Tuesday, November 07, 2006

is this a dream?

Is my Boss really going to give me a
1990 Toyota 4Runner for Free?

Am I really going to have a
Brand New Car interior for Free?

Is my Car Insurance
really going to be that affordable?

Can I really handle a car and be ok?
Is this a dream?

I'm sitting here at work, obviously not doing work. I'm just waiting for a job to finish printing out. Oh the Joys of sitting at a computer designing a 250 page book, ALL TEXT! Graphic Design, at times, is not all Fame and Fortune. Sometimes you have to keep it Blue Collar at times. I enjoy my job! The secretary went on maternity leave though. She went into labor when I was here, on her last day of work... then the next day, she had the baby! Ain't that something? I miss her being here because she kept things content, at peace, and running smoothly. Now without her, we are hitting a couple of bumps, but managing. One Man (or woman) doesn't stop the show, my boss always says. I'm quite shocked that my boss is going to give me this car. It would help, but then again, my life has been pretty simple and stress free without worrying about insurance & gas money, on top of general car maintenance. So will this be more of a help or a burden? Seems like everything is looking on the up though, if I can negotiate a pay raise to handle the new expense. If not, then at least I don't lose anything.

I'm starting to appreciate living a "simple" life. Before, I wanted to feel like I was important to the world, have so many projects under my belt to make me feel like I am the man! I wanted everyone to know my name, then have everyone compliment me on a job well done. I felt like I wanted to save all the problems of the world. I guess I wanted to feel larger then life.

I don't think and or feel like that anymore.

I just want to enjoy things. What ever I do, I just want to enjoy it. I think with Christmas coming up, it really humbles me. I get extra cheerful and extra spiritual around that time. Miracles do happen... just wish it would happen all year around, but what you going to do, send an e-mail to GOD to crank up the Miracle Machine because some brothas down here really need it. Well GOD is GOD, it could happen... or it just doesn't work like that. Amazing how we put so many intricate thoughts and ideas on GOD, and I bet all the answers are just "simple"

Wouldn't it be funny if none of us really existed and we were all just images of GOD's dream. One big long dream, and one day, GOD wakes up, and that's it. Then why even create all this drama and detailed systematic entities within our lives?

My mind is rambling...
maybe I should just keep it simple and finish this job.

I do hope I get the car though.
well, back to work...


His Daily Variety said...

Its a blessing, they come in all forms. Plus Shit I need to go to Ikea, so work it out!

Marz said...

I couldn't have a jeep. I'd be driving through the woods crashing into trees. HMM MMMM


heartbreaker said...

lol i hope u get it too, and yeah u think a lot sometimes... but thas what a creative mind does :)

i happen to believe God is the same way

Ladynay said...

Wow, I hope you get what your supposed to get when your supposed to get it.

If you supposed to have this SUV I hope it's in perfect mechanical condition.

fuzzy said...

Go head and get your blessing! On some level, I believe it a bit much to have your boss give you a car and then you ask him for a raise! LOL But if its meant for you, go get it!

Omar Ramon said...

i'm so happy for you. don't be afraid of the new responsibility. u already learned how to swim like an adult...this is juss a new stroke.

Plus, ur my shawn...you can do anything

ShawnQt said...

@ Jared
And so it begins! Hey, lend a hand to gas and I'll go anywhere!

@ Marz
I don't think I would be so bold, but I will be styling and profilin!

@ heartbreaker
Well it seems like it may work out, but I might have to balance my money reallllllyyyy tight. I'm worried, but I'm going to remain positive. If anything it will be an experience. If it gets too rough, I'll take the bus again!

@ Ladynay
They say it is, but it would be my luck right? But I don't think I will have any major problems with it.

@ Fuzzy
Hey babes... I get a raise at the end of the year, I just hope that he puts a few extra pennies in there! At least until we get your "Manager Money"!

@ Omar
Great, the whole Adult thing! All right, I'll man up! Let's just hope this is a dream and not a nightmare... but then again, u have to leap, and I guess I'm leaping! Let me just get my safety net ready!