Wednesday, April 30, 2008

echochrome out tommorrow!

Ooooo Yeah! Echochrome is coming out tomorrow for Playstation 3! Why such a big deal? Well, the game involves a mannequin figure traversing a rotatable world occupied by Oscar Reutersv√§rd's impossible constructions. The game is based on the Object Locative Environment Coordinate System developed by Jun Fujiki, an engine that determines what is occurring based on the camera's perspective. Confusing? Just watch the video...

I'm telling you, totally fun! Myself, Omar, Jay and Fuzzy have all played the demo and it is quite addictive! So tomorrow, I'm going to purchase it and download it for some great mind boggling fun! X you can play GTA4 with me, LOL. No shade, you know you hate these kinds of games. I want to you guys figure out these puzzles...

I know right? So if you have a ps3, or getting a ps3, get this game! You can download it for psp as well. I have been in a "game" state people, just bare with me, LOL.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Resident Evil

So ever since I got my Ps3 I have been feverishly reading about upcoming new games, I now have an online game rental service, and I can't wait until GTA:IV comes out this Tuesday! I am officially a PS3 Fanboy... yet after seeing a trailer for this one game, I took a step back.

Resident Evil 5 is an upcoming game about, well killing zombies, and we all know how much I HATE Zombies. Yet what disturbed me even more when watching the trailer was the Zombies were Africans!

Ok Ok, sure I am all for racial diversity in gaming.  I mean the only black main character I can think of is CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and he was a "Nigger Calling Gangster from the Hood!" Now we have a game where a white man is in Africa hunting and killing down massive African Zombies. I mean really? Isn't that just a little tasteless and insensitive?

So what do you guys think? Can we get past our "past" and just see this as a game of just killing "zombies" or does the the color of there skin bother you enough to not even play the game?

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Blogger Reunion: so much

• I have never laughed SO MUCH in my life!
• I have never drank & acted a fool SO MUCH!

• I never been through SO MUCH traffic in one weekend!

• Why did I eat SO MUCH sausage and bacon

during the Breakfast Brunch Fuzzy cooked?

• I never seen SO MUCH gay antics aboud!

From an Old Queen Maitrede to the Drag Queen that's a top!

• I never felt SO MUCH love

from any other fly azz group of bloggers!

Thanks for the wonderful time!

Friday, April 18, 2008

So today I leave for The Blogger Reunion! Preparing for this week has been crazy! I had a million and one things to do. I had to get my fianances in order. A check is suppose to be coming my way from a graphic design job I did recently (today hopefuly), so that will come in handy. I was trying to adopt a dog this week, so I had to get that paperwork ready. It came down to two families, mine and another, so the director choose them because the dog would be in there care more since I work. We still got approved, but not for that dog. I was really disappointed, and it just made me miss TJ even more. Sigh. Then there was cooking for the entire week (yeah I said it), cleaning the house, working out and of course dreadful packing!


What I am also doing, or trying to do, is catch up on blogs. After being preoccupied with the vide(o) experience, I feel like I have not been reading and engaging in the blogging community. Sure I read my friends blogs, but honestly I havnt read any of the blogs of bloggers that will be attending the reunion!

I always tease Fuzzy because he has really immersied himself in his blog and has created great blog alliances and fans alike! Not only is he a Power bottom but a Power Blogger as well! (He is going to get me for that comment!)

So Yeah...

Actually now that I think about it, I'm not going to read ANY of the blogs (except for the ones I have glanced at from time to time.) I think it will give me a unique experience when meeting them. While everyone will know everyone's intimate blog details, I will be getting to know them one on one, in person. I also decided to bring my camera and do a video blog of the experience. Hope nobody is camera shy.


I am also excited that Ty and X are coming with me and Fuzz. While I would have liked the whole crew to come, I am always excited to bond with my boy X! We went on vacation with TY to DC before so I know it will be fun hanging out with him.


Fuzz and I went out on a date last night! I was so excited! It was a surprise so I had no clue where we were going. He picked me up at 9:30 and we went to the Stone Cone Ice Cream spot in South Orange! I love South Orange because its so nice and cultured over there and they have great lil cafes and even a starbucks. I think that is going to be me and Fuzzy's new thing. Dates are fun! You did good this time babe!


