Sunday, November 26, 2006


So, I have planned a Housewarming & Birthday Party, and Fuzzy has planned a Birthday and Underwear party at my house... so now we are doing a Christmas Party together!

It is like a gift back to our friends for being in our lives! We feel blessed to be a part of there lives, so its all love! We are still working out the entertainment, I know Omar is going to sing a song or two. Fuzzy got the menu down pack... it feels so good to have a man that cooks! Especially when I can't!

Me and Omar came up with what we call The "Bangin" Burger.

A Turkey Burger
with melted cheese
on two slices of Garlic Bread
with Ketchup


Thanksgiving was good, Me & Fuzzy spent it with Omar's Family. Food was good, but missed my mom's cooking. She did leave me a plate, and Grandma sent me some German Chocolate Cake!

I already put the TREE and decorations up. Fuzzy helped. It really made me feel like we are a family. :) I went Christmas shopping for all the kids (cousins & siblings), and got Fuzzy's gift. Still have a few friends I still have to get gifts for. Shopping for my mother is hard, as always.

I want a PS3, heck an X-Box 360 would be cool right now, lol. I don't know I just want something new! I can dream right?

// ShawnQt //

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

why kramer?

and then...

What do you think?

Monday, November 20, 2006


So after we left the MALE VIEW event, me and my friends headed out to get something to eat. I'm sitting there, eating my food, talking to Antar, and I get a text from Fuzzy saying:

"Can I meet you out in the city so that we can buy you a Dildo?"

A DILDO? I show the text to Antar, and he says, 'That's Hot!" So of course I'm baffled by all this! I try not to make a habit about not discussing me and Fuzzy's sex life, but whatever! I have never been penatrated before, but I do beleive that a versatile relationship is admirable. With all that to say, I'm trying [lol]... and it is really a fear factor with me. That shit is going to hurt! I don't think my hole was built to handle all that Fuzzy is flinging! So I did entertain the idea of starting off with a dildo... one day.

I just didn't think that day would be today!

It was already late, and it would take forever for Fuzzy to head out to the city, so I told him that we should do it another time. He agreeded, but little did Fuzzy know, I was going to buy the Dildo anyway.

So Me, Omar, & Calvin headed to a sex shop on Christopher to check out there "stock". So I'm looking around trying to find one that would be the right fit. I didn't want anything BIG! Anything that had double digits was staying on the shelf! I just wanted a one that was the shape of his, so it could be an easy transition when the time came. I picked out this nice one, and it was pretty cheap, but the head was HUGE! I knew that I wasn't getting that in me, even though it was pretty small in length. Then I found the perfect one! It was Fuzzy's size and shape. It was a little bit more expensive, but hey!

Side Bar. Did you know Omar has never seen a Transexual naked before? LOL. He showed me this DVD cover of a chick with a dick and almost cried! Calvin was looking for some cheap porn, but the selection was mostly straight. Best thing to do is just find a Bisexual one, and make it work!

So I made my purchase and we headed home.

That night I placed the Dildo on the night table.

He didn't notice it.

The next morning he waked up to go pee.

When he comes back he looks...


That was the funniest thing! LOL.

So now I have a dildo... great.
[Why do I have a feeling that Fuzzy is going to sneak and use it!]

// ShawnQt //

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Last Friday, I rushed out of work to head out to see "The Male View" which featured not only some of the best looking men in NYC, but the most intelligent and influential black gay men of our time. Maybe I'm bias since most of the men are good friends of mine, but I'm for real! The panel was going to talk about Black Men & Relationships, and I had to be there!

I called my bestfriend Omar to get directions to the place because I knew that I wouldn't have time at work. I called up my other friend Calvin, who is steadily becoming a great friend of mine, as well to see if he wanted to tag along. I asked Fuzzy if he wanted to go, but he had "other engagements." Cool, it was a guys night out, even though I would have liked for him to be there.

So we meet up at the Train Station, and I knew I was going to be late. I got off at 5:30, and it takes at least 30 minutes to get to the Train Station... the event started at 7, so I was trying to get there quick. I did make it, only a couple of minutes late, and saw Omar and Calvin on the platform. It really felt good hanging out with them, We always have a lot of fun. Here are some photos of us at the Train Station.

So we take the PATH train from NJ to NYC, and get there around 7 on the dot. Cool, the street is near by, so we will only be a couple of minutes late. We get to the corner, and make a left. So we are talking, joking and laughing, and 15 minutes pass by.

So I say, "Omar are we going the right way?"

Then Omar says, "Ummm... I kinda left the directions at home."


"But it is right down this street My Shawn!"

"Omar, if you get us LOST!"

So we are walking, and walking, and walking and we hit the 25 minute mark.

So Calvin says one of his friends is at the event, maybe they can help us on getting there. While Calv is on the phone, and I continue to argue with Omar, Omar continues to threaten me if I mention him forgetting the directions one more time...

