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First let me break it down how I came up with the decision. First, who am I to say if one artist is better then the other. I have my own personal taste, so I had to focus on how convincing the argument was. So I allocated points to different catagories.

The Catagories were:
Personal Impact, Quality of Music, Legendary Status, Biggest Hits, Creativity, & Writing Style.

The Point system was:
1 Point - Weak, 2 points - Fair, 3 points - Strong.

The Mary J Blige post was strong in Legendary Status and convincing me her quality of music was on point. Hell, I love Mary, and she has personally touched my life. While X mentioned that she left a personal impact on him, he didn't tell me a story on how. Plus he lacked in photos and music. That's what you get for doing something so late at night, but hey I understand. I am just happy that TWO of my friends joined. X Loves me!

The Donny Hathway post was strong in Personal Impact. It was really deep, almost like a poem. Yet, there was no argument about his legendary status or really talked about the quality of his music. The writing style was on point, but lacked in photos and music.

The Erykah Badu post was strong in Quality of Music and convinced me that she is on her way to be a legend. The personal story was good, and he even added some photos. I love Erykah, but he didn't really didn't convince me that she was the winner.

The Anita Baker post was just so soothing, lol. I love the music player she put on there. She was strong in showcasing her biggest hits! I love Anita so she will always get respect from me. I wish I heard more about how Anita effected your life more...

Which leads me to Ty's post on Kama Yo! At first didn't know who the heck she was, until I read the post some more. Back 2 Life was played non-stop in my house! Then it all clicked. The image of my Mom dancing with me in the house to this song really brought me to tears. I love my Mom! So you would think that I was bias right? Well Kama Yo is no legend compared to Mary or Anita, but what Ty lacked in that area, he made up in an amazing personal story, a convincing argument about the quality of her music, and a great mixture of photos, music, and videos! He beat Anita Baker's post by one point!


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The Story: When me and Fuzzy first met, for Valentine's Day I wanted to take him to Applebees for Dinner. So we went to the one in the Mall. As we were walking through the Mall, we walked by the Build-A-Bear Warehouse, and I slowly moved him into the store. I told him to pick out whatever he wanted, and a twinkle came to his eye! So He now has "Shawn Jr." So a couple of months later, Mr. Fuzzy wanted to do the same thing to me, but I didn't even see it coming! He even video taped the whole thing, lol. So there you have it, the Gayest Bear ever,and I love him!

dreams in a fitted exclusive!

Fuzzy used to hate Alicia Keys, No One.
Now, Fuzzy can't stop singing Alicia Keys, No One.
Lets see how Fuzzy fairs when a camera is on him...
Will NO ONE Stop him?

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From a group orgy, to sex on cam, to getting my azz plunged, I have never had so much sexual fun! And all in one weekend! Got to love it!

These photos are from this weekend when we went to Fridays for X's Birthday. How fly am I, I mean really? (I got a haircut, so I can be conceited... I got a reason! LOL!) He just turned 21, so we had to hit up a NYC Hop Spot and party like a Rock Star! Check out his birthday video below...

happy birthday x

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So the entries are in, and I am very excited about the bloggers and there favorite artist! You guys really choose some good ones! First let me list all the contestants:




Quarter Life Crisis...: ANITA BAKER




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I'm like the the opposite of Samson

This is like a small tidbit of information about me that that effects me in a very dramatic way! When ever I get a hair cut, like most people I feel very attractive, motivated, and very confident in my appearence. Yet, let my hair grow a quarter of an inch, and I got into a depression and utter despair! LOL! I feel ugly, dirty, and just just want to crawl under a rock... and it really isnt that bad, but I don't feel that way. It is all in my head I know... but what do u want from me, I am entitled to be vain on somethings, lol. I'm so getting a haircut after work.

I tried to take some photos of me yesterday and they all came out so bad, it was like I lost my mojo... and I had a hat on! I dont' feel sexy, which effects Fuzzy. I get real lazy, I dont feel like wearing anything nice, just put on anything, and it just trickles into the downward spiral of my exsistence!

sigh. I just wanted to let that energy out because it has been bothering me for years! So I either have to get a haircut every week or learn to deal with this for the rest of my life! Why me!