Ok let me go, I'm typing this entry on the bus, and I want to KEEP my sidekick, LOL.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


turn it up:: jam with me!

Monday, April 14, 2008


ponoono said...

why do you search the whole world, when the whole world is you?

The question in implies that I am "searching" when indeed, I am not. It has been years since I have stopped "searching for me" and "realizing who I am."

I remember a day when being a nerd, with whack clothes, no social life, and less stellar grades bothered me to no end. I remember a day when I thought I couldn't handle being an adult, with bills and responsibility, and the admittance of failure was the worst feeling in the world. I remember a day when I felt like I had to live up to a lover's standards of what I should be, my virginity was more hated then celebrated, and that I was cursed to never find someone to love me for me. I remember a day when I prayed to GOD to "take this away from me" and "he " never did, while my mother gave me faces of disgust, and no one was ever there for me.

I searched for a way to get out of all of that, and it never worked. It those insecurities came tumbling down like a brick wall when I realized that I am who I am, and I have the power to change it all by changing my thinking. At that point I knew I could change "my world" and then my happiness came. Sometimes I forget I have that power, but I'm glad I have Jesus, my greatest reminder.

Sean Stone said...

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Ok let me close my eyes and "envision" myself forward.  It's pretty hazy, but I do see myself at a new working facility. I see, a lot of artwork. I see my apartment looking totally different. I see a dog! Yeah! I see a car. That will come in handy. I also see some pain. Sadness, yet still joy. And I see... darn. I lost it.

How are you going to celebrate your special day?  

My Birthday was celebrated with a visit from Fuzzy &  X on my birthday. I spent the day with Fuzzy and Jay at the mall. Went to Friday's and then of course the stripper show that night. Saturday Morning was my Breakfast Brunch, and later that night X through a party at my house.

Barney said...

you have so much living left to do..what are you hoping to accomplish by the age of 35? 

I could hardly see myself in a year from now, and now u want me to project myself forward 8 years! Well part of my plan is to achieve all my current dreams by the age of 30, with no regrets. Then start coming up with some new ones. I want to be dead on in my career, no bullshit. Being creative and having some kind of executive responsibilities will be important. Boyfriend, Apartment, Friends, Car and Dog will be my foundation.

Kensilo said...

Question: In the course of your dating, do you feel you have meet the LOVE of your life or is the LOVE of your life still out there waiting to capture you?

I always believed that you can have more then one "LOVE OF YOUR LIFE" or "SOUL MATE" We all live and love at different stages of our lives, and I am very happy to have one now. Everyone that I have dated, has not been my soul mate! 

Bullet Proof Soul said...

What are three things about Obama that you don't like? You have to name three.


1) I don't like that he didn't focus more on getting the New Jersey Vote.

2) I didn't like that he took so long to speak to the gay media.

3) I don't like that he is not a good bowler, but I'm nick picking now.

Darius T. Williams said...

So, you've been in a pretty long relationship w/a guy I absolutely adore. I've admired your relationship and how you've handled the victories and the valleys. What advice can you give to all of us who aspire to join w/another guy for a great partnership?  

Thanks Darius.

I have put up a post on 5 Tips to keep a man for a year, which worked for us. Yet after me and Fuzzy broke up and got back together, we realized two things. We have to be REAL HONEST with each other. The "No Sugar" Rule is our way to be honest an not worry about hurting each others feelings. 

As long as you have love, have fun, and try to meet each others needs, it can work. 

fuzzy said...

i have a mighty question! What the HELL is so special about Barack Obama that you goo goo gaa gaa over him? AND Can we get a threesome? :-)

He is intelligent, powerful & has charisma! When he talks, he makes me feel like I want to be a better person! That is so fucking sexy! Besides, he looks very similar to some boyfriend that I love. 

We already discussed this, NO THREESOMES, LOL.

ww4p ( said...

If I take you from behind, push myself into your mind, when you least expect it... would you try to reject it? 

Oh my! With words like that, probably not! LOL.

Jay said...

Did you try to hook me up with Reggie because you wanted to get with Lamar? 

LOL, No. You taken me back like 8 years ago! To speed everybody up...

(Jay, if any of this story is incorrect, let me know)

Lamar is this guy that I met on Blackplanet. He was mad cool. We would talk on the phone for hours. While he was from Jersey, he went to school out of state. So every other weekend, he would come up to see me. Well not just me. He also came up to see his boyfriend to.

