Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Party Season!

Seems like every year around MARCH, everybody and there momma is having a birthday! I mean MARCH  and even APRIL is crazy to me! Birthdays back to back! My birthday is March 27, which is a ways from now, and usually I tend to get lost in the shuffle. I don't mind, now that I am about to turn 29, all the years just start to fade like a fog in the abyss. LOL. I don't mind getting older! I don't look 29, and I feel as happy and free as ever! I did have a mid-life crisis at 25, but whatever!

Well this year, I am planning a Birthday Party for Remarkable at my house this Saturday! His birthday is actually March 1st, but we will sing happy birthday at midnight... fly huh? The text invites have went out, and its funny how people I didn't invite are coming! How did they find out? It's fine though, I don't mind the company, I usually don't have too much craziness going on around here. (Guys, Shut up! LOL!)

I will TRY to take photos or videos, but most likely photos will be posted on my FACEBOOK instead of here on my blog. So if you want to see them, save me as a friend there! You can use my e-mail address When you send me the request, just tell me who you are,Thanks!

Holla at you guys later! 

T-Boz on Celebrity Apprentice!

WOW! I'm so excited that one of my favorite people in the world will be on CELEBRITY APPRENTICE this SUNDAY, MARCH 1! That's right ya, T-boz is back, and ready to beat these bitches down! If there is one thing I'm sure of is, that T-boz is not going to take no smach from nobody, but her heart and intergrity will allow her to compete without playing dirty. Do I think she will win? Well... not sure, but if being part of the biggest selling female group of all time, was nominated for a Grammy for her songwriting, being a best seller author and now owner of her own clothing line for children called "Chase's Closet."...  is any indication, you never know! The girl is Business Savvy! We shall see what happens! Check out the video below!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

shhh... he's here.

today is the day he moves in...
to be continued.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feline in Disguise!

I swear to YOU! My dog is like a cat, and I'm not to happy with that! Yeah that rthymed, and I didn't intend it to. It just sorta happened. Like Chilli sorta runs through the house jumping, hoping, skipping and leaping all over the house as soon as the doorbell rings! Bitch, the door ain't for you! Sit your catlike azz down! Now, what's really funny is, Omar has a cat called Cooking Dough? No? Cookie Crumble? Cookie Monster? Ohhh... Its Oreo! yeah! I think he wanted the cat to be an O like him, think he sooooo slick. Well anyway, Omar says that his cat acts like a dog... chewing on cords, pees where ever, oh man its hilarious to hear! I don't like the thing, and he knows it. Same way like he doesn't like Chilli, and that's ok. Got him a birthday card with a big huge Chihuahua talking about peeing on him! Hmmph! Omar swears Oreo can beat Chilli in a fight. It's true. Then again, Chilli has a little gangsta in her! Don't let the pink collar fool you!

The Bitch was sent away for the weekend to my Mom's house. She spoils her to no end! Am I jealous of a dog? Well my baby gave me attention. Went to the Poconos with Twin, Xavier, and a group of there friends. While everyone wanted a winter getaway, I wanted to have a romantic Valentine's Weekend! But nobody wants to hear about us freaking like 3 or MORE times! Or how we put on sexy underwear and made love under the candle lights to some soft ipod touch music. And you don't want to hear about how our suite mate thought someone was banging on the door trying to desperately come in, and yeah... the sound didn't come from outside. Or how X walked in on us butt azz naked... sorry. Knock First! And you DAMN sure don't want to hear how someone found magnums in the bathroom garbage, and people were really trying to guess which one of us was, umm... packing. Ok, I admit, we went at it like cats and dogs, and yeah... I think he won. 

Or did I let him win????? 
The plot thickens!


Friday, February 13, 2009

ShawnQt is Jumping The Broom!

So today I'm so excited! Darian over at Living Out Loud with Darian blog/gay website created a DVD Giveaway for the new Noah's Arc Movie! I had to jump on it. I don't know if you guys know, but I am a huge fan of the show, so we had to talk about how the show impacted our lives, and answer a couple of trivia questions. Here is part of my answer that was sent in...

Hey Darian, Read Your Blog all the time, You know I love it, anyway...

I Have watched Noah's Arc since the very beginning. It has made me laugh, cry, and really trust in relationships and friendships again. To see my life onscreen, has brought much joy. It has allowed me to talk about sexuality, and deal with my issues with religion. The moment that touched me the most about the series is when Wade, In season 1, said... "I don't hate you Noah, I Love You." That was the most amazing moment on TV! In Season 2, I ALWAYS knew GUY was up to no good, so when he said, "Im going to take your Man, Bitch!" I fell out! This show has always been entertaining!

When I watched the film, once again it moved me... I got a great lesson from it, and wrote down a quote, that I treasure to this day:

"Being Courageous.

We truly are the writers of the scripts of our lives, all we have to do is not be afraid of our own fears. We must live our lives for self, and not for others and not even for the fear of not knowing ourselves. It is the pursuit of love that binds us to finding each other and also to find who we are. We can choose to be promiscuous, unyielding, selfish, immature, jealous, insecure, and even ignorant... but it is GOD & LOVE that will bring us our happy ending. Choosing to be courageous is choosing to be Free." - ShawnQt

So here is the video of who won....


These guys are the cutest couple, and there dogs are so precious. Reminds me of Remarkable and Chilli. Don't know if we are ready for another edition, then our lives would be fully consumed of raising them! But I don't know, having another doggie dog will be nice. Yeah... that is waaaaayyyy down the line! Anyway, thanks Darian and make sure you guys go PICK UP THE DVD!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Keeping it Magical

While it is great to be domestic with your partner, and build and start a family, the everyday tasks can become very mundane. To keep a relationship working, you have to keep it Magical. Intimacy, Sex, and Romance are all very important. There are differences between them all, so let me break it down for you.

