Tuesday, March 27, 2007

birthdays, yeah!

LIVE: From Work.

I just took these photos just now, nobody is in the office, so I'm just being silly & wasting time. I do have a project to do but whatever. I was suppose to have off today, but since I have a major deadline, that was a bust. It's ok, all I would have done was stay at home and sleep & eat. Nothing wrong with that now that I think about it. But today is a day of lookin good, feeling good, and showing smiles! I feel really positive, like a burst of energy is running through me. I Thanked GOD this morning... my life is pretty darn good.

Side Note: I went to church a couple of days ago, and they was talking about how homosexuality shouldn't be excluded to having there own rights & laws, and why do they need there own highschool, and that we shouldn't condone there "choice." I was so about to leave, but I was like, I can't run away everytime I don't agree with something. I was there to support Fuzzy in the choir, and that's it. I did leave early though. It saddened that people were just agreeing with this guy had to say! sigh. This is our culture. But what really lifted me up the other day was that Patti Labelle was on the radio promoting her new Gospel Album. She was stating that she was being honored by GLAAD, and how she will always support her gay & lesbian fans and friends because its not a choice for most of them, and she doesn't like when people beat up on the little guy, lol.
So I'm happy that somebody understands and somebody gets it, so that gives me a little hope that one day we will be accepted into society they way we should be.

Ok back to me. ;)

So my Aunt and Lil Brother called me to wish me a happy birthday. He sang, it was so cute. My mother called me twice, and I'm sure she's going to call me a couple more times today! Calvin called me, which was great! Brandon & Omar text messaged me... and Fuzzy did as well, and even sent me a picture of his dick... that got me going! Later on today everyone is going to meet at my house and watch American Idol, as we always do on Tuesdays, so today should be special!

Wow, I'm 27, on March 27, in the year of 2007... that is so legendary to me! This date has to mean something to the universe, so let me honor that! I always wondered, does GOD think in numbers? Why is the number 7 so spiritual? What about 3 and the trinity? Does the number 1 really hold strong leadership qualities?

I have already started watching what I eat and exercising. I feel good, very motivated, and determined.

Me & Fuzzy are going away this weekend, I'm so excited! It will be for his birthday. We are going to stay in a Hotel & then go to Six Flags. When I tell you I love hotels, I LOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEE HOTELS! I don't know what it is. It is so attractive and sexy to me. I get hard just thinking about it! I want to go in the swimming pool, and the weight room... don't know if I want to order room service, but we can order out, and bring it back there. We are going to have a very hot time... I'm not masterbating for a week so I can be ready, lol. I love amusement parks. I used to work at Six Flags years ago. Right up in Granny's Southern Fried Chicken place. You know, the pink house (so gay)! It was nice working there. Got to ride the Batman ride 22 times in a row! Granny always had cookies! I used to draw Looney Tune Characters on the back of the straw boxes and display them by my register. Guest would love them! I never been on that newest rides, so I can't wait. Hopefully Fuzzy won't hate the lines to much. I told him, we can just talk to the white girls and have fun. Hmmm... what am I going to wear?

Ok, let me get back to work before I get fired.
I will holla back tommorrow, and hope everybody has a good day!

// shawnqt //


antneya said...

Happy Birthday Shawn!

Marz said...


I love the second picture with the pout. YESSS, I POUT in pictures.

Maybe you should study numerology, it might be interesting for you. (whoa, if I were near you and things, i would so get you a book on that.)

I LOVE the excitement in this post, it's VERY contagious and now I'm excited to do some homework.

But for real, happy birthday and enjoy your day.


Ladynay said...

Happy Birthday, when your moms calls your back wish her a happy day of giving birth! :-)

Enjoy your day and your weekend at the hotel and park!

Soldier said...

Happy B-day Shawn !

Your pix are hilarious, especially the last ones. i just woke up and what a way to start the day ! lol

once again Happy B-day and that date HAS to mean something !

Let me know if you're having a party so i can take my ass down there... lol

queerkidofcolor said...

Happy Birthday Shawn Cutie!

Bougie Black Boy said...

Happy Bday. Miss talkign with you

pono said...

please accept my warmest regards on the occasion of your 27th birthday

pono said...

Please acept my warmest regards on the occasion of your 27th birthday.

K Kaos said...

Im glad ur still blogging Shawn and still a fool lol..Happy Belated sir!

heartbreaker said...

LMAO u always writing bout not masturbating for a WEEK lol too funny, and HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! I forgot our bdays were a week apart, and funny pix too btw

ReddMann said...

i think i know too much about you and fuzzy's penis and masterbation life. lol

ReddMann said...

oh yeah happy belated B'Day