Young and Naive, I became his "mistress" or "mister" for a couple of months. Our connection became very intense, and he swore he would break up with his boyfriend for me, but when it happened, he decided that I wasn't what he was looking for. It hurt, but he was very adamant about us remaining friends.

So as friends, we would hang out, and I met Jermaine and Ricky. What was interesting though was that Lamar was seeing Jermaine and Ricky at the same time! Yet at first neither one of them knew! I can remember being a little jealous, but whatever. Then in a total twist of events Jermaine and Ricky ended up making out in my Kitchen! Too Much, I know! We were young!

Reggie is this guy that liked me in High School who ended up drinking my babies behind the stage. I was so grossed out, that I ran out of the school all the way home! Anyway... It was never my intent to put Reggie on to Jermaine so I can't get Lamar, I believe by that time I was over him.

BuddahDesmond said...

 What do you hope to accomplish over the course of the next year?

Off the top of my head:

1) Go on a real vacation with Fuzzy.

2) Complete my vide(o) experience.

3) Work on becoming more healthy.

4) Be the parent to a beautiful baby dog!

5) Own a Wii!

Promiscuous X said...

Say one day you start your own graphic design company and it really takes off and you wind up doing campaign ads for Borack Obama one of your biggest clients/male fanatsies... If you were rich would you still be my friend or would you look down on me and find a new social group to chill with....? Just remember fame isn't everything...I would like an honest answer too sir.

I think it would make total sense that I WOULD have a NEW Circle of Friends to hang out with. LOL. I mean Obama has some powerful people in his ranks! Yet I have never been one to hang out with the "political' crowd all the time. That does not mean that I would leave any of my friends now. Truth be told, I think you guys would leave me before I leave you. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is more important to be liked or be real? 

To keep it real, to be liked.

Anonymous said...

Do you currently own a car?

That's a hard question to answer. Yes, and No. No further comment on that.

Anonymous said...

Do you want 28 questions to boost your number of people responding to your post? 

Looks like Anonymous is doing the job for me!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any unattractive friends?

I don't know why you guys think you can put me in a corner to make me hurt somebody's feelings. So instead of singling anyone out, I will bunch all you ugly homos together! Each and everyone of my friends have a "unattractive" trait about them that I don't like. But I still love you ugly homos all the same!

Anonymous said...

Who is your sexiest friend?

I think everyone has sex appeal. Jay has this thing he does to my neck that turns me on! X likes to lick his lips a lot. Reggie got booty for days. Ty has a sexy bald head. Dee has a juicy booty to. Dapper D has a nice smile. Fuzzy's body is on point. And you can't forget about Mr. Brown!

Anonymous said...

Who is your cutiest friend?

I think that person that has the best attribute to be "cute" would probably be Jay, only because he is our cute lil teddy bear, well was our teddy bear until he lost all that weight... never mind I take it back!

Anonymous said...

Which one of your friends do you think you will always be friends with? (you can only choose one)  

There is most def MORE THEN ONE,  and yes X this is an unfair question, but since you want to put me in a corner again, I will pick Omar by default since he is my best friend, duh!

Anonymous said...

If you didn't have to worry about any consequences for your actions for an entire day, what would you do? 

I would probably go to a sex party.

Anonymous said...

Does your question count toward the 15 more needed? 

Sure does... I guess your not done huh?

Anonymous said...

If you found out your mother was a lesbian how would you feel?    

I would be shocked! It would be weird for me at first, but would embrace it. Our relationship is not based off of who we are sleeping with.

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite color?


Anonymous said...

If TLC came out with a new album, with a new member, would you love them as much as you did? 

Nope, the chemistry is with the original three. I would still support them. They would never do it though. Chilli and T-Boz have an album coming out, and Blaque (Left Eye's Group) will be coming out with a reality series with T-boz as there new mentor.

Anonymous said...

Which one of your friends would sit down and write 13 anonymous questions?  

I think it was Jay because when I asked him he didn't tell me the truth and he didn't lie to me either!

mr said...

What exactly goes on at all these parties you guys are having? Sounds more like orgies to me...