To me Intimacy is the small physical connections you use to match the feelings you have for the person. Those soft kisses during the day, the holding of the hands in the movies, that back rub after a long day. Feeding them a piece of fruit, Given a smile at there joke, or just rubbing there head to relax them. It is the small things that say, "I still care about you."

To me there are two different versions of sex, and it is always good to experience both of them. First you have to have that passionate animalistic sex!  Choke them, bang there back out, let them dig up in your hole while your leg is up against the wall sex! Make sure they call you dirty nasty names, and curse your azz out to. Trust me its healthy! Scream loud to, they like that, and make sure there aren't any covers, sheets or pillows on the bed when your done! Then there is that emotional, look deep into my eyes as they hit my spot three times sex! That sex where you make a noise you never made before as you think about this man you truly are in love with. That sex that makes you cry, and you don't know why, but you smile as he is crying to. Yes, that's the sex you need to have!

Now Romance is interesting. Romance is all about creating those special kind of moments that will last you a lifetime. It is those times when he will surprise you with a brand new car when you just sold it to pay for rent. It is those times where you take him out to dinner, and he finds a ring in his champagne. It is those moments where you haven't seen each other in days, and he shows up in your apartment with the room filled with roses. That's the kind of romance you should be having.

These are all the things that keep relationships MAGICAL even when your being DOMESTIC.



So I did another youtube video of me performing Chris Brown's Take You Down, but after this whole thing with him beating a woman and what not, I decided not to release it. Besides, I was half naked and I didn't want any "home" issues! LOL.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

OBAMA: Bringing Us Together

One thing that I love about Obama is his willingness and ability to bring opposing groups together. For as long as I remember, and even within my own personal life, Religion and Homosexuality has been going at it toe to toe. It hasn't been pretty.

With most religions considering a natural aspect of one's biology as a sin,  it hasn't given many homosexuals to fully embrace one's natural connection to understanding something greater then themselves.

It is good that church and state is separated, but we all know how blurry that line is. Example: Gay Marriage. Yet we can't deny that Religious Institutions are a staple and strong way to bring communities together as well as uplifting those that are in need. So I can see why Obama would want to tap into that resource. 

President Obama has created the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Technically, Bush created it, but Obama just reconstructed and expanded it. Let's say a church needs money to help create a program that would best help the need of there community, they could ask the Government for a grant to help them achieve that goal as long as they do not promote there faith or discriminate against another group of people. The original faith-based office created in 2002  allowed religious organizations to discriminate against gays and lesbians with public money—and this outraged many in the LGBT community.

This time around, Obama is not going to have it!  Today, the president made an important step in the right direction by naming a black gay man to the Policy Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships—Fred Davie. YES A BLACK GAY MAN!

"Davie has a distinguished career in the public and private sector—including top positions in New York City government and at the Ford Foundation—and substantial expertise in neighborhood development and faith-based strategies. Davie, who has a Master of Divinity degree from Yale University, is on the board of directors of the Auburn Theological Seminary and a trustee of the Calvert Social Investment Fund. Fred Davie should be a solid addition to the Policy Council and a fierce advocate for the gay and lesbian community. "

Is Obama making the right decision? Will this allow Religious Institutions to be more tolerant? Is not receiving government money going to change the minds of discriminative religious groups?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Keeping it DOMESTIC

Since me and Remarkable have been dating, our lives have started to move into a more domestic realm. This is a blessing for me, because this time around, I want my relationship to feel like a "family." I want to know that I have a tight knit unit that I can always count on and also be there for them. In my past relationships, I felt like that my house was just mine, and my boyfriend just stayed with me. This time around, I want it to feel like "our house." This thought shift not only takes some of the every day burdens off of me, but allows me to fully appreciate doing things for the people I love.

Everyone knows I HATE washing the dishes. HATE. HATE. HATE washing dishes! I can't cook, and my laundry is done in a very "single man" type of way. I don't really fold undergarments and roll up socks, to me it is just too much of a hassle! With Remarkable, all that has changed. He is very much an organized, neat and clean kind of guy, and a bag of socks just won't cut it with him! So now both our socks are rolled up and placed nice and neat in the drawer. All tank tops and t-shirts are folded to fit all our stuff, and the same for underwear. Now this doesn't mean that I'm going to automatically start rolling it up all the time, but I'm going to try. I stress "try." Honestly if I'm doing it with him, it's OK.

Which brings me to my next point. I don't know how to cook, and dating a cook didn't help. But now, especially with the economy, I cook at least 4 times a week. I have perfected my healthy baked French Fries, and my special recipe for homemade Chicken Tenders is almost on point! I still haven't gotten to the other stuff, but Honestly if I'm doing it with him, I will.

Now we come to dishes. uugghhhhhhh. No longer are the days of a sink-filled dishes that last a week. Now that I cook, dishes just CAN'T stay in there long enough... I need them! LOL. So as I cook, I wash dishes, or if he cooks, I will do a couple. Now I won't do it every night, and if I have guests, I may get to to tomorrow. But I do them. I have a new faucet now to, so my "HELL WATER" which everyone calls it, won't be burning anyone anytime soon. While I still will get an attitude when asked to wash dishes, Honestly if I'm doing it for him, I can.




Monday, February 02, 2009