Wednesday, July 16, 2008

random random random

Hey, what's up everybody! This post is going to be pretty long because it seems like I haven't blogged in so long, even though I actually have. I first want to thank everybody for there comments on my "Here I Stand" Video. I know that most of you guys either read my blog on your phone or at work, so your not able to really watch the youtube videos, but please, when you get a chance check it out. It took a lot for me to release it.

It is funny how my life can be pretty occupied without really doing anything MAJOR! Of course I have my new dog Chilli, and it she is doing ok for the most part. Recently she has been making some weird sounds, but we are going to take her to the Vet pretty soon. She needs her shots and everything anyway. She has already been a terror! She has chewed up my extra pair of glasses, my ps3 cord, and my ipod headphones. SO NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT! But I'm trying to make the house "puppy safe" and she for the most part is getting better. For some reason she thinks that pooping outside is uncivilized, and no matter how much I walk her after eating, she will not GO! She is doing it on the Wee Wee Pad, so that is good enough for me.  I took her out to NY out on the Pier with the gays, just me and her. When I tell you, I never got so much attention in my life! Everyone and there Gay Mother stopped me to ask me questions about her, and even take the opportunity to get a chance with me. This older gentlemen from Germany was really aggressive on taking me out on a date. "Your such a beautiful black man"... uggh thanks, but I have a boyfriend! Then this one guy was asking if he could suck my dick, it was just to much! Chilli has been going places with me to some of my friend's houses. She loves Uncle Twin, but  when she met my friend James dog, they went to fighting! It was the funniest thing! My baby know she from the ghetto, no matter how prissy she thinks she is! Anyone have any suggestions on raising a dog?

Why are these like my favorite places to be in the whole wide world! Me and Twin went to walmart the other day so I can get Chilli a Carry Around Bag. I came out of there with two packs of black ankle socks,  some Swagger Deodorant, 3 things of Tropicana Fruit Punch, and a box of magnums! Walmart was created by the devil, and I thank him! Yet heaven on earth is really IHOP, and I was so excited to join my friends last weekend at my favorite one here. I had pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, fried red potatoes, home fries, and big ol' glass of water! God forgave me that day for buying so much at Walmart. Which one of these are you addicted to?

So why the hell does X get to have free home cooked meals for doing nothing! Twin cooks. So sometimes Twin will ask X over for one of his meals. But WHY? They not dating and they not fucking, so why does he have 4 To-go containers of food, when I have a Chef for a Boyfriend, and I don't even remember the last time he made a Creative & Extensive Good Ass Meal for us! Don't get me wrong, Fuzz feeds me, but I want him to really SHOW OFF! I mean you went to school for it! I designed your business card, I give you  my skills, now I want food! Sounds selfish? Yeah I am! This sunday will be the battle of the Chefs. Twin VS Fuzzy. Me and X will be the judge, and I will be a full and happy man! Anyone have any suggestions on what they should cook?

So I want the Sidekick Gekko. It looks so fly! It will have a better camera, record vdeo, better web browsing, and have customizable shells! They are saying it will be a lot more affortable, so I think I will shell out the cash for it. Depending... It feels so good to be a PS3 Owner! I have GAMEFLY so I can rent games that I wouldn't normally buy, but I so have to get LilBigPlanet (the newest Mario-Like Game) BUZZ TV (Trivia Game) and HOME (A Sim-Like Chat Room). I finally have the ability to rent movies from my PS3, so no more blockbuster for me! Will be really cool when people come over and we are bored. Do any of your guys have a sidekick or ps3?

So two of the Black Gay Prides for NYC are coming up, and they both take place at the beach. I have been working out, and really starting to see results. I won't be super built in two weeks, but I am comfortable at where I am. Now I just need to buy another pair swim trunks! Anyone else going?

Some of my friends from YOUTUBE (5Blackguys) are coming up to NYC, so I decided to hang out and get to know them while they are here. They are 5 Black Gay Men that are youtubers, and they create challenges that the other four have to record and put on the site. It is quite fun to watch! I call them my other 5 boyfriends, lol. Boyfriend #2 is cool, really funny, so it should be an experience. I kinda don't want to be on camera, but I have a feelings I will end up on there show. I just wanted to go, and just be behind the scenes, unless the play Beyonce, then I just have to just do my thing! Have you guys seen them on youtube?

I like being naked, especially in the summer! I mean it can get hot in my house, so I just let it hang. Then you walk by the mirror and check yourself out and smile, and then go about your business, I love it!  I mean who goes to bed with clothes on? Just get under a light sheet, put that fan on, and feel that nakedness! Why can't I have a Naked Party and it not turn into a Sexy Party? Even thought a Stewie Like Sexy Party would be fly! I think the only other person that I know that equally enjoys it is Fuzzy & Omar. Anyone else wants to join in the Birthday Suit Club? LOL


Jay said...

