Monday, October 27, 2008


Ok I finally got some time to finish the new blog design!

I like it because its a lot brighter, and easier to read, especially on a cellphone! I know that my friends were telling me that the last template was crashing their phones, so this should be MUCH easier to handle now. I read blogs on my phone all the time, so it was important for me to make sure that worked. The heading at the top I can pretty much change it to whenever I want, to fit a theme, so that is cool. If you get tired of seeing my mug, let me know!

I like the last one, but this one is cool to! Something different. I mean I had this blog for two years now and never changed it. Wow 2 years? And I'm not even talking about adultswim! In any case, tell me what you think!

So this weekend was great! It was Twin's Birthday, and he was having the party at my house. I know everyone always ask: "Why are all the parties at Shawn's House?"

Well for the most part it is like the central focal point for everyone. Not to far and easy to get to. I have ample room for parking, its a two bedroom apartment so pretty spacious, and I have a lot of things that can entertain mostly everyone. Or like X says, my house is just "magical" LOL! We just always have a good time here.

So as always I had to clean. I hate cleaning. But what I hate most is having a dirty house, especially when NEW guest come over! So I went to work! I paced myself to clean one room in the house an hour. If I could just actually focus, I could do it in less, but my attention span never allows me to. Have to stop, check my email, see if I got any new comments on my post, make a phone call, send a text, you know! Either way everything was clean before the guest arrived so that's all that matters.

People started showing up, and I haven't even showered yet, so here I am with no shirt on trying to find some clothes. I'm sure some of the guys didn't mind! :) Besides I'm not one to really be hung up on clothes, or having clothes on in front of guest. Its my house! But for the sake of others, I found an outfit. A fly one to, from H&M, looked really good on me to!

So Twin comes, with huge platters of FOOD! He really cooked his azz off! Twin is always known for making drinks, three kinds in particular.


I don't know exactly what is in it, but its fruity, and STRONG, but more like a creeper. I can have like two of those and feel tipsy. This is usually the drink of choice at any of the parties we throw.


I don't know exactly what is in that either, but it is GREEN and has a pineapple taste to it. It was created for Xavier's Birthday especially for him, I have to show the bottle we created for it. Now that drink will get you to where you want to be, just like the title!


Now this is a new drink that Twin made, its RED and has a strong STING to it! Man, but it wasn't bad, have to taste it more to see where it takes me. Only had one glass of it at the party.

So the party was doing pretty good, there were at least 30 to 40 people by the end of the night that came through! Twin was enjoying himself so that was good. Fuzzy's play list wasn't too bad, even though we needed more Baltimore Club Music bangin! Of course they played "Single Ladies" 6 time in a row! AGAIN! LOL. I didn't mind, but gheesh. My computer room ended up turning into a night club, I'm telling you, but It was fun!

Sunday we all went to the Buffet to eat, and watched Saw 4 to prepare for 5 when we do see it! So yeah, that was pretty much my weekend. About to head home to clean up the mess from the party, which isn't too bad, and just chill and relax! I'm going to do another post tomorrow, now that I have a new look to the blog, I feel like writing everyday!

Yeah right, like that's going to happen...


fuzzy said...

oh my gosh, so mobile friendly! i love it!!!! it fits yoy too, congrats on a job well done! :-)

jerzey_reality said...

THANX SHAWN!!!!! I had a great time...if u couldn't tell lol...I gotta come get all the crap and liquor I left over there...don't eat my cake and save me some pasta salad

Joey Bahamas said...

I like!

Joey B.

ponoono said...

very clean looking ! excellent !

kennyking78 said...

AGH!!!! I love it!!!! You are soooooo creative Shawn!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Loving the new digs...really. Ahhh - you guys have the most fun over there in Jersey.

Omar Ramon said...

ok, i don't have a fancy phone so the old template was fine for me. but you know what?? i was JUST thinkin yesterday how it's beena while and you haven't changed ya blog...then here i come to visit your space and BAM!!! done changed it. ain't that some shyt? we're still kinda in sync , after all!
anywho, it's pretty cool...plainer than i expect from you but still "shawn" enough to get by.

My nails keep's pretty annoying,.

Wait, we're supposed to be talking about you, stop changing the subject!!...rude

i'm glad everybody enjoyed the weekend.

Promiscuous X said...

Yea the party was definetly funnnnnn as always and yes shawn your house is "MAGICAL" lol

Mr. Jones said...

I like it!

Daryn said...

Loving the new look Shawn, good job! :D