Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Happiness

As I was holding my baby on Christmas Morning, I was awaken by a ring on my finger. I looked at him, and smiled back at me. I was shocked and filled with emotion. I took the promise ring off to look at it closer, and on the inside it said "To Happiness."

The ring means so much to me... as if he gave me his Halo and dipped it in silver. I just wanted to create something to share this moment in my heart, so here it is...

To Happiness
by ShawnQt

Your remarkable in every way.
Your my cloud nine, replacing the gray.
Your like my Angel in Disguise.
Your truly my blessing from the skies.

You wrapped yourself in four leaf clovers,
Your rainbow I want to fly over.
Catch me, if I tend to fall.
Break through, if I put up a wall.

Your like glue, and your stuck to my heart.
I'm attached to you, I can't depart.
It's like this ring, that will never leave,
Love is possible again, in you I truly believe.

This halo in silver, it rings so bright ,
The circumference of you shines like a light.
And even though they say love can blind me,
All I know is with you, I can now see.

To Happiness...

Monday, December 22, 2008

"...The Blessings Come Down!"

So Christmas is coming in, err... 3 more days, and overall, I am in good spirits and excited about the day. I will admit, it has been a rough couple of months for me financially, so I have been asking for GOD for a whole lot of STRENGTH and PATIENCE, and for the most part it is working. Ask you, and you will receive. So Im having FAITH in that.

At first I was going not buy anyone any gifts, but I felt that if anything, if I use my money to make someone happy, smile or just to show my appreciation, then GOD will bless me in return. It is funny how last year, I was good, and was buying everyone a gift, and now this year, that isn't the case. It has humbled me. A LOT.

But this is just my snowy season, the sun will shine on me again.

Last Saturday I had a "Feel the Spirit" Christmas Gathering. It was veeerrrryyy last minute, because I was waiting for some money that came in, that didn't. Soon everyone started asking me was I having one. I gave in. I want people happy, what can I say? So people offered to help, contribute, and I am soooo blessed and thankful for that. It helped a lot.

I was a bit nervous though. Im usaully never nervous about any parties I throw, but this one I was. I just wanted everything to go well. On top of that, it was snowing and I didn't know if anyone was going to come out. Yet over 30 people did! Here are some highlights of the night that I remember. (Sorry I don't have photos this time around, need to buy a new digital camera)

  • I usually take a whole day to clean the house, and I actually managed to finish in 2 hours. Helps that the house was semi-clean in the first place!
  • Why doesn't anyone like Christmas Music? As soon as I played it, everyone was ready to turn on the club music... its a Christmas Party!
  • My "Cloud 9" decided to invite some of his friends to the party. This one guy, I didn't like his energy not one bit...
  • I was fairly tipsy early, as usual, but held my liquor well, unlike some people I know, LOL.
  • Ok why did I get offered to be in a foursome and for someone to watch us have sex? When the Liquor talks...
  • Why won't nobody play Cranium?
  • The Chicken from the Chicken Shack, really wasn't that bad! And, Twin put his foot in those veggies! 
  • I'm sorry for going off at the end of the night, it was built up, and I had to let it out, LOL!
  • Remember that guy that energy I didn't like? Yeah why did he stay at my house, lost his ride, and expected to stay the night, asking for some shorts? Ummm no! I already had enough overnight guest. Then he didn't want a ride from one person, and didn't want to take a taxi. So then he calls us up, yelling talking about, "Thank you for not giving me HIV"? What in the??? Yeah no more drinks or invites for him!
  • Overall, we had a GREAT TIME!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Omar Ramon's Live Debut!

So its snowing outside and I left work early. Why did it take me 3 hours to get home? I mean the traffic was crazy, there was a mob of people just trying to get out of the city, and it was just a slushy mess! Imagine if I got off at my regular time, I would have surely missed Omar's first performance.

Oh yeah, Omar has his first live performance tonight at this local lounge downtown! I am really excited about my best friend. He has already recorded three songs recorded for his album, and they all sound great. 

One song is called "Broken", which I love... which talks about trying to make a relationship work, even when you know it isn't right. The second song is called "Slide" which is this very sexual nasty song he wrote. I admit, I do feel weird getting into the mood knowing he sings it, lol. The last one is called "Move" which is about trying to get over a relationship, but the person just won't give you any space. To my surprize, one of the verses, is based off one of my real life experiences! Once I heard it again, I really felt like I was going to cry because it had so much emotion behind it when he sang it (even though the song is pretty fast). Omar is really a Super Star, I tell you!

I will let you guys know how it went. 
Hopefully a lot of people come out even though its snowing like crazy outside!

MrFierceQt reaches over 13,000 hits!

So my "Single Ladies" YouTube Video has reached over 13,000 hits in just under a month. I mean wow! Thanks Beyonce! The Universe works in funny ways. When I first heard the song, it was so in tune to what I was experiencing. Then when I saw the video, I was just in aww... was Beyonce really, what do the gays say... "Serving it to the kids!"

I would just watch the video over and over again in aww, look at Beyonce go! I would do some of the dances, but never thought about doing a video for it until, I don't know, one day, I just did it. Just having fun! I knew I wasn't gay enough to do it all "girly" so I just tried to do it my way, the QT way!

It reminded me when I use to just dance for the heck of it, and not really caring how it looked. Just me feeling the music. I think that's why it worked. On top of that, my video editing skills are so on point now! But when I tell you editing that damn video was hell! Syncing the moves with my music is the hardest thing, especially when the program your using is crap! At one point the video went into a virtual warp and skipped like 5 secs ahead, and every time I changed it, it never worked! So what I did was add the video of me and Jared in there, and for some reason, bang, now it wants to work!  

