Thursday, December 04, 2008

Electrical Destruction!

For some apparent reason, I have developed the mutant ability to destroy any electronic device that comes in contact with me!

My Sidekick's trackball was not going down for nothing!
My IPOD has a digital line going across the screen, and the battery life sucks!
My PS3 wasn't turning back on after I used it on my friend's HDTV!
The DVD Recorder didn't want to connect to my TV for nothing!
My Computer Screen turns on, then cuts off a second later!
My vibrating Dildo is twirling around like Disney on Ice!

I CAN'T... I just can't!

Well I was able to solve 5 out of the 6 problems, minus the dildo. I don't own one nasties! 

Why Me? Anyone know the best way to fix a computer screen?


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Yes. Buy a new one. LoL. Naw seriously, when mines died, I was told that it makes more sense to just get a new one because the amount of money you'll spend trying to fix it isn't worth it.


Ty said...

I ditto bLaQ~n~MiLD. Just buy a new one. It will probably be cheaper especially when it comes to the screen.

jerzey_reality said...

u would be the one who would be able to break a vibrating dildo not even go say anythin bout the computer screen cuz u already know bout my computer issues

fuzzy said...

right, you dont own a vibrating one... (hides and chuckles in the corner)

screen life is typically 3-4 years... my last one died at 3 years, its been about 2 for yours... might be time for a new one...

the ps3 we talked about... "i told you so"

ipod, didnt i tell you to get the warranty? didnt you buy one? nobody listens to fuzzy...

i can get the recorder working for you, 5 mins. just lemme know when.

finally dont you wanna try the samsung behold? come on over to the touch screens! :-)

twin... you wouldnt have so many problems wit ya pc if you would stop leaving those damned dereon jeans on the tower! it gets too damned hot!!! lmao

lj said...

It's probably cheaper to just buy a new one( computer screen). Your Ipods battery probably needs to be replaced .

deonte' k said...

Aww poor thing. I wish I could help ya lol. ;)

Mr. Jones said...

LOL @ Shawn outting himself as a silver bullet owner then trying to take it back. Tehehe.

RocaFella07 said...

When are we exchanging numbers??...we need to talk! lol!

My SK did the same thing for a week...and, vola, it went back to normal.