Saturday, March 27, 2010


A poem from one of my Twitter Friends...

Happy Birthday to you
With all that you do
Happy Birthday from me to you
You should be so proud of yourself and in just how far you've come
Ignoring the haters and becoming number one
WITH TWO GREAT shows underneath your belt
I know how it feels to accomplish what you've felt
Oso is so proud to be by your side
Sharing your love and being your pride
I hope you continue to accomplish more and more
if you continue to fight...God will open the door
In the end I hope your bday is great
Being ShawnQt wasn't luck it was fate

happy BDay from shawnsohot (from twitter)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Single VS Couples

So its been a couple more weeks since I have been at my job and its going pretty well. I just have two more months until I can get those sweet benefits! LOL! I was giving a chance to do the art direction on a major campaign, so Im really excited about that. My old boss now works for a local magazine now, and I even set up a meeting so that my new company can do business with him. Hey, got to look out for the person that gave me a shot. The work environment is pretty good. I like my co-workers so far, and I really don't have anything negative to say about my job, especially since they could probably find my blog at anytime, so you won't see me putting myself out there!

Honestly I have been depressed lately. That's the funny thing about life. When one thing is working extremely well for you, something else goes down the tubes. Now, I know that every relationship has its ups and downs, and I have my fair share of them. Last week. Not a good one. But thats the thing about love. Will you stay around for the bad? Even if both of us are being fools for staying with each other, at least we can say that we both tried, and I think that is important.

I got to hang out with two groups of people last weekend. A group of singles and a group of couples. It was a really interesting dynamic between the both of them.

From my observation (and this is only based on my experiences with the people I met):

Most of the guys were very reserved. Sure there were one or two that keep the jokes coming, but everyone seemed very into themselves. Of course there were conversations about attractive men or finding a date, but overall everyone lived in the moment.

Most of the couples were also very reserved. There were one or two couples that keep the jokes coming, but everyone seemed very preoccupied with either not expressing a previous issue that had with there boyfriend, or tried there hardest not to make an issue at all. Of course there were sly remarks that left some people aggravated but there was also some sexual and playful talk as well.

Overall just because your in a relationship doesn't mean your happy.

So why do single men want relationships? And why don't men in relationships want to be single?

Having a relationship is not the magical thing to pure happiness. I think its about being happy with yourself! At the end of the day, that is what I have to look for, even in my own relationship.

So what can I do?

Sounds like another blog post to me...

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