"We are going the wrong way," says Calvin.

Great! I look at Omar, and he gives me that "stare," because he knew what I was going to say. So I shut up, and we decide to take a cab to go back the direction Seems that instead of making that LEFT, WE JUST SHOULD HAVE WENT RIGHT at the corner, and been there in 5 minutes.


[He's going to kill me for telling this part of the story.]

So we get there, and we are 45 minutes late, but we still got to see most of the event. I felt so proud seeing everyone up there, stating there views, letting people know there stories, and just letting black gay men be heard. They touched on the issue of gay marriage, coming out to our families, being a visible gay couple, and being a role model to other men. The audience was very passionate, and while I didn't say much, I took a lot in.

As I was listening, I was asking myself, what makes my own relationship a healthy one.

* I always believed that a relationship, when first meeting someone should be based on "chemistry." The interaction between the two should be free flowing and comfortable. There should be mutual attraction, physically and mentally, and the conversation should feel right.

* Laugh, enjoy there company. Don't take everything so seriously. Anyone that can enjoy life is always someone you want to be around. It is also an indication of a positive person.

* Communicate. That means say what you feel, and listen to what your partner is feeling. Everyone has emotions, and yours is not the only one that matters.

* Do talk about the future goals for yourself, and see if the two of you can mesh them together. The whole point of a relationship is grow with each other. If you are not becoming a better person with them, you will lose who you are without them.

* Have very passionate sex! If you can have sex with any ol' dude from Adam4Adam, then you better make that shit hot as hell with your man! It is not all about topping and bottoming... there is intimacy involved, make it sacred. But also keep it kinky to, that adds spice and fun to the relationship. Find there spot and do it over and over and over again until you own it! That will keep him wanting more from you!

I want to congratulate Clay, Jared, Nathan S., Derrick, Ray, & Nathan W. on a job well done! I can't wait to see the next one. I plan to interview Jared on what he felt on the event, so check that out soon!

Also check out the next post to hear what happened after we left the event...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

is this a dream?

Is my Boss really going to give me a
1990 Toyota 4Runner for Free?

Am I really going to have a
Brand New Car interior for Free?

Is my Car Insurance
really going to be that affordable?

Can I really handle a car and be ok?
Is this a dream?

I'm sitting here at work, obviously not doing work. I'm just waiting for a job to finish printing out. Oh the Joys of sitting at a computer designing a 250 page book, ALL TEXT! Graphic Design, at times, is not all Fame and Fortune. Sometimes you have to keep it Blue Collar at times. I enjoy my job! The secretary went on maternity leave though. She went into labor when I was here, on her last day of work... then the next day, she had the baby! Ain't that something? I miss her being here because she kept things content, at peace, and running smoothly. Now without her, we are hitting a couple of bumps, but managing. One Man (or woman) doesn't stop the show, my boss always says. I'm quite shocked that my boss is going to give me this car. It would help, but then again, my life has been pretty simple and stress free without worrying about insurance & gas money, on top of general car maintenance. So will this be more of a help or a burden? Seems like everything is looking on the up though, if I can negotiate a pay raise to handle the new expense. If not, then at least I don't lose anything.

I'm starting to appreciate living a "simple" life. Before, I wanted to feel like I was important to the world, have so many projects under my belt to make me feel like I am the man! I wanted everyone to know my name, then have everyone compliment me on a job well done. I felt like I wanted to save all the problems of the world. I guess I wanted to feel larger then life.

I don't think and or feel like that anymore.

I just want to enjoy things. What ever I do, I just want to enjoy it. I think with Christmas coming up, it really humbles me. I get extra cheerful and extra spiritual around that time. Miracles do happen... just wish it would happen all year around, but what you going to do, send an e-mail to GOD to crank up the Miracle Machine because some brothas down here really need it. Well GOD is GOD, it could happen... or it just doesn't work like that. Amazing how we put so many intricate thoughts and ideas on GOD, and I bet all the answers are just "simple"

Wouldn't it be funny if none of us really existed and we were all just images of GOD's dream. One big long dream, and one day, GOD wakes up, and that's it. Then why even create all this drama and detailed systematic entities within our lives?

My mind is rambling...
maybe I should just keep it simple and finish this job.

I do hope I get the car though.
well, back to work...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

you want it...

...but you can't have it!

Ok every Sunday I update my blog... but tonight... I'm tired!
So yeah, no post today!
Too tired to be quirky, intelligent, creative Shawn.

Tonight, you get "Suck My Belt" Shawn!
Open your mouth, and slide it down your throat...
Don't act like ya homos don't know how to deep throat a belt!

I have a pretty belt too.
It's goes with everything!
You better get into it!

I'm so sleepy... look for a post later, and don't think your getting something good because ya bitches don't leave no comments anyway!