Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good Thursday

What's Up Everybody!

Today is "Good Thursday" because I have a three day weekend ahead of me! You don't know how much joy this brings to my spirit. Just want to run through a field of flowers with white streamers flowing from in the wind towards the rainbow up on the hill...

{Brief Pause}

Nahhhhhhh! I'm not that gay! I'm still hood now. How about driving in a drop top, with my fitted and some shades while I bump some Biggie would be better while I wave my gap in the air would do it. Yeah, that's not me either.

I think maybe doing a little dance in the middle of the street holding a glass of Kool-Aid would fit me on this "Good Thursday." I woke up this morning, not even tired. I got a haircut the other day, so I'm looking fine as hell right now. I put on the last of my USHER Cologne (hint, hint) and headed out the door. The first day of spring. More like 7 days until my Birthday.

Please note: I am not doing this whole "lying about my age thing" for you damn homos! If I meet someone, I am NOT going to tell them I am 25... again. That shit is just ridiculous. If somebody asks me my age, I am NOT going to ask them "How old do you think I look?" Bitch I am 28! Gag! (This darn Gay Lingo, Damn Fuzzy been rubbing off on me.) I am going to be proud of my age. I am not even OLD, so all these old jokes is just stupid. Always the young ones that don't have it together. When I reach Dave's age, then you can call me old. LOL. Sorry Dave... you still look good!

So anyway, "Good Thursday." I am at work, and for some reason I feel like I am the one who sets the tone in the office. If I am in a good mood, everyone is cool, if I don't feel like being here, they want to make my day even worse. My Boss and the rest of my coworkers was just doing work, laughing and making jokes about stuff. It was nice... until somebody clogged up the toilet. I go into the bathroom and there is Dookie all over the place! I want to know who it is. I really think it was my boss. It is bad enough I have to deal with your shit everyday, but not in the bathroom!

It is finally fixed. Glad because I really had to pee.

After work I am going with X to the supermarket. I love X. I just wish that people would see how caring he is. Then again, I wish he would show how caring he is, lol. Outside of his Lustful & Moody antics, he really is a loving guy. He probably won't get it until he is 28, lol. Speaking of people who don't get it. Omar is such a STAR. He is Intelligent, Creative & everyone loves him... except he doesn't. I tell that to him all the time, so this is no surprise. I wish I could just bop him on the head! I guess he won't get it until he is 28, lol.  Then again, at 28 do I get it?

Ahhhhh "Good Thursday." Rita's is selling free icee's today! Yum! Hopefully I can pick me up some. I actually wanted to pick up Danity Kane's CD, but it has to be like $10 or I'm downloading it. I want to support good talent though. Do Do you have a first-aid kit handy? LOL. Don't know if I will pick up Day 66, 56, 26, whatever. I like the guys, but they haven't wowed me yet. They was boring on Making the Band, and the girls just out shined them. But I will tell you one day, it is not a "Good Thursday" when Diddy has to speak on ever damn record! Enough is Enough!

So the next "Good Thursday" will be my Birthday, and I have 

{ps. watch my video below. smile.}


Promiscuous X said...

Yea ...I wish people could see that but, fuck thees hoes. lmao

As far as your bday is concerned. I think you should get a stripper and NOT MY CUZN RASHADD this time lol. I dont need to see all that. I need you to go all out, soon you gone be having a dam 'MILESTONE' lol. how bout a weekend in AC with your close friends/associates just bugging out and chilling. but let me know if you want a stripper, you know i got conects on that. lol

I luv ya shawn....oh an lol to holding a dam glass of kool-aid inthe middle of the street. Make sure it the red kind gotta keep it ghetto for the bitches.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Whew, I'm glad you said it, because I was like; "now that is what you call super gay". LOL

Jay said...

Yea u are gay..."holding your gap?" what the I hate when people lie about their age, shit I'm going to be 26 this year and proud of it...lmao. Save your money this year and go all out for 30, do something simple this year. Yea omar is great but he forgets sometimes. X is a hoe and sweetheart, he is a typical 21 year (love u

fuzzy said...

I am not rubbing off any gay on you that is the first thing! You better direct your attention at omar! PaLease! (headroll snap and walk off!!!)

Jersey Brotha said...

Shawn, you know you will not be boppin no kinda Biggie nowhere. Stop it! LOL I agree with Jay, wait til you're 30, cause whatever you do this year will certainly be eclipsed by my extravaganza this year. The paparazzi only knows about my event. Sorryyyyyyyyyy lol.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

Good Thursday to you too and yeah 28 is a boring year to celebrate big. So what can you do? I say do something you have never done before in your 28 years. It's about growth. So you will be 30 and things will start falling apart, off of you, and out of you. Don't forget the things that flat out stop working.

ShawnQt said...

Ok I have an idea.. how about a Breakfast Brunch?