Monday, November 20, 2006


So after we left the MALE VIEW event, me and my friends headed out to get something to eat. I'm sitting there, eating my food, talking to Antar, and I get a text from Fuzzy saying:

"Can I meet you out in the city so that we can buy you a Dildo?"

A DILDO? I show the text to Antar, and he says, 'That's Hot!" So of course I'm baffled by all this! I try not to make a habit about not discussing me and Fuzzy's sex life, but whatever! I have never been penatrated before, but I do beleive that a versatile relationship is admirable. With all that to say, I'm trying [lol]... and it is really a fear factor with me. That shit is going to hurt! I don't think my hole was built to handle all that Fuzzy is flinging! So I did entertain the idea of starting off with a dildo... one day.

I just didn't think that day would be today!

It was already late, and it would take forever for Fuzzy to head out to the city, so I told him that we should do it another time. He agreeded, but little did Fuzzy know, I was going to buy the Dildo anyway.

So Me, Omar, & Calvin headed to a sex shop on Christopher to check out there "stock". So I'm looking around trying to find one that would be the right fit. I didn't want anything BIG! Anything that had double digits was staying on the shelf! I just wanted a one that was the shape of his, so it could be an easy transition when the time came. I picked out this nice one, and it was pretty cheap, but the head was HUGE! I knew that I wasn't getting that in me, even though it was pretty small in length. Then I found the perfect one! It was Fuzzy's size and shape. It was a little bit more expensive, but hey!

Side Bar. Did you know Omar has never seen a Transexual naked before? LOL. He showed me this DVD cover of a chick with a dick and almost cried! Calvin was looking for some cheap porn, but the selection was mostly straight. Best thing to do is just find a Bisexual one, and make it work!

So I made my purchase and we headed home.

That night I placed the Dildo on the night table.

He didn't notice it.

The next morning he waked up to go pee.

When he comes back he looks...


That was the funniest thing! LOL.

So now I have a dildo... great.
[Why do I have a feeling that Fuzzy is going to sneak and use it!]

// ShawnQt //


heartbreaker said...

boy u CRAZY lol... WELL, then... hmm... um, well... do whachu do... i hope y'all freaky azzes have fun, and I've never had or used a dildo before, so if I were fuzzy... I prolly would be curious about it myself... but yeah a versatile relationship is the way to go... so, good 4 u :) lol

mr said...

TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI! My goodness.

Anonymous said...

I think Fuzzy's reaction is normal when you wake up and see a dildo you did not know was there before.

Soldier said...

i had to come out of my silent reader status to say : " mmm.. huh ? what ? this is interesting "
Now that it's been said i can go back to my regular activities. lol

ShawnQt said...

@ Heartbreaker
Well we tried it...but give me a couple more trys and I'll tell you more!

@ Mr

@ Ep
It cracks me up everytime I think about it!

@ Solider
you didn't even say much, lol

lj said...

um well...WOW...It shows how much you care by trying.

PS...It takes a few tries before it gets good ..LOL.

fuzzy said...

Now why would you think that I sould sneak and use it? Thats LOW Shawn, real low!

1) I wouldn't sneak, I'd just use it!
2) I have you, why would I need a dildo?
3) or I'll go buy my own if I needed one that bad...

ShawnQt said...

@ LJ
Do you know from personal expereience?

I wish someone who has used a dildo would speak up! Let a brotha know!

@ Fuzzy
All I have to say is, Christmas is coming... Santa may have a special gift for you! lol

Soldier said...

Sorry young man for the quick comment but its because i was extremely busy at the time but i still HAD to say something.

I always thought You and Fuzzy were a " hot couple ". This post just confirmed it. the way you told the story, his reaction to it, the story itself !! 2 sexy people together havin a damn good time, that's just great.
If you guys need a photographer for... somethin like mmm... a nude pic for your living room or somethin, you can contact me. my bag is already packed, i can be there in about an hour. LOL

Marz said...


I'm mad you made seeing a naked transexual seem like a normal occurence as if it's the sky.

I second epsilonicus' comment.


Ladynay said...

I've used them before, but not the way you would, so I wouldn' be any help! All I can say is the real thing is ALWAYS better! Well unless you have both at the same time but first things

That's hot that you two are opening new doors together. Learn, relax and have a good time!

Anonymous said...


Well shawn, anytime you take in something "big" just breathe and up! LOL

dancehard said...

Hey Shawn!

I love the candid-ness!!! I'm also on the journey of "conditioning" my self to be versatile, so I'm right where you are. I recently purchased a dildo myself, and it's going pretty well now. The first week or so was a MESS, but it's all downhill from here.

My advice to you is to play with yourself....often. Practice makes perfect. Whenever you decide its time for "Shawn n' Fuzzy time", or even "Shawn n' right hand time", the dildo should be part of the fun as well. You're definitely gonna need your private time to explore with it, but it's also a good idea for Fuzzy to be involved, if he's cool with that (and will not get too excited :))

And be patient about the process. Some people open up super quick, while others may take a while to unlatch the "CLINK CLINK".

As far as the actual penetration, first make sure to use plenty of lube, even if it feels messy. Play down there with fingers or have Fuzzy play down there before you try to mount up. The hardest part is getting the head in, so when that time comes, take a breath, grab the dick for added stimulation, push out the sphincter muscles, and slowly slide as much as feel you can in, then rest on it. Keep doing that until you get that entire head in.

One other tip...the first time you get the head in, you're going to sure as hell want to take it out real quick...NOPE! Keep it in there and ride it out. You might feel a burning sensation down there, but it'll go away after a while. Until you get to that point, keep building toward that goal. Don't allow yourself to stop a session unless you've gone down as least as much as you did the previous time. That's a good rule of thumb.

Now, I'm a fan of masturbating while playing with the dildo. It creates a distraction and actually makes the penetration feel better. I'm sure you already have done this, but if not give it a try.

Above all else, take your time, and communicate with Fuzzy. Y'all are in this together, so together you will work this out.

I just recently had my first orgasm with it almost all inside....RIDICULOUS! I'm not gonna transform into a voracious bottom anytime soon, but that release was definitely in my top 10! So yeah, it's worth it to attempt!

Good luck in your foray into versatility. You're right, the shit is gonna hurt, but that's really only beginning of it. it's just like working out...if you're a beginner, you gotta endure the sore period before you start feeling good and see results.

Have fun!

Dayne Avery said...


Playboy Adonis said...

This is a new experience for me in blogland...reading my first blog about dildo penetration. Can't believe I read the whole thing and then read every comment. I notice there is no update to this story. I'll check back later....LOL

Rodney said...

Hurray for versatility! It makes you better at everything you do.

You really do make me blush sometimes, but I love the honesty. You give me courage to write the things I wouldn't normally articulate.

As for the penetration peace, you will get to it and get through it in your own time because you are not one to be conquered by your fears.

Barney said...

I normally dont comment..
I just read.. and learn..
Good for you..
As a female... I just recieved my first.. it took me awhile to get over the embarrassment..
Little did I realize.. I aint the only one!!!

Have fun!!!