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I challenge YOU, the blogger to
How has there music impacted your life personally?
How important are they to the rise of quality in music today?
Are they a legend now,
or do they have the potential to be a legend in the future?
What are some of there biggest hits?

They they can be male or female, group or solo, any genre... you just have to convince me, and your readers that your MUSICAL ARTIST is the best thing out, period.

The challenge will be how creative your post looks (photos, music, videos), how well you have written the post, and how convincing your arguement is. TO ENTER THE CHALLENGE, LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW, AND I WILL CHECK ALL NEXT WEEK FOR YOUR POST!


Everyone that enters will be HIGHLIGHTED ON MY BLOG, where people can leave comments. I will be the FINAL JUDGE and declare a WINNER. Why, because its my blog!
But I will take everyone's comments into consideration.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I know I already posted today, but for me to get my mind off other things, I decided to blog again. I was cleaning up my closet and noticed that I have like mad jeans! I think I have more jeans then most. Why haven't I thrown away these old things? They hold so much memories for me, I just can't let it go.

UrBan JeAn ErA

I wore these jeans in High School. I remember I was really big into TLC that all I wanted to do was wear baggy clothes. I always wore like the big shirts with the weird designs on them. I just wanted to stand out. I guess because I was so short I needed something to bring attention to myself. Wearing urban clothes was a way for me to fit in and look cool, especially in the Hood. I was in art class and I had a whole bunch of pens in the big pocket on the leg. They broke inside, and ink was all over it. So what I did was cut the pocket off, and attached it to the front of a shirt, and put like buttons where the left-over pocket was. It looked cool and creative, and I swore I was fly! I used to be really creative with my clothes back then.

BaNgBaNg JeAn ErA

These jeans were a summer fling back in my college days. I was dating this guy named Tyquan. He was a designer and a upcoming singer. He was the first guy I dated that was shorter then me. That was so hot! I think that was when I really got the feeling of acting like I was a top since everyone tried me to make me into there bottom, lol. There was this store called BangBang that had reeeeaaallllyyy gay clothes. But they was in at the time. These jeans were so cheap, like 20 bucks. They was really tight around the azz and legs and then flared out at the bottom. Very 70's now that I think about it. Man I was so gay in these jeans, but I was ok with it. I do remember trying to convince my mom that the jeans was manly, but she kept calling them girly jeans. She had to know I was gay then! I wore them out in the Village in NYC. I wore then with a white tanktop or with no shirt on. It was hot how many looks I got. Tyquan really turned me out, lol. But he was worse! I tried to bring them back, but Fuzzy won't let me!

Old NaVy JeAn ErA

So after I got all the gay out of me (lol, yeah right), I went to regular jeans. This was like around my senior year in college. I was all about being affordable and practical! I was working at a Summer Camp at the time, and I just needed something I could go to work, but would still look good if I went out on the weekends. I wore the hell out of these jeans. They were very comfortable. I was a big Old Navy fan for awhile. It was stylish and affordable. I still go in there from time to time, but nothing has peacked my interest lately.

H&M JeAn ErA

That's until H&M came around! I love love love H&M! It is the gayest store ever! But the styles are so fly! I just recently bought these jeans. They are a little lowrise, a little fitting, but has some baggy-ness to it. Yet not as gay as the Bang Bang Ones. I can rock these to work, or out on the town. I can wear them with my urban clothes or my gay clothes, and that is what jeans should do. They was expensive though but I guess I'm really focused more on buying jeans that will last... knowing me, these will still be in my jean collection years from now!

sountrack: kanye west / get it

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I tried to finish the last post, but my heart wouldn't let me. Today, my dog TJ is gone. sigh. Back story for those who don't know. My sister is "mentally delayed" she is 14 but doesn't know how to talk and has lower intellectual & motor skills then others her age. She has always been this way, and myself and the family have come to accept that. She is still a very active, smiling young girl, and that's my sister. The doctor decided that maybe it would help my sister's speech if she was to have a dog. So we went on a mission to get one. We finally found TJ, a small Pomeranian/chiwawa mixed dog. For the first couple of months, TJ lived with my mother and my sister, but the housing complex didn't allow dogs. So TJ lived with me. My mother would take him on the weekends.

