Friday, July 18, 2008


Jesse Jackson why?

I mean really, 

Obama's balls?  

As round and as firm 

and as patriotic 

as they are,

Obama's balls will be 

the foundation

 to this country.

Mr. Jackson

 I think your jealous.

You have old

 & wrinkled

 nigga balls.

Nigga balls that 

birthed a daughter 

that you haven't paid 

child support for

and/or seen in months.

At least that's

 what I heard, but..

I know why your MAD!

It's because when 

Obama talked about 

Black Fathers 

taking responsibility,

he was talking about you.

And Nigga,

 stop calling us

 the N-word, 

your making confused

 white women cry

 on national tv.

And you know Whoopi

 isn't the best person

 to speak for us!

Grow some balls,

and leave my man's alone!

Obama 08!


fuzzy said...

Jessie, where is this hostility coming from? The jealousy thinking that you should be were Obama is? Did you take offense because Obama's Father's Day speech included you?

Girl take a chill pill and sit down!

DeAndré said...

Love it!

ponoono said...

shawn i think your man Bama's balls are firm and round and also wet.. because u seem to like licking them in print.

how many times u closed your eyes in bed and.. sorry fuzzy.. found yourself with Obama ?

Darius T. Williams said...

I knew it was only a matter of time before you responded...knowing you're well in love w/Obama.

deonte' k said...

LMAO, im sorry but this was kind of funny. Even some of the comments.

Anonymous said...

um wow lol

Turn me up a lil said...


Derron said...

Can you say "Bitter Runner-up prom queen whose car broke down and never made it to the prom?"

To say that you fully support the Obama campaign and then want to cut his nuts off is "Ludacris." LOL.
Jessie is that how you really like you leaders, castrated and squealing. Hell this only makes me think about that day on the balcony at the Lorriane motel and King's assassination (the irony being that this is my moms name and king dying on her wedding anniversary).

Did you want to cut off King's balls and is that where the bullet came from? Things that make you go hmmm.

Honestly, if this is the king of support you give to your leaders...NO THANK YOU QUEEN. MR OBAMA AND HIS NUTS WILL PASS.

Dapper D

D-Place said...

Funny Post! I wonder how many comments are made by white people in this same situation that never make it out of the studio. I'm sure tons! Conspiracy I tell you....conspiracy!! LOL

Promiscuous X said...

Awww shit Jesse done mad Shawn mad lol.

Jesse got a baby momma LMAO