Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sleeping with the enemy

When does a dream become a nightmare?

Meet my boy Mason.

I met him at one of my infamous house parties. Tall, Light Brown Skin, Slim, but with a muscular build. I could tell by the shirt he wore, the brotha was on point. But there was something about him, he seemed pretty social, but distance at the same time. As the party continues, and the liquor is flowing, Mason goes outside to take a cigarette. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself so I decided to head outside with him.

"Name is Shawn, nice to meet you."

"Oh so this is your house, very nice, thanks for inviting us, your friends are crazy!"

"Yeah, they can get like that, got to love them. So do you smoke to relieve stress?"

"Nah, but if I did, then I would be smoking two packs a day!"

"Why do you say that" I replied as I sit on the steps of my porch."

He took one last pull, and flinged his cigarette into the street. He looked at me with these lazy eyes, which at first I thought was due to his tipsy state, but found out it was deeper then that.

"Can I tell you a secret"

I shook my head, yes, and he started to tell me his story.

"I used to be be so in love this guy. We met in the village. I never talk to anyone in the village! But he came up to me, and just swept me off my feet. We fucked on the first night, but it was hot!  Months later, we became exclusive, and even lived together for a year. The sex was so fucking hot. He was a sex addict! Now I can be a freak to, but sometimes I couldn't keep up!

Seems like he was just a little to fast for me because, one day my boy called me up and told me he seen my dude with another dude... In the bathroom of the fucking train station! With fresh cum stains all over his shirt! I couldn't believe that shit because my friend is known for being a damn liar. A week later I came home, he was in the shower with the music blasting. I went into the bedroom and found a opened magnum by my family portrait on the night stand, and a towel that was used to clean himself up. I went crazy, this fucking bitch just got done cheating on me like 10 minutes ago! He admitted it to me, and I was so done with him after that. He moved out, and was depressed for a good 3 months.

I was really going through it, and like everyone says, the only way to give over old dick is to get some new dick! So I hit up BGC..."

"Your on BGC for real" I interrupted.


"You got nasty naked pics on there?"

He laughed and said, "Yeah of my dick and ass, but they are private, and no I'm not telling you my screen name! Anyway... I met this dude on there, who was hot! We decided to meet up for dinner and he was a decent dude. We took a walk around and just talked, and I felt so comfortable with him. I wasn't going to make the same mistake I did with the last dude by sleeping with him on the same night. 

So like a month later, I'm really feeling him, so I was like, yo come through to my crib and lets do this, nah mean! So I told him where to go, and he said he knew the area, so it shouldn't be that hard to find my apartment building.  I buzzed him up, and told him my apartment number. So he comes gives me a hug. I had the place on point, dim lights, only candles, I was ready to get it in! 

So he says, "Did you just move into this spot." 

I told him nah, I been here for like a year now. I took him into the bedroom, and he sits on the bed. I head to the kitchen to get some wine and shit, and come back and he is looking at my family portrait.

"Is this your family here?" he says.

I'm like yeah why, as I start to kiss on his neck and play with his nipples.

"Do you know this dude name Jason?"

I said yeah, that's my boyfriend, well ex boyfriend until he fucking cheated on me. Then dude turns around and tells me that, he fucked with Jason like 3 months ago in this very apartment! My apartment!  My fucking apartment! You can't be for real? Then dude tells me that Jason told him that my apartment was his, and he didn't even know he had a boyfriend! 

I was sitting there like, wow. I was so ready to sleep with this dude, and he was the guy that my ex cheated on me with. I told his azz he had to leave. Now he has been calling me for like a week, telling me that he wants to be with me, and we have this connection, and his azz didn't know, but come on... this dude is the enemy!"

I just sat on the porch in aww of what Mason told me. He asked me for advise, and I didn't know what to say. 

What would you

 guys do in this situation?


Promiscuous X said...

Oh wow . ummmmm yeah...ummmmm I dont know how I feel about this. Dam I know I feel bad for the dude and that bull shit his ex put him threw..Exposing him to all types of shit...Ewl hooking up in a fuckn train station bathroom is not kewl at all. Dam fucking in his bed when he not a home...a stranger at that. I'm getting upset just thinking about it. To find out the same dude that fucked ya man...you have sitting rite in front of you..talk about a fuckn coincidence. I think he handled the situation pretty well better then I might have. I have a short temper. I woulda probaly blacked out for a few minutes from being in shock and then came to my senses and realized I just bashed this nigga head in. Ummm this story struck a nerve. Thats why I said love sucks. You give someone your heart and then they take advantage of it then go behind ya fuckn back and do dumb shit like this. Oh BGC was a No No No to find new dick...more like used up dick...Everybody knows everybody or fucked around or planned to have fucked around but didnt get around to it, and tell ol boy tahst still tryna holla to get off his dick...its not that fuckn serious, just because he didnt know he had a boyfriend doesnt make it right for them to continue to see each other. I mean seriously dude fucked his boyfriend. That would leave me real salty everytime I saw em.