Well, ummm, errr, ok... there are sexual antics that do go down at my "past" parties. To protect the innocent, I am just going to keep my mouth shut. Now that I think about it, has anyone of you guys seen the "LIST" you know, the one with the circle with our names around it?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My health. A body that is a better reflection of who I want to be.

If you could have plastic surgery and change any body part you would like, what would you do?

I don't think I would get plastic surgery. I wouldn't mind cosmetic dental surgery. Nothing like having a hollywood smile!

What is your biggest regret?

Not taken better care of my car.

Mash said...

Happy belated! You and your man-wife are quite open about your sexuality top, he bottom as you've hinted a couple of times! What sort of reactions do you get from close acquaintances who know about this? Do they tend to box y'all into these roles, does who-gets-dicked transcend the Seally Posturepedic in terms of discourse??? Enjoy the blog, particularly the random epiphanies that you blog about from time to time. Love from South Africa.  

I think that me and Fuzzy's sexual roles do not dictate our roles in our relationship. I don't think I wear the "pants" in the relationship. At times he may seem like he does because he is taller then me, usually drives me around, and thinks he knows more then me. Then again I am older, he is over  my house most of the time, and I am usually the wiser one. But that is up for debate. 

Gary T. P. said...

Its Friday May 2015...What are you doing today? 

You guys are killing me with all these "look into the future" questions! I would be 35 by this time... how about living. lol.

RocaFella07 said...

Jayonce Got married a week ago...Is "Shuzzy" next??

If Fuzzy gets a banging job with health insurance, Hell yeah! But then again, I don't know he is always trying to put a pillow over my head and kill me ever other day! I keep telling him I don't have any inheritance money... at least not yet!

What made you want to start performing on video??

My first video I did in my early twenties. This was way before Youtube! I used to do video diaries and everything. Maybe one day I will put one of those old videos up. I always loved lip synching pretending I was a star! I always wanted to dance, so I would just do it in the privacy of my home. So when youtube came out, I was like, why not! Then I found a love for video editing, so I usually do the videos just so I can see what I can do on that level! Plus I like the feedback feedback, ohhhh!

Anonymous said...

Why do you get upset so easily?

I get upset easily because I spend a lot of time and energy listening and compromising for others, and when people make light of a situation and/or don't take me seriously, it bothers me.

Why are you easily disappointed?

Which also the reason why I get disappointed.

How's the Job thing going? 

The company is doing good on the creative side, and not the financial side. We are working on creating a merger deal, but it is all based on the right time. If the merger doesn't fall through, then I will have to find another job.

Ailed LittleKnight said...

If Fuzzy a good Boyfriend?  

That is funny! Overall YES! I think that I was spoiled. I was spoiled in a relationship where affection, love, and compromise was given easily to me. With me being Fuzzy's first "real" relationship (and you can't correct me if I am wrong) he didn't know how to do certain things... but most of the all he does now. I don't appreciate him like I should though.

kennyking78 said...

Happy Belated! I still have that birthday card I would like to send you. I am very inspired by your creativity.

What is your greatest creative accomplishment?

Thanks Kenny, send me an email and I can give you my address. Greatest Creative Accomplishment? Hmmmm I think I would have to say my blog.

What do you look for most in a friend? 

Somebody that has the same interest as me, I can talk to easily, that can make me laugh when I am down, and be able to get along with most of my other friends.

Promiscuous X said...

Bitch you want 28 question...I'll give you 28..I got 2 more for you.
Who was the 19th president?

Rutherford B, Hayes Bitch!

How many times you ever sucked fuzzys dick in one day? 

12, bitch! Question, how many times u going to suck my dick! Fucking Rushing me, u happy! :)

Thanks for sending in the questions! I will format this post better later. If you want to discuss any of my answers to the questions, leave a comment!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Only got 13 questions



Sunday, April 06, 2008

birthday brunch :: the day before

I woke up Saturday morning wondering if what really happened last night, really happened. I was on the phone with X earlier that week. "You have to do your birthday big!" You should see my face on the other line. I really wasn't about to do nothing huge, especially since Greg just had not one, but two parties back to back a week ago. One was at my house and the other in NYC (which is where I met Danity Kane) I told X, its going to be really simple, just a Birthday Brunch, and that's it.
He was very adamant about getting me a stripper. "Where You going to get a Stripper X?" "I have connections," he said. It is very easy to characterize X as the "sexual one" He is the XXX of the group, but then again, everyone can be a little sexual at times.

