Sunday, March 23, 2008

soundtrack: the dollhouse

During Greg's 30th Birthday party at the elmo restaurant in New York, me and Reggie went over to the DJ to request a song. "Do you have the song, Damaged?"I asked. The DJ replied, all you have to do is go upstairs.

"Huh? What do you mean?" I said.

"They are right upstairs, just go up there and see."

Reggie and I quickly ran towards the door to see was it really true. As we go up the steps and turn the corner, we immediately saw Aubrey in the corner booth. It was them, Making the Band themselves! We run back down the stairs giddy, and tried to come up with a plan to have them come to our private party downstairs and/or meet them!

So we grabbed the camera and ran back up the stairs. We didn't want to see like eager fans and ruin there dining experience. We asked Dee, one of the boldest of the the group to go over and ask them to check us out at our party. All his drunk azz kept saying was, "Who is Danity Kane?" We couldn't send him in there, then they would have never meet us!

Plan B.

We asked one of the waiter's was it ok to go over there. He said he knew Aubrey, but didn't think they would come downstairs. Could we just say Hi maybe. He went over and asked them, and gave us the go ahead! So we took a deep breath and headed our way over! Here are the photos...

Aubrey & Shannon were very much enjoying there drinks but still looked flawless! At one point Aubrey made a joke and started singing the "Damaged" song.

Dawn who is one of my favorites was very nice when I shook her hand. I asked her how did she feel about the album coming out, and she replied: "I'm Drunk, so I'm feeling good!" Baby, so was I!

As we looked over to the other tables we saw D. Woods and her entourage in the corner. We had to go over to see her. When I tell you this woman is flawless, she is flawless! Damn! I told her that I was trying to buy her album but it was sold out everywhere. She was shocked and asked us to buy it on Tuesday so hopefully they could make it to #1 for a second week! She was mad cool for us to take a photo with us!

Then there was little Aundrea who is the cutest thing! Can you believe she is shorter then me... and she had heals on! Got to love her! The funny thing about seeing celebrities is that they all look so much bigger on TV, but they were all very small and slender... very good looking!

It was really cool to meet them. During the end of the night, we saw Aubrey talking very close and intimate with one of the guys from Day 26 by the bathroom... and no it wasn't Donnie, they are just friends right? I won't personally reveal who it was, I like for people to have there privacy, but I sure was shocked to see them together!

I will post more photos from Greg's party tomorrow!


WhozHe said...

Wow, what a special night. I envy the two of you.

Anonymous said...

Do-do you got a first aide kit handy?

Jersey Brotha said...

Shawn, you couldn't convince Will to come downstairs so the birthday boy could sit on his lap? You really suck! LOL

Promiscuous X said...

Im so mad I walked rite past them when they were downstairs in the corner by the bathroom lol hmmmm lol...I had a great time definetly..I'm mad shawn couldnt come get me so I could see the entire group lol. But i saw two so its all good. How dare you and reggie take those pics without me...I was too drunk anyway my dumb ass woulda probaly tried to feel up on Dawn sexy ass and she was drunk lol ..sike let me stop

ShawnQt said...

@ Whozhe

@ ww4p
See your not the only one that meets celebrities, lol.

@ jerseybrotha
He was was thinking of you at first, but they probably would have sounded a drunken mess, lol.

@ X
You was a drunken mess, guess you would have fit in, lol.

Ty said...

When you told me that they were upstairs, I was wondering how you found them. Now I see. lol That was a fun night. It was cool hanging with you guys in the city for once.