Dam Shawn good post ...sorry for the long comment

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

If I were you, I would give him ~Damnit!'s number and tell him to call me. LoL.

Ummmmm on tha real, I mean I would be quite pissed too but hell, the fault is with his ex, not with this dude. His ex lied and told ol boy that it was his place and didn't reveal that he was in a relationship. Therefore dude was going under the false pretense that ol boyz ex was in fact 'single'.

Life is too short and I'm not saying that I would've been ready to just up and go to town with dude inbetween the sheets, but I wouldn't place fault on him for his ex's deception. I would take my time and if there is really a connection, truly get to know ol boy. That experience may infact be the bind that brings together 2 peeps who were really ment for each other...

But, if all that fails, give him my number. LoL.


jerzey_reality said...

Ok...now that I've picked my jaw up from the floor al I can say is DAAAAMMMNNNNN....now thas some shit right thur...I agree wit X, dude exposed ur boy to all types of shit....shit that can mess wit ur health and mentality.

I don't know wut I wouldve done or said in that situation but I know sleepin wit dude clearly woulda been a no no. Now lets play devils advocate for a min..is it fair to be angry wit dude when Jason was lying to him. Wouldn't it be different if dude knew the truth about Jason and Mason??? Cuz clearly that's some trifilin ass shit...Jus posin some questions to make people think.

I've learned that love..hell affection for that matter...comes with a price. You give urself to someone hoping and praying that they do the same and don't misuse ur trust/love. Its tru...there are some mssed up people n the world that can't stay faithful and jus wanna fuck everythin that walks by...but there are those who are truly down for the cause and are willing to invest their time, energy, health, sanity etc to make things work. How do u determine the type of person ur dealing wit? Or do u jus give up and give in and conform to what everyone else is doing???

Yeah BGC is a mess..but there are a few decent people up there....I see it as entertainment...somethin to do when im stuck writing a paper lol...whatever happened to getting to know someone before tryin to fuck...whatever happened to chillin, goin to the movies, doin dumb shit like goin for a walk and jus talkin...can you stimulate my mind as well as my _____? Have we as reduced relationships to jus random fuck buddies???

Like X said, sorry for this long ass commenet...I blame u Shawn for getting me goin like this in a comment lol.

Jay said...

I would have to agree with Damnit for the most part. I can't find fault in dude for messing with the now ex, because as he stated, he didn't know (didn't 112 have a song to that affect on their 3rd album...don't be mad, I think that's the title of the song). Hell, he did the noble, right thing by being truthful, that was something he could have hid. People always ask for someone to tell the truth but then can't handle a truthful person.

I don't know if I could date dude because in the back of mind it would bring up my ex lovers betrayal, but being rational person, I couldn't blame him for my ex lovers lies. He was/is as much a victim of dudes ex lover lies as dude was.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

My boy Jay agree's with me again! Iono what to say. I'm touched... *Tearz* LMAO!


Turn me up a lil said...

I would definitely feel like shit after that happenned. It's almost as if his ex indirectly stinging him again.

I think he's very handsome also.lol

I wonder why he was so comfortable with you so fast? It's good he was because that story was real good and really makes you think about some real shit.

ponoono said...

well.. given that Mason was obviously distraught, and since u don't really drink u were prob on top of your game.... you could probably have gotten him roped in for a pity fuck. Yap.. that's wut I woulda done. A pity fuck. wahahahahhahahhaa

Jersey Brotha said...

OK, we're all missing a key element here...that bastard didn't have the decency to move the fuckin Magnum away from the damn family portrait! Can he stoop any lower??? LOL

UntamedSoul said...

as is i sit here like aww that's FUCKed up do you really feel a connection? i say if you do go 4 it.Dude man had no prior knowledge about you and you and your not just sleeping wit him out of spite.i mean like there is nothing you can do either you do it or you Dont i wouldn't dwell on it too much cause the thought of it might make you mad all over again and if you did it the sight of him might make you think of that lame boyfriend!

Cocoa Rican said...

If we're on the up-and-up here, there's really no connection...the guy didn't go in as a homewrecker and it's an unfortunate coincidence. The flip side is that 'ole boi is going to always visualize his ex having sex with this guy and no "real" entanglements can come of it..simply put, you'd be hard pressed to run into your ex with the same guy he slept with in your shared home months earlier. Call it a no-go and keep it movin'...that's would I would say...but then I'm an old possessive bitch. ;O

ponoono said...

