Tuesday, March 27, 2007

birthdays, yeah!

LIVE: From Work.

I just took these photos just now, nobody is in the office, so I'm just being silly & wasting time. I do have a project to do but whatever. I was suppose to have off today, but since I have a major deadline, that was a bust. It's ok, all I would have done was stay at home and sleep & eat. Nothing wrong with that now that I think about it. But today is a day of lookin good, feeling good, and showing smiles! I feel really positive, like a burst of energy is running through me. I Thanked GOD this morning... my life is pretty darn good.

Side Note: I went to church a couple of days ago, and they was talking about how homosexuality shouldn't be excluded to having there own rights & laws, and why do they need there own highschool, and that we shouldn't condone there "choice." I was so about to leave, but I was like, I can't run away everytime I don't agree with something. I was there to support Fuzzy in the choir, and that's it. I did leave early though. It saddened that people were just agreeing with this guy had to say! sigh. This is our culture. But what really lifted me up the other day was that Patti Labelle was on the radio promoting her new Gospel Album. She was stating that she was being honored by GLAAD, and how she will always support her gay & lesbian fans and friends because its not a choice for most of them, and she doesn't like when people beat up on the little guy, lol.
So I'm happy that somebody understands and somebody gets it, so that gives me a little hope that one day we will be accepted into society they way we should be.

Ok back to me. ;)

So my Aunt and Lil Brother called me to wish me a happy birthday. He sang, it was so cute. My mother called me twice, and I'm sure she's going to call me a couple more times today! Calvin called me, which was great! Brandon & Omar text messaged me... and Fuzzy did as well, and even sent me a picture of his dick... that got me going! Later on today everyone is going to meet at my house and watch American Idol, as we always do on Tuesdays, so today should be special!

Wow, I'm 27, on March 27, in the year of 2007... that is so legendary to me! This date has to mean something to the universe, so let me honor that! I always wondered, does GOD think in numbers? Why is the number 7 so spiritual? What about 3 and the trinity? Does the number 1 really hold strong leadership qualities?

I have already started watching what I eat and exercising. I feel good, very motivated, and determined.

Me & Fuzzy are going away this weekend, I'm so excited! It will be for his birthday. We are going to stay in a Hotel & then go to Six Flags. When I tell you I love hotels, I LOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEE HOTELS! I don't know what it is. It is so attractive and sexy to me. I get hard just thinking about it! I want to go in the swimming pool, and the weight room... don't know if I want to order room service, but we can order out, and bring it back there. We are going to have a very hot time... I'm not masterbating for a week so I can be ready, lol. I love amusement parks. I used to work at Six Flags years ago. Right up in Granny's Southern Fried Chicken place. You know, the pink house (so gay)! It was nice working there. Got to ride the Batman ride 22 times in a row! Granny always had cookies! I used to draw Looney Tune Characters on the back of the straw boxes and display them by my register. Guest would love them! I never been on that newest rides, so I can't wait. Hopefully Fuzzy won't hate the lines to much. I told him, we can just talk to the white girls and have fun. Hmmm... what am I going to wear?

Ok, let me get back to work before I get fired.
I will holla back tommorrow, and hope everybody has a good day!

// shawnqt //

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reflections :: part 2

So this wil be my new symbol for my new birth year. The Vitruvian Man created by Leonardo Davinci.

So I woke up today, still reflecting on my upcoming birthday. I want a change. I want to live out my dreams, and really for once, make them come true. I sometimes lack something very important. Dedication. I can be very motivated when I am passionate about something... but usually it only goes but so far. I can start the car, but I always run out of gas.

I know what needs to be done to acheive a goal, but never stick to it till the end. That is something I need if I want to take my life in the right direction. So I finally came up with what I want to do, and be at 27.

I will become the Porportional Man.
I will become Art & Science combined.
I will become Cosmography of the Microcosm.
I will become The Material & Spiritual.

I want to work on enhancing & evolving my mind, body, & soul... all in balance, all at once. This is a strong challenge for, especially in front of my friends and blogging community. I have to keep my word. I have to remain dedicated, so that I won't look like a failure. I will become the person I want to be...

My Declaration: In 6 months time, I will take a photo of me, just like the one above, for the world to see me as a new!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Reflections :: part 1

I am exactly one week away from my 27th birthday. It feels like I am at a crosswalk now. I can either walk down the path of feeling like I'm getting older, everything is going to go down hill from here, and I am just one more year away from fading into gay non exsistence. Or... I can walk down the path of feeling like my life is just beginning, I'm finally becoming the Grown & Sexy Kat I want to be, and I am just one more year from acheiving ultimate happiness in my life.

