Wednesday, November 22, 2006

why kramer?

and then...

What do you think?


ShawnQt said...

I wanted to be the first one to comment...

I was reading some of the news stories and it seemed that a couple of black men shouted out to Kramer that he wasn't funny during his act.

He got angry, and made very harsh and angry racial remarks back to the audience member.

1) If he is a professional, you should be able to handle it different.

2) While he has the freedom of speech, he is still accountable for his actions.

3) As I was watching the video I was disgusted not only from what he said, and the anger behind it, but also the people still laughing.

I always believed that a joke always has some truth. People even use jokes to tell something that may be true so it doesn't seem that bad.

This is still the mindset of White America! People still continue to call us a "nigga" in there general conversations and in jokes!

I'm glad he owned up to his actions and apologized.

On another note, what about Black comedians who talk about white people? Do we not do the same thing as well? How many of us make fun of other races in general conversation? Are we not just as guilty of what Kramer did?

Lyrically speaking said...

I was shock when I saw it in the news yesterday, i couldn't believe my ears. Although he apologized I don't think we'll hear the last of him, he will definitely lose brownie points (get it? for his foul mouth.

As for black comedians, yes, they make fun of other races including White jokes but they keep it at that, "jokes". With this guy he went on a rampage more out of anger as if he was really prejudice and had to get it out of his chest. Black comedians make racist jokes to be funny yet they don't carry on giving the impression that they hate "White America".

Great post, thanks for sharing

Ladynay said...

I refuse to watch it so I can't comment properly.

Reg said...

Another actor outed. I'm surprised that I'm not surprised. Actors are people, too. With no higher morality than the rest of us.


lj said...

they say anger and alcohol are like truth serums.

lj said...

and yeah I was speaking from experience in my comment on your previous post.

Kat said...

Wow! I hadn't watched the video before! It's crazy! I agree with you that he should have known better. Also, it's funny that people in the crowd kept laughing until a few people made it clear that it wasn't cool! If they hadn't said something would Kramer have kept going? And would the rest of the crowd have kept laughing?