So my mother had him in the car, and saw somebody she knew. She pulled over to talk to the person, and my sister opened the door, and TJ ran out of the car into a small park. By the time my mother realized it, she couldn't see him in sight. I get a call with her hysterically crying telling me that TJ is gone. I calm her down, and borrow Fuzzy's car to go find him. Nothing.

What makes matters worst is that my mother just gave him a bath, and forgot to put his dog chain which has our number and address on it just in case he got lost.

I can't believe my dog is gone. He is to far to sniff his way back home. We live in a huge city with thousands of people. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody snatched him up. Or worst he got into an accident...

I'm trying not to be upset about it because, I mean its only a dog. But he was my dog.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Virtues of the Avatar: Part 1

"These are 5 out of the 10 Virtues that I read I felt was sent to me from GOD..."

caring confrontation. non-violent. challenge destructive behavior

I have never been one to be violent. Even when I was younger, I have only been in one physical fight. The fight was staged to gain respect among a group of kids that always teased me. I did whoop his behind though! Besides that point, he understood the circumstance, and we still remained friends afterwards. Outside of that, I never was one to have a temper and result to anger.

I think that people know me for being the "peace-maker." Either when I was working with kids, and helping them solve there problems, or just in my circle of friends during an argument. I feel honored to have that title and wish to continue that virtue.

I do want to say this. Even though I believe that non-violence is the most godly way to solving a problem, within human history, war has been the way of this world. I accept war, only if people are fighting for a just cause, or the protection of a right. Yet even the darkness of war, we should challenge others to be the light of non-violence."

help people. encourage others to do the same.

"Being generous comes in many degrees. Some people show there generosity through money & material objects. Other show it through there time & wisdom. I think there should be a balance of both.

I will say that I am very strong in giving my time in supporting somebody or just being a listening ear. I tend to help those and motivate them to be better. While I will give to those that are in need, I do at times hesitate because of my selfishness. This can be for friends or total strangers. I pray for a giving spirit because I know that everything is not all about me, and that blessings come to those who give."

feel for the needs of the suffering.

"I think that Compassion and Generativity go hand and hand. While I do feel compassion for those who are suffering, I don't tap into it much. I think that when we hear someones story of despair we turn the other way so we don't have to feel that hurt and pain with them. So we ignore it so that way we can feel good. Then we can give the excuse that I am suffering to, so I can't help them if no one is helping me.

Something that always stuck out in my head was, that no matter what, somebody is doing worst then you. We should feel there pain, because we have felt it as well. We should help, because we would want to be helped. We must learn to distance of our suffering to help the needs of others.

We should learn to eliminate suffering all together! It is merely a state of mind, not a physical event that happens in our lives. We can not have a job, bills are piling up, and don't see and end in sight, but still move past our suffering and stay motivated in GOD's thoughts that it will always get better. Someone will find compassion in us, an will help move us to a better place. And we must continue the cycle. I pray for my compassion to be a circle in my life and motivate me to help others."

give thanks and show appreciation for life.

"If there is anything in this world that I do, celebrate life is one of them. You would think that this would be easy, but many people really don't really give thanks and really enjoy the creations of our existence. What I have learned was not only celebrate my own accomplishments, but to celebrate others. we get so caught up in "hating"and being "shady" towards our fellow people, we forget that we are all in this together. That also means that we shouldn't take our celebration only for ourselves, but show that this is a celebration of others doing the same.

If I graduated college, my party is a celebration of my accomplishments and to show that you can do the same. Or better yet, show appreciation to those that have done it before me. The same can go for birthdays, getting a new job, a new house, or whatever!

Celebration is also about giving thanks to others and the world around us. Christmas & Thanksgiving are perfect examples. We all get caught up in material things and how much food we can eat, but it is really about enjoying your family and friends, and showing thanks to GOD for them being in our lives."

Attentive Listening
humble willingness to understand, respond thoughtfully.

"I also believe that I am a very good listener... but then again maybe I'm not. Many of my friends have told me that I don't remember things that they tell me. It hurts me because I was really known for being a good listener. What I do know is that, within the moment of now, I am 100% into the conversation and can give feedback that can be helpful. If you ask me to remember something from a couple of days ago, sometimes I don't remember.

I do think a lot, and it take times for me to slow my brain down and process information. I apologize if I end up being in my own world. It is who I am. I will try my best to turn down my selfish thoughts and really focus (and remember) other peoples conversations that they have with me."