Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Happiness

As I was holding my baby on Christmas Morning, I was awaken by a ring on my finger. I looked at him, and smiled back at me. I was shocked and filled with emotion. I took the promise ring off to look at it closer, and on the inside it said "To Happiness."

The ring means so much to me... as if he gave me his Halo and dipped it in silver. I just wanted to create something to share this moment in my heart, so here it is...

To Happiness
by ShawnQt

Your remarkable in every way.
Your my cloud nine, replacing the gray.
Your like my Angel in Disguise.
Your truly my blessing from the skies.

You wrapped yourself in four leaf clovers,
Your rainbow I want to fly over.
Catch me, if I tend to fall.
Break through, if I put up a wall.

Your like glue, and your stuck to my heart.
I'm attached to you, I can't depart.
It's like this ring, that will never leave,
Love is possible again, in you I truly believe.

This halo in silver, it rings so bright ,
The circumference of you shines like a light.
And even though they say love can blind me,
All I know is with you, I can now see.

To Happiness...


Darius T. Williams said...

Well, alirght now Shawn QT!

deonte' k said...

This was really nice man! ;)

Joey Bahamas said...

You know what shawn...before I happened to come across your post, I wrote a love letter to string bean. I just thought I should since I'm away for the holidays, and then there was this. I think it's beautiful. Listen...we have only one life...take, feel, live your own life and never regret a thing. I luv u boo!


Ty said...

Very sweet. I guess he liked it cause he put a ring on it.

kennyking78 said...

Shut the hell up!!!

How cute is this?!!!

Shawn, I am with Joey Bahamas... love, feel and live your own life!

Go in and suck up all of the joy you can from you new relationship.

To Happiness... priceless!

ponoono said...

errrm.. for a cockring that is not very big ? ahahhahaa !

actually i think this is your first vid without drunken chatter or dancing ! a new milestone.. although your hand was jumping around a lot !

congratulations :)

Pharaoh said...

WOW...I don;t really know you and I'm happy for you! then again I'm just the sappy romantic and am happy to see love blossoming!

Omar Ramon said...

negro are you trying to blind me...IN THE COLD?!?! LMAO. for real tho, i'm bout to ccry. you know i'm sensitive. i'm happy for you guys

KB said...

so beautiful-this is the stuff dreams are made of man! all the happiness in the world to you both!

Q said...

Now a promise cock ring would be a gift...kidding. Congrats!

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

LMAO @ Q!!

Beautiful video Shawn, really touching.

SpecialK261 said...

Congratz bro....Happy for you and your boi..u guys look cute in your vid on the tube...

Promiscuous X said...

Awwwwww how cute...gays in love lmao.

Real talk im happy for yall.

Happy New Year

Jersey Brotha said...


RocaFella07 said...

Awww thats one of the most sweetest and romantic things i've ever heard.


Mr. Jones said...

**drops a tear**

This is sooo sweet!!! Make sure his Xmas stocking doesn't fall from the wall, Shawn. Seriously.

I love me some black love. Especially when it's two men.