Tuesday, August 22, 2006

dream one : becoming a sexy beast

Ain't he FWINE!

Shemar Moore was the first guy I ever had a crush on. Here I was at 16, cutting out magazine photos, and hiding my Alaye calendar so my Mom wouldn't find it. I would sit in my room and gaze at him, wishing I could be with him, since I couldn't be like him.

That was the interesting part about my attraction to guys. I would look at a guy at school and be like...

"Wow, he has nice skin. Look at his muscles? He is so popular around all the ladies... and guys. I wish I could be like him."

Then if I couldn't, then I would try to be with him. I had some pretty attractive guys back in my day. [still do!] But, I never felt like I got to the point where I could be the type of guy I wanted to be.

This is me when I was 19.

Let's just say I was feeling myself at that time. I was growing into my own manhood. I was just realizing that I wasn't a NERD anymore, and I was pretty attractive. I would take photos like crazy, just so that I could convince myself I was! I would take photos all the time, it was a addictive & crazy habit!

But as I got older, Six Pack went Bye Bye!

My stomach is flat, but it I miss it, you know. It does effect me. Now more since I turned 26. I just don't want to let myself go and by the age of 30, never reaching the level I really wanted my body to look. I mean there is hope, just look at Timbaland...

If He could do it, So can I!

Today I jogged on the track around Weequahic Lake. [that is like half a mile!] It was myself, Omar, Calvin, & Dana. It was pretty good. I had my IPOD on listening to Beyonce's "Ring the Alarm," so I was so pumped. I was dancing while running, I had fun actually. I'm not going think about the soreness later. I'll just have Fuzzy give me a massage, lol. [hint, hint] I have been eating much better. A lot of baked chicken. A lot of vegetables. A lot of salad.

I even bought some Fat Free Lays Chips for like 4 Bucks! Never again, it is not that serious!

I don't eat it all the time, just when I feel like I want some kind of junk food without feeling guilty,I do. We are going to start lifting weights next week. I want to get my body ready first, don't want to go to fast and injure myself... but getting the body I want really boils down to one word...


And when I do become a Sexy Beast, I'm going to have a party like this...


LilGrownAzzMan said...

I'm sure you have the drive to become the sexy beast you're tryin to become, especially working out with other...it's always easier when you have someone to push, that tryin to achieve the same goal

ReddMann said...

im working on that sexy beast myself... with the fall and winter hibernation coming on it will be the best time to make it happen.

Ladynay said...

Of course I would find this when it's time for class! LOL

I'll be back!

Ladynay said...

Just like the first commenter stated, being dedicated will be easier for you because you have a crew doing it with you. You/You all can do it!

And I want beach pix in speedoes next summer of the whole crew at the beach when yall get cut up 2! LOL

heartbreaker said...

that sexy beast will show up soon, i'm sure :) and i identify with the whole being attracted to guys u can't be like, i've always noticed the same thing in myself

Dapper D said...

I'm with you kid. We bringing sexy back. LOL

Ty said...

First off, you are already sexy. But I guess by sexy beast you mean that you want the body that most desire. Get a gym crew together also, it REALLY helps that have someone there with you. Good luck

fuzzy said...

You know you got me in your corner! And I'll give you a rub anytime you want. I give the Best rubs, any opposers can see me! :-P

ShawnQt said...

@ lilgrown
Well the diet worked out well this past week, week two will be harder...

@ reddmann
When it works out, let me know what you did!

@ ladynay
You always pick the wrong times, lol

If you send me some speedos, I'll wear them just for you!

@ heartbreaker
See I knew I wasn't alone... hey, just trying to get a six pack like u!

@ DapperD
Looks like I have to catch up with u!

@ Ty
Thanks, lets see if Calvin act right, lol

@ Fuzzy
You know it!

Marz said...

My inner gay man is coming alive, the ugly superficial side and I'm like. HMMMMM let's get a six pack jsut for fun, matter of fact let's go for eight. And it might happen seeing as I'm joining the cross country team and starting back with dancing.


No4real4real said...

I had that same calendar. We are a mess. I didnt want my mother to see it either.