X wins with the quote of the week:

"I woulda probaly blacked out for a few minutes from being in shock and then came to my senses and realized I just bashed this nigga head in."

How many times dat already happen this year X ?


Darius T. Williams said...

Um, so yea - I'd probably have to take a step back for a second and think about this.

If Mason was really feeling the dude, then what's the big deal. If the only thing stopping him is the fact that ol' dude had sex w/his ex, then that's nothing. They were both feeling each other and they had been talking for a substantial amount of time. They had something built and they should react based on that...not the fact that ol' boy had been w/his ex.

Just my two cents

Thaddeus L. Works. said...

I have always heard "what does around, comes around" but...damn not in this fashion. Dude was honest about being there before. He could have not said anything and went on with the evening...but then if the truth would have came out later then there could have been a serious issue. I helped a friend in a situation like this just the other night...I posted it in my blog...Great read. I could almost see the scene.

K.C. said...

Dang, you always come w/the good "make ya think" questions.

My opinion? In Mason's shoes, I'd just kick him 2 da curb. Been cheated on so it ain't no joke, it hurts like hell. No reason 2 keep him around.

In your shoes, I'm a crazy ass flirt so I'd work the sympathetic, "I got your back, I'm your friend" angle so I could get some!

Like my Jilly from Philly says:

I'm more than a toy for your satisfaction
I'm a pay-per-view for the TV screen, your main attraction
Your phosphorus, I'm your energy
When you're lost, and you need some focus, come see me

fuzzy said...

without reading the previous comments and running the risk of sounding redundant, I believe this is a scene that occurs more often than we know.

When someone cheats on someone the first thing they do is go after the other guy/girl! What about going after their partner? They are the ones that messed up! Yes the third party was the one that enabled the situation, but the fault comes from the one who was in the committed relationship.

I don't see this guy as Mason mentioned as being the enemy. I picture him as being left out of the loop. I don't believe that you should dismiss him for something that he potentially did not know.

He has been calling and calling for a reason. Trying to make things right maybe? Trying to plead his case? Maybe answer the phone and see where it goes! Be honest with him and communicate with him! You was ready to be serious with him and you two seemingly have some sort of chemistry. Keep it going!

Antwone said...
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Dapper D said...

Not reading the other comments, I feel that Mason has every right to be pissed. At the same time, the new guy is not the enemy. Just as Jason deceived Mason, the new guy was deceived also. Mason May not want to get with the new guy, for now, but there was a connection and something real could develop from that situation.

People are people and especially in the NY tri-state area, it is not uncommon for people to know one another on an intimate level. We shouldn't take the time to consider all the people someone may have been with, but if you love that person take them for who there are now presently in your life.

Great post,

Dapper D

Joey Bahamas said...

The new guy isn't the enemy, his ex was. And if I was him, I wouldn'tso easily dismiss the new dude. I believe the universe brings people to us in some of the most unlikely ways. The coincidence is worth exploring, especially if there ARE no such things as coincidences....


C. Baptiste-Williams said...

no desire to read these novel comments but Mason needs to realize who his enemy really is and get the fuck over it. Wasn't dudes fault he was with a ho.

Shalev Soul said...

Not for the sake that he is my big brother, but I have to agree with Dapper D. Even though alot of us can say "oh boy you know what I would do if I were you..." but each situation is as unique as the individuals involved. But I personally don't logically feel that the new guy was the enemy but caught in an interesting twist of the plot here. I myself have been in the same situation. I was simply talking to someone who kept telling me how they just came out of a bad relationship. At the same time I had another good friend that was complaining about the troubles he was having with his boo. When everything came to the surface I was talking to his boo and it came off like I was the bad guy playing home wrecker. Just a sticky situation that should try to be avoided.

justbthat | jonathan said...

call it my issue if you want, but I don't think i would want to do anything but have sex with the man my ex cheated on me with, so he made a good call by asking the dude to leave...he saved himself a lot of heart ache and grief down the road...if he is anything like me, knowing that would have had a permanent address at the front of my mind. Love is an amazing thing but so is the mind.

much love to that brotha for making the proper decision (prroper meaning, what was right for him).

soforeal said...

That dude did the right thing telling the enemy to leave. I don't think I would have felt right doing anything with a guy I know has been with an ex of mine. Especially an ex that had to leave on those circumstances.

He should be glad he found out sooner than later.

Derron said...

Sup jonathan! YAY i love you man. Can I be your groupie? lol. I hope this story is not about you and I.

Dapper D (your African Love Buddy) wink wink