Let me just sit here for a moment and really look at down both these paths. I reflect.

Monday, March 19, 2007

shrek the third

Shrek must find a suitable heir or he will be forced to give up his beloved swamp for the throne. When I tell you I love Shrek, I LOOOOOOVVVVEEE Shrek!

Here is me and Fuzzy's favorite scene from the past movie:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

throw me a glass!

So why is there a blog
that is highlighting my "SexyBack"
Youtube Video on there blog?

I mean...

The blog is called
Was my video really that bad? LOL.
At least I got 3 out of 5 Glasses!

The Funny part about this whole thing is that because of this blog, over 3,000 people have viewed the video. You have to read some of the comments these white hetrosexual people left!

...Kill it.


hahahahahaha fuckin hell he went to alot of trouble to do this. Hes putting so much effort into it....but he just makes himself look like a homo.

yeah, that guy just looks like he needs to shit. Supported. Glass every dickhead that thinks their version of a filmclip to a particular song is worth watching and better than the original. Why they go and "out" themselves on youtube is beyond me.

Id lick his sphincter.
Ian Thorpe

me too thrope, we can tag team him

I think he was raped by Michael Jackson as a child... That boy has been booty bumping!
Cherry Ramone

He can dance but I'd rather not be subjected to it. Can you imagine him as a young child, annoying the shit out of his parent's with constant "look at me, look at this, look at what I can do," before he rolled his ankle for the five fuckhundredth time. Now that he's obviously moved out or killed his parents through boredom, the infamous web-cam and rest of humanity have replaced the olds.

Sad little coloured boy...

Id like to glass him and push the shards up his arse. Then bury him in a shallow grave as the final breather of life choke from his disfigured face.I'd be doing him a favour.

What's wrong with looking like a homo?

because you can be mistaken for being a fag? like derrrrrrrrrrrr Alex you spaz.

Oh there are more comments...
but I rather just highlight the video again!

ENJOY! and leave a real comment...

Friday, March 09, 2007

a cure: 4 years from now?

I was checking out one of my favorite websites, howstuffworks.com and they had an article about an AIDS Vaccine that seems to be working out pretty well in its first phase. They have tested on monkeys with a 96% rate of working, and now they are going to start testing it on humans by the end of 2007. This news seems very promising. I'm no doctor, but just reporting the news, you can create your own conclusions for yourself.

A research group in Atlanta has developed an AIDS vaccine that shows 96 percent effectiveness in non-human, pre-clinical trials. The GeoVax vaccine, developed on the campus of Emory University, is already in Phase I human trials and could be on the market within four years. It appears to address one of the biggest obstacles to fighting AIDS medically.

One of the challenges involved in preventing and curing any type of virus is the rate of mutation. You can find a way to kill a virus, but unless that method involves a whole bunch of attack angles at once, it's going to stop working pretty quickly. The virus is going escape the immune-system response triggered by the vaccine. HIV has a very high rate of mutation, so killing or deactivating it requires multiple, simultaneous attacks that can preempt or negate its ability to mutate.

In order to stop the virus from escaping, the GeoVax vaccine uses a two-step method to trigger and then boost the two primary immune responses in the human body. In the antibody response, anti-viral cells called antigens bind to the virus cells and deactivate them; and in the cellular response, blood cells called T-cells kill the cells already infected with the virus. The overall effect is to stop the virus from spreading. By focusing on both parts of the system, the vaccine can quickly and dramatically bombard the HIV cells and destroy them before they can really take hold of the body and destroy the immune system (see How AIDS Work to learn what HIV and AIDS do to the body).

First, a subject receives the DNA primer. This primer contains three main genes from the HIV genetic code. When these genes enter the body's cells, the cells respond by producing proteins designed to combat the alien DNA. This essentially primes the immune system for an HIV attack by teaching it exactly what HIV DNA looks like. In this way, the cells are already experienced at creating the specific proteins that will tell the T-cells what they're looking for if HIV cells invade the body.

