Friday, October 17, 2008


After dealing with a breakup, being a slut puppy, and trying to work out my finances after the transition of my job, some things have really been put at the waist side. In turn, my house and "home life" is a tragedy!

I need to Clean & Buy Stuff for the House! 
I need to Wash, Throw Away, and Buy New Clothes! 
I need to go Food Shopping for Myself & Chilli!
I need to Reorganize My Computer, IPOD, Office!

It's a lot, and I have been lazy, and its making me lazy, depressed, and effecting others. It doesn't feel good to go into the bathroom, and the light is blown, only to step in Chilli poop, then once you handle your bizness, there isn't any toilet tissue! Ughhhh! So yeah, Operation: Re/Do! is in order!




ponoono said...

wayside shawn !

heartbreaker said...

haha get it together boo, but i'm w/ u there... life is outta control for me right now too lol

Darius T. Williams said...

Yes Shawn - get it together!

Promiscuous X said...

I so 2nd operation RE/DO. LOL.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

... That's nasty. LoL.


Q said...

Oh no...great song though.

Acoustic Soul said...

That's kinda nasty Shawn.

ShawnQt said...

ok sir!

@ Heart
Well I finally did ALL my LAUNDRY! I washed everything I owned, sheets, towels, coats, everything!

It wasn't as expensive as I thought, 20 bucks all together, 6 washing machines... blah blah blah. Now I just have to put everything up!

@ Darius
I also went food shopping, well a little bit. Went to Walmart and shopped in LESS then 5 minutes. I knew exactly what I needed to get so I was good to go! The line was long as hell, so we flirted with this girl at the jewlery counter to ring us up! Yeah they can do that!

@ X
Shit I, 3rd it!

@ Blaq & Acoustic
tell me about it!

@ Q
I love Brandy!

fuzzy said...

Ummm I hope that you handled that Chilli poop! I saw you getting your house in order, and it is coming along nicely. keep going, I hope you put a dent in your chores last night...

deonte' k said...

I love Brandy, u know that right? lol

and get it together buddy! ;)

i am. said...

guess who's bizack!

I always enjoy stopping through here!