing him PAIN. You get points for it! Got to love it!

Most of the games I like are cool adventure games, mostly with big swords. I like cute animals that jump, run and destroy anything in sight. Got to love the racing games where you are able to run your opponents or Fuzzy off the road leading into a crash! Then of course there is BUZZ! The Ultimate Quiz show! I am mostly the champion until Reggie comes over... damn him! It is a lot of fun, and happy that my friends can enjoy my JOY of the PS3! If anyone has one, SAVE ME AS A FRIEND!

Username: ShawnQt

So I didn't want to go into a big long explanation of all the games I want, so I'm just going to highlight them and you can take a glance at them. My Birthday is coming (March 27) So by all means...

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i want to rock with you


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charlie bit me

When Ever I am feeling down or depressed, I look to to this video and know my life can't get any worst then a bite from Charlie.

Sidekick thieves going after texters

This article came out a little to late for me, but hopefully it will help you...

If you live in Boston (or anywhere else for that matter) you may want to pause from IMing and texting your friends every now and then to make sure you aren’t about to be robbed! Bostonist is reporting that Sidekick users who are distracted by typing are a target for phone thieves. WBZ TV reports that 23 Sidekicks have been snatched in the last two months from users riding the T (Boston’s subway system).“Basically they have their heads down,” said Transit Police Sgt Michael Rutledge. “They’re not paying attention to their surroundings and people are taking advantage of that opportunity. When the train doors or bus doors open they’ll snatch the cell phone or Sidekick and run off with it.”

So keep an eye out next time you get sucked into an AIM conversation with the hottie you met last night at the club. Before you know it you may have lost her screenname AND your phone.

The "Obama" Threesome

Ok so I had a dream about having a threesome with Fuzzy and Sexy Barack Obama! Yes, Mr. First Black President himself! He saw me in Target kicked his game, talked about delegates, bought me a slushie, and ended up putting his hands down my pants, fingering my booty! Somehow we ended up in the stockroom! Yes I do feel guilty, but it felt sooooooooooooo good!
This is the last time I fall asleep with CNN on.