The other week, me and my boys went to the club, and the song came on. They all looked at me! Why do they always think I'm going to break out into song and dance! I wanted to though, I did a little. I was tipsy to!  Now I watch the video on YouTube, and and just do the dance just for exercise, trust me, try and keep up... it works! Maybe one day me and my friends will do it, and really be like the video!

If you havn't seen it already, here it is again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cloud 9 Comes At A Price

Last Night, Cloud 9 drifted above me. Kissing me... touching me, and wrapping its precipitation around me. The emotion was Cumulus in nature, scattered at first, then it shifted itself down to my spot, I cried at its beauty. I yelped at the cuming of the storm, and released as it parted so that I could see the sun again. As I wiped the water vapor from my body, I smiled and landed back on Earth. Meteorology had never been this spiritual.

Yet when the clouds come, so does the storm, and when it rains, it pours. I wasn't prepared, and not even an umbrella was on sale. Cause you see, Cloud 9 comes at a price. Cause while your floating, sometimes you lose focus. You name it, work, family, friends... everything seems to not matter. All you want to do is be high, on a high, but can I afford it?

This is my debt. Friends & Family feeling neglected.  Wanting to kiss him, but afraid someone may get jealous. Trying not to make anyone feel like a 3rd or 5th wheel. Wanting to share in my joy, when they can't share in my joy with me. What is a man to do when he is happy, and everyone around him isn't?

This weekend, I spent some time on Earth, really taking the time to show my appreciation for those that keep me grounded. It is with them that I have the "Down to Earth" nature the heavens so love about me. Then hopefully I can put a down payment on moving Heaven down to Earth, so that way, Cloud 9 can be something everyone can afford.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happiness Healing!

There has been a lot of things swirling around in my little head. I guess you can say I have been "Mind Voguing" LOL! I have a friend, well a couple of friends that really, really have strong issues about how they feel about being homosexual, issues with dogma, and just there level of comfortably with sexuality. If there is one thing I have learned is that everyone is entitled to think and do whatever they like. It is there freedom of choice, no matter what my opinion is.

What does bother me, is to see that thinking manifest into "unhappiness" not only for themselves, but also when it effects others as well. The super hero in me wants to "save them" but even Jesus can't help those that don't want to help themselves. What I have learned to do is to be empathic to one's situation.Yet, if someone is trying to make a "right" and they go "left", then I'm entitled to tell them to make a quick U turn! LOL.

Jon Stewart had Mike Huckabee on The Daily Show last night and the second half of the appearance focused on marriage equality. You got to love John, because he said something very profound, at least to me!

"Religion is far more of a choice than homosexuality. We protect religion - and talk about a lifestyle choice - that is absolutely a choice. Gay people don't choose to be gay. At what point did you choose not to be gay? ... I think it's a travesty that people have forced someone who is gay to have to make their case."

I mean Wow. I never thought about it that way, and it is so true. Here we are using a religion, most of the time, handed down to us by our parents, and rarely given a choice about, to dictate how we choose to live our lives. There are plenty of times my parents or the decisions of my parents, and even the opinions of my parents dictated what I did, and how I felt, even when it wasn't a choice for myself. Yet this is the thing about being "Awake" and "Sleep Walking"... I no longer have to allow others to do that anymore. I Choose. It was my choice to "accept" that I am who I am, to live a life with the knowledge that I don't have to live in fear. I can choose to be HAPPY, and love and care for people.

There is far more healing to do in the world, then to be caught up in who is a "top or bottom" or do I want a "thug or a Fem Queen?" Does it really matter who is the "Male or Female" in a relationship or if I can pass as "straight" in on the streets or in the church? There is far more healing to do in the world then feel uncomfortable about someone "holding a hand" or "seeing a public kiss" or seeing somebody walk down the aisle! 

The healing has to start with us.
It has to start with YOU.

P.S. I found this link to be very helpful, but it may change the way you think about homosexuality. Some people are afraid of the Truth. Yet, if you are not afraid to be liberated, then Click HERE. This information at one time, changed my view on life forever.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Electrical Destruction!

For some apparent reason, I have developed the mutant ability to destroy any electronic device that comes in contact with me!

My Sidekick's trackball was not going down for nothing!
My IPOD has a digital line going across the screen, and the battery life sucks!
My PS3 wasn't turning back on after I used it on my friend's HDTV!
The DVD Recorder didn't want to connect to my TV for nothing!
My Computer Screen turns on, then cuts off a second later!
My vibrating Dildo is twirling around like Disney on Ice!

I CAN'T... I just can't!

Well I was able to solve 5 out of the 6 problems, minus the dildo. I don't own one nasties! 

Why Me? Anyone know the best way to fix a computer screen?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Laughter & Lust

Nothing is sexier to me then to see the one I care for smile. I mean there is a great sense of attraction when one is witty or silly or just down right crazy as hell! Maybe it is the sense of letting go, that laughter brings. You put up a wall when your mad and angry, and a smile brings it tumbling down. Isn't sex all about letting go and bringing those walls down! Have you ever released with a dude, and then afterwards something happens and its the funniest shit! Sex is all about being playful and having fun! Ever been kissed on your side, and it feels so go, then all the sudden it tickles! Then your trying to get away, and he pushes you down, that shit is so hot to me!

YES! Laughter & Lust, got to luv it!