Monday, March 10, 2008

I [heart] ps3

When I first heard about the PS3, I knew I wanted it right away! When I saw the $600 price tag, I held back. 2 years later, I am glad I waited. Now that Blu-Ray is the standard in HD disks, there are great games coming out in 2008, and the price tag went down 200 bucks, It seemed like the right time. When your a fun loving creative & visually stimulating person, video games are so attractive! I have to ability to go online, streams my media from my computer, play fantastic games and even download games from there online store. Yes the PS3 has made me a "Happy Camper."

So most of my days are spent playing the a game, looking for a new game, reading about new games, or trying to figure out how to come up with money for a new game! The cycle never ends. I don't know though because it is like my own little hobby. Fuzzy is into games as well, so at least he can join in my joy... even though sometimes I ignore him to play the ps3, lol. I try not to. Omar and the rest of my friends have started to get into it. We played bowling and this fun game where you throw this guy on slingshot into the air so that way he hits anything in the city causing him PAIN. You get points for it! Got to love it!

Most of the games I like are cool adventure games, mostly with big swords. I like cute animals that jump, run and destroy anything in sight. Got to love the racing games where you are able to run your opponents or Fuzzy off the road leading into a crash! Then of course there is BUZZ! The Ultimate Quiz show! I am mostly the champion until Reggie comes over... damn him! It is a lot of fun, and happy that my friends can enjoy my JOY of the PS3! If anyone has one, SAVE ME AS A FRIEND!

Username: ShawnQt

So I didn't want to go into a big long explanation of all the games I want, so I'm just going to highlight them and you can take a glance at them. My Birthday is coming (March 27) So by all means...


Bullet Proof Soul said...

I H8 PS3!! Naw, just playin, it's aiight. I am an Xbox luva (more variety of games) which reminds me that I need to get it back from my brother.

Darius T. Williams said...

You know - I just never have been into game consoles like these.

fuzzy said...

1, the playstation 3 hasn't been out for 2 years yet! Come together!

2, You don't run me off the road, I run you off the road!

3. Get this, You better stop iggn me for that machine or it will have a malfunction due to miscellaneous substances entering the machine!

4, love you babes!!! KISS

ShawnQt said...

@ Bullet
Its aaight? aaight? Get off my blog now!
LOL Im playing, stick around a little, play some ps3!

The Xbox has a variety only because it has been out longer, but just wait and see!

@ Darius
ps3, try it. :)

@ Fuzzy
We are not getting into this conversation again about the 2 years!

Last I remember you was tasting my metal azz a couple of times!

baby, don't be like that... the ps3 loves u 2!

Bullet Proof Soul said...

LOL!! Eww and get PS3 on my hands? I'll have to think about that one. PS3 is hard to come off. Just kidding.