Sunday, November 26, 2006


So, I have planned a Housewarming & Birthday Party, and Fuzzy has planned a Birthday and Underwear party at my house... so now we are doing a Christmas Party together!

It is like a gift back to our friends for being in our lives! We feel blessed to be a part of there lives, so its all love! We are still working out the entertainment, I know Omar is going to sing a song or two. Fuzzy got the menu down pack... it feels so good to have a man that cooks! Especially when I can't!

Me and Omar came up with what we call The "Bangin" Burger.

A Turkey Burger
with melted cheese
on two slices of Garlic Bread
with Ketchup


Thanksgiving was good, Me & Fuzzy spent it with Omar's Family. Food was good, but missed my mom's cooking. She did leave me a plate, and Grandma sent me some German Chocolate Cake!

I already put the TREE and decorations up. Fuzzy helped. It really made me feel like we are a family. :) I went Christmas shopping for all the kids (cousins & siblings), and got Fuzzy's gift. Still have a few friends I still have to get gifts for. Shopping for my mother is hard, as always.

I want a PS3, heck an X-Box 360 would be cool right now, lol. I don't know I just want something new! I can dream right?

// ShawnQt //


fuzzy said...

YaY, I helped! The tree stands because of me! My holiday season is coming together! thanks Shawn

Marz said...

I don't see why people are ready to kill over the PS3 when it's value is bound to depreciate and be cheaper. I've also been thinking about how every year we ask for things but by the next Christmas comes it's usually broken.



Queer Kid Of Color said...

Ok seriously I wont be eating that Turkey burger at the party. It sounds to good to eat; I may just observe its beauty from a chair.

Valentino said...

What you know about German Chocolate Cake !?!?!?!?!? You half way done shopping? It aint even December yet...don't wanna be out during the hussle and bussle fighting with everybody else? lol Thats sweet that you did a tree together...

Dapper D said...

Awwww I can't wait to be there helping spread Christmas cheer. You guys are really special to me, even though I may not be around often. I love your spirits.

Oh, I am just catching up on your blogs from last month and say your performance. BOI YOU IS A STARA.

Twinkle, twinkle little stara
How I wonder what you are gonna be with all of that talent.

Dapper D

Ladynay said...

Awwwwww a fuzzyqt Christmas...

Brings a tear to my eyes...

ShawnQt said...

@ Fuzzy
Yeah my baby helped!
Sorry I got mad when I couldn't find the last peice to stand up the tree... I just didn't want to think I had to buy another tree!

@ Marz
Yeah somebody got shot over a PS3... no thank you, I'll get in in the spring... hopefully I'll have money by then!

@ Queer Kid
Its soooooooo gooooooooooood, but Fuzzy would kill me if we served that... that is for after party. LOL, Look at me having a party, then an after party!

@ Valentino
Child, GCC is the Jam!
Yes I am almost done, and almost broke 2!
My tree is small, so didn't have to do much... ya better not make fun of my tree!

@ Dapper D
Are you calling me a Twinkle? LOL
Thanks man I appreciate it! It wouldn't be a party without you, and you better have the dappest outfit on! Snowflake sweather???? :)

@ Ladynay
FuzzyQt Christmas, lol!

Sister Toldja said...

OMG, I'm new to you blog and I love it!

Why are you and all of your friends on this page so super cute? Did you have a screening process? LOL.

Hope your holiday season stays happy!

(And check out my little blog if you get a chance!)

ReddMann said...

i think im gonna have to pass on the turkey burger.... ;-(

lj said...

Can I come? LOL. Naw...I'm actually going to try to "Do" x-mas this year. I just found out I can trade in my X-box for like $100 towards a 360.

ShawnQt said...

LJ! That is quite interesting to say the least!
I don't have an xbox, but fuzzy does hmmmm

Wonder if I can trade in my ps2 for a ps3 discount?

Good looking out LJ!

Charles X said...

im back, baby! check it out