Back to Saturday morning. So I wake up and I was really excited to have brunch at the SkyLark Diner. It has a really cool vibe about it. Colorful, Futuristic, Retro... very much me. Fuzzy wanted to work there when it first opened, but lets not bring that back up around him. Just look at this place, go ahead, look...

It was so fly! It turns into a lounge at night, so I have to go back there to see how poppin it can get. I got out of bed and put on the fly outfit I bought Friday afternoon with Fuzzy and Jay. We headed to the mall and I wanted to just get a pair of new jeans and wear something I already had, but when we went into the Ecko store it was a wrap! I love Ecko, they are so creative, urban yet stylish. Got to love the Rhino. Here is what I picked out, fly huh?

You couldn't tell me nothing! Got my clothes on, and I was dressed before everyone else. That's a first. As I was waiting until we headed out, I had another FLASHBACK to Friday Night. It all started as a simple night at Friday's (the restaurant) O, Jay, Me and Reggie were waiting for X to get there. We talked about our worst dates and our best dates.
While me and Fuzzy have had some great dates, the one that came to my head was a time when I was with this guy at a restaruant. He then went out to his car, and for something. He comes back minutes later with this HUGE BOUQUET OF FLOWERS! Happy Anniversary! I was thinking to myself? Was it really today? Lord and behold it sure was, 6 months in... He actually remembered. The waitress was gushing over the moment, she said we looked so cute together and wished her own boyfriend would give her flowers. That was a cool night!

{Being Greedy, can you guess what I was eating?}

Anyway... We all get in the car and head out to the SkyLark Diner. We were only a tad late, which wasn't a problem with me. A couple of people were still on there way. Oh yeah Greg, Question? How were you latest and you was the closest to the place? LOL. Anyway... Like always we don't wait to order. You can't mess with a man's stomach.

X comes in. For a moment there was a brief silence, and coy smiles around the room. Who was going to say something first? I surely wasn't! I greeted him and made sure he was ok and didn't have a hang over. Then you see "the two" go into there phones. Fuzzy and Reggie, just clicking away as they watched and smirked. I knew what was on there.

See on Friday Night, after Friday's (the restaurant) we all decided to head back to my place for drinks. I was cool with it, and decided to maybe invite some people over. We haven't done that in awhile because every time we do, some kind of sexual antics go on! For the past couple of months all that has ceased, which I am totally ok with! There is only so much eating whip cream off of booties you can do! I like having a normal relationship with normal friends and do normal things. Yet Friday was no normal night...




Greg finally gets there and in a couple of minutes we are all eating our food. Reggie decides to show Greg what he was chuckling about on his phone. HIS JAW DROPPED. "You guys got a stripper?" he said. The brotha came out the bathroom with a fitted, tank top wrapped on his back in some timbs, butt azz naked! He popped it on the wall, twirled his dick in circles, and get this... hit a split on the floor while it popped his azz up and down! It was a sight to see!

"I knew I should have came out," Greg said. You always miss the good stuff when your MIA, lol.

{MY FAVORITE GROUP PHOTO OF US // TOPS: Fuzzy & ShawnQt. BOTTOMS: X, Jay, Reggie & Greg}

Greg couldn't recognize who the stripper was. Later that night, everyone wanted to throw another party, and hopefully the stripper would emerge again. So EVERYONE CAME, we had drinks pouring, music playing, everyone was having a good time, yet the stripper never showed up. Maybe it was better that way. I love my friends, every single last one of them, and they really made my birthday special, but like Jay said:"Even though it was sexy, It was like seeing my brother dance."

Don't you agree X?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

heavy like a first day period

Ok Guys! Here is Episode 4 of the vide{o} experience. Most of these videos were taped in Feburary and I usually edit them every week. I still have some more footage to go before I actually do the actual video. Why the wait? It is cold as hell outside! Now that it hit 60 degrees today, I think in the coming weeks I will finally be able to do it, and you guys can come along for the ride! So here is the episode with me and Omar, which was great fun to film! I can't wait until you guys see his own show that is coming out. I also have two of my other friends (The Dream Team) are developing shows as well. Want to Guess who?

I will be back in the next couple of days to blog about my Birthday Celebration...