Monday, December 22, 2008

"...The Blessings Come Down!"

So Christmas is coming in, err... 3 more days, and overall, I am in good spirits and excited about the day. I will admit, it has been a rough couple of months for me financially, so I have been asking for GOD for a whole lot of STRENGTH and PATIENCE, and for the most part it is working. Ask you, and you will receive. So Im having FAITH in that.

At first I was going not buy anyone any gifts, but I felt that if anything, if I use my money to make someone happy, smile or just to show my appreciation, then GOD will bless me in return. It is funny how last year, I was good, and was buying everyone a gift, and now this year, that isn't the case. It has humbled me. A LOT.

But this is just my snowy season, the sun will shine on me again.

Last Saturday I had a "Feel the Spirit" Christmas Gathering. It was veeerrrryyy last minute, because I was waiting for some money that came in, that didn't. Soon everyone started asking me was I having one. I gave in. I want people happy, what can I say? So people offered to help, contribute, and I am soooo blessed and thankful for that. It helped a lot.

I was a bit nervous though. Im usaully never nervous about any parties I throw, but this one I was. I just wanted everything to go well. On top of that, it was snowing and I didn't know if anyone was going to come out. Yet over 30 people did! Here are some highlights of the night that I remember. (Sorry I don't have photos this time around, need to buy a new digital camera)

  • I usually take a whole day to clean the house, and I actually managed to finish in 2 hours. Helps that the house was semi-clean in the first place!
  • Why doesn't anyone like Christmas Music? As soon as I played it, everyone was ready to turn on the club music... its a Christmas Party!
  • My "Cloud 9" decided to invite some of his friends to the party. This one guy, I didn't like his energy not one bit...
  • I was fairly tipsy early, as usual, but held my liquor well, unlike some people I know, LOL.
  • Ok why did I get offered to be in a foursome and for someone to watch us have sex? When the Liquor talks...
  • Why won't nobody play Cranium?
  • The Chicken from the Chicken Shack, really wasn't that bad! And, Twin put his foot in those veggies! 
  • I'm sorry for going off at the end of the night, it was built up, and I had to let it out, LOL!
  • Remember that guy that energy I didn't like? Yeah why did he stay at my house, lost his ride, and expected to stay the night, asking for some shorts? Ummm no! I already had enough overnight guest. Then he didn't want a ride from one person, and didn't want to take a taxi. So then he calls us up, yelling talking about, "Thank you for not giving me HIV"? What in the??? Yeah no more drinks or invites for him!
  • Overall, we had a GREAT TIME!


Darius T. Williams said...

*looks around for my invite*

jerzey_reality said...

glad u liked the veggies...good thing I left before that guy started buggin

deonte' k said...

LOL, glad you enjoyed urself overall. ;)

Maybe one day if I'm ever in the area I can come to one of ur parties. ;)

Pharaoh said...

Oh me too, me too. Can I come! lol

I love this pic of the wicked snowman knocking Santa the F8Ck out! =) LOL

Jersey Brotha said...

Yeah that dude was a hot mess. I hope he never comes back again!