Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If anyone knows me, they know that I love video games! I have had a PS3 for sometime now, but what most people don't know is that I bought the system for this game in general! LITTLEBIGPLANET! 

What is this game actually? Well the concept of the game is that we as humans, when we are sleep dream, and through those dreams we give off this great energy of creativity. Where does this energy go? Into the sky, and combines into one huge place called, LITTLE BIG PLANET. (We all know I love dreams and creativity!)

The game is the new Super Mario of this century! You play it left to right, jumping and grabbing and getting past obstacles all the way through. You play as a SackBoy or SackGirl in this superrealistic minature fun world. Not only that, but you can CREATE your own levels and SHARE then online for others to play. You can customize your characters, the environment, and you have the ability to take photos of yourself, make it a sticker and place them anywhere you want in the game.

I had a couple of my friends play it with me, and every single time we are bugging out laughing at how fun and cute the characters are, and the fun turmoil we place on each other. One time one of my friends kept placing donkey tails all over me to the point where I couldn't even lift my character up to jump!  I got him back by placing stickers all over his body! I won by the way!

So to my dismay, the game was RECALLED! Seems that one of the soundtracks uses impressions from the Quran, and it would have offended Muslims, so the game was recalled so that problem would be fixed. Really sucks since the disks have already been shipped to retailers. Now the game is in HIGH DEMAND, and I actually was able to get one at my local game store (last one) outside of it being recalled. So I played it yesterday with a friend, and just loved every minute of it!

If anyone has a PS3, this is the game to get! Great for casual fun, and creating levels can be challenging for those really into Gaming! It's a first of its kind, and hit me up so we can play online!  Here is a video of the game:


Promiscuous X said...

If this is anything like that dumb ass game you had me playing a couple of months ago. Ima beat yo ass shawn lol, but I have faith that this is a true gamers pick. I will be back with a review after I play it thats for dam sure

jerzey_reality said...

don't forget the fact that u can slap people in the game....thas my fav to attacking you wit stickers and tails...and draggin u around wit a jetpack lol