The next stage is the live-virus injection. This is when a tiny, weakened sample of HIV enters the body. It's not enough to infect someone; it's only enough to trigger an immune-system response. In this case, the subject receives a genetically altered version of a weak smallpox vaccine called MVA. This particular form of MVA carries not only elements of the smallpox virus, but also the same three HIV genes that were included in the DNA primer. So in addition to triggering an immune response to smallpox, it also triggers a response to HIV. And the DNA-primed cells are already prepared to fight this exact type of HIV.

So as the immune system sends out antibodies to bind to the HIV cells and target them for destruction, T-cells are primed and ready to scale a massive attack on three different components of the virus. With both of these anti-infection mechanisms launching full-blown attacks at once, the virus can't escape. Even if one of the genes manages to mutate, the T-cells can still target and destroy the other two, leaving that one mutated gene powerless. And the chances that even a single gene will mutate in a way that lets it escape both a primed cellular response and a massive antibody response is slim to begin with.

In preclinical trials, 23 monkeys received the vaccine. Seven months later, they were injected with a highly powerful, simian version of HIV. Twenty-two out of 23 monkeys never developed any clinical symptoms of the virus -- after three and a half years, there was no immune-system damage, no clinical signs of AIDS. Five out of the six monkeys in the control group died of AIDS within eight months. In the experimental group, the virus was there, but it appeared to be deactivated. For a potential AIDS vaccine, a 96 percent success rate is unheard of. The one monkey in the experimental group that did develop and die of AIDS had been given only a partial dose of the vaccine.

The fact that the vaccine was so effective at warding off the progression of HIV to AIDS could mean the vaccine may also work as a kind of cure for people already infected with HIV. The virus would still be there, but it would basically go into indefinite remission. And the fact that it would also vaccinate people against smallpox is an added benefit, considering the widespread view that smallpox would be an effective and attainable biological weapon.

In Phase I human trials, which are intended to find out if the vaccine is safe, not if it protects against HIV, nine people received partial doses of the vaccine. It caused no side effects, and it resulted in the same type of boosted immune response as that seen in the monkeys. The vaccine is now in the final stages of Phase I, in which researchers inject subjects with full doses of the vaccine. Phase II human trials, using uninfected but high-risk volunteers, could begin at the end of 2007. If Phase II reveals that the vaccine is effective against HIV in humans, Phase III (which uses a larger number of volunteers -- in the thousands) could begin sometime in 2008, and the drug could be in distribution by 2011.

But that's if everything goes exactly as planned, which is seldom the case in vaccine development.

As of March 2007, there are more than two dozen potential AIDS vaccines in various stages of testing. Two of the vaccines in human trials are similar in structure to the GeoVax vaccine but use a genetically modified form of adenovirus for the live-virus injection instead of smallpox.

Source: http://health.howstuffworks.com/geovax.htm

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Oh...Sanjaya Malakar!

You have to love America! Why? Because ever single week we exercise our right to vote this "Michael Jackson" Loving seventeen year old to come back , even though the bitch can't sing! Oh yes, YOU, and millions of you have dedicated Tuesday Nights to watching Sanjaya destroy every single song he whispers out of his cute little lips.

Isn't Democracy grand!

Why is he still here? I'll tell you why!
Because we want to see lil gay boy make it!
We feel sorry for him.
Poor Simon keeps picking on him. Bad Simon.

Yes, we know the bitch can't sing, but he can shake his booty Hawaiian style! He wore a cute hat, that even the King of Pop can jerk his head to. Did you see how he broke down in tears when his sister didn't make it? He gives us EMOTION & COMMOTION AND THINGS! He gives us style! He gives us... HAIR!

Yes baby, his HAIR is keeping him in the running! Paula can't handle it! When I tell you by the time the Top Three comes around, Sanjaya WILL become SANDRA! The baddest bitch to hit American Idol! He can give you Dream Girls, and "I'm telling you's" backwards and forwards!

You will be the next American Idol!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"our anny"

I got him a dog chain with our photo on it.
Mines is Silver and says "Dream."
His is Gold and says "Imagine."
It was wrapped in a Fuzzy Blue Box.
He cried when he got it.
I smiled.
We slow danced afterwards.
It was a Brian Mcknight song I think.

He cooked this amazing dinner for me.
Appetizers, Soup, Salad, Main Course & Dessert!
It's great to have a man as a chef.
I was actually impressed.

It was a good night,
and it rekindled our feelings for one another.

[side note]

Last weekend,
we had slumber party with our closest friends.
It was interesting to say the least.
more on that later...