Hmm I don't do dogs and babies, too much work training.

I have a sidekick but I think I want a touch screen phone now but that new sidekick might hold me over, thanks for the link.

I can't go to bed in nude, something about my manhood hitting the sheets turns me on and then there is little sleep going on (and yes this happens when I'm alone also).

Darius T. Williams said...

Too funny!

Um, I don't know about raising a dog.

IHOP no - they stopped serving country griddle cakes. Wal-Mart - YES! Although, I'm becoming more uppity because I'm loving me some Target now. I went there yesterday and spent $200 and I was only going for a baking sheet.

fuzzy said...

I have no idea on how to raise a dog. I would imagine it would be like having a child. Daily training and repetition and constant correction and appreciation.

I don't get into IHOP much because I don't do breakfast foods. I know they serve other things than breakfast but how good would it actually be being fried or flavored in bacon and sausage grease? lol When I first met you and I couldn't persuade you that I hated IHOP because you thought I was playing and it was like a sin not to like IHOP. Walmart causes me to go in debt. Enough said!

Twin, this is all your fault. Now I have to cook! I was perfectly content with making mediocre meals. Now I gotta step up my game. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

I don't have a sidekick, nor a PS3, but I love using yours!

When is NY BGP?

I am soooo on board for this sexy party! You know I love being naked! How to keep it from turning into a sex party I haven't conquered that yet!

ponoono said...

you know Fuzz.. that nine incher you are trailin could be the root of all evil. keep it tied up in a knot and that party might stay all social....

jerzey_reality said...

Chilli: She is so cute and energetic once she gets wound up. She was givin James dog some work lol. But lil prissy princess left a couple lil surprises around..tell her Uncle Twin got somethin for that ass lol.

Walmart: Clearly we can never go there together again cuz we're both addicted (wanna go tomorrow). Walmart is the devil and he keeps tempting me....and I let him.

IHOP: I liked it for the company that was there. Id rather make my own breakfast ...I make some bangin breakfast.

Food: ummm u know I thought Fuzzy was makin u all these elaborate meals...or actually cookin somethin but umm ::smiles innocently:: I gave u some food bucko and u left it over here. Now yall know im no trained chef but I can cook. Now as far as this battle of the chefs goes...we jus gonna cook and yall jus gonna eat and we all jus gonna be happy...k....k...thas drink and be happy lol. But who knows maybe this'll be the start of a new trend. We can take turns.

PRIDE: Soooo wut time are we headin out...hopefully the waves don't attack us this time

Omar Ramon said...

set the rules and be consistant in enforcing them.

walmart is far more tempting than ihop.although i do love some nice warm sweet...

my twin better represent! i want someone cooking stir fry. not that i was offered any...but we won't touch on that.

technology is evil...u devil worshipper.

crowds of homos... on beaches...why am i not interested? am i even gay??

I haven't seen anything of the five guys that you haven't shown me. and i must say i didn't really get them. it's whatever tho.glad u enjoy them and hope y'all click well in living color. it's the highschool audio/visual club reunion lol. is that only funny to me??

umm telling everyone i live my life naked: not ok. BTW is that why you claim i inspired the following post with you all naked on the couch?? how dare you? not that you didn't look hot on the couch...i'm just saying...

RocaFella07 said...

- LMAO @ getting Mags at Wal-Mart!...My friend tells me they sell ID Lube now!

- IHOP is...The SHIT! I actually went to the Gay-HOP (the IHOP in the gay district) a couple weeks ago, and loved it!

- I think I might be joining the Birthday Suite club pretty soon...Or, am I already in it? I sleep nude, walk around my apt nude after a shower (in broad daylight, windows open), and walk around the Bally's locker room nude. LOL!


RocaFella07 said...

By the way, as a Sidekick 3 owner, I'm SILL laughing at all the fools who ran to buy the LX...Which is the same as the SK3, JUST with a slimmer look.

I cant wait for the Gekko!! LOL!


jerzey_reality said...

I got u thinkin bout maybe doin a goup dinner or'll b easier to work it out whenever u can call ur twin (hint hint)

UntamedSoul said...

wow walmart is my fav to Dont know i think it could be all the people or all the shit that's n there.
aww congratulations on the new dog chillie my god son name poodie(yes a dog) is a piece of work so i can only imagin wit YOU goin throu! keep ya head up wit dat one.
so how was the battle of the chiefs? im sure x ate up every THING!lol

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