Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Oh...Sanjaya Malakar!

You have to love America! Why? Because ever single week we exercise our right to vote this "Michael Jackson" Loving seventeen year old to come back , even though the bitch can't sing! Oh yes, YOU, and millions of you have dedicated Tuesday Nights to watching Sanjaya destroy every single song he whispers out of his cute little lips.

Isn't Democracy grand!

Why is he still here? I'll tell you why!
Because we want to see lil gay boy make it!
We feel sorry for him.
Poor Simon keeps picking on him. Bad Simon.

Yes, we know the bitch can't sing, but he can shake his booty Hawaiian style! He wore a cute hat, that even the King of Pop can jerk his head to. Did you see how he broke down in tears when his sister didn't make it? He gives us EMOTION & COMMOTION AND THINGS! He gives us style! He gives us... HAIR!

Yes baby, his HAIR is keeping him in the running! Paula can't handle it! When I tell you by the time the Top Three comes around, Sanjaya WILL become SANDRA! The baddest bitch to hit American Idol! He can give you Dream Girls, and "I'm telling you's" backwards and forwards!

You will be the next American Idol!


CJ said...

LMAO! this is too funny! u are so right, i can see him as a sexy drag, or someone's bitch. Shame on you Shawn! shame on you for pointing him out and the fact that he cant sing.

OOhh u should do one with Jared! Awwrright!!

Greg said...

LOL so true. You better tell it! If the lil queen wins, it's gonna open the doors for all the others. Watch out for the rush lol.

Trent Jackson said...




I am in LOVE WITH JARED COTTER! Although he needs to do something with those brows...

Rodney said...

LOL... I oughta stab you!

j_shanlin said...

YESSS!!! you will NEVA mix sanjaya with Beyonce!! Did you see him Wednesday? He was a fierce lil somethin' I was like damn! But how he even made it to the top 24, I'll never know.

Barney said...

But he's got great hair!!!

Playboy Adonis said...


Marz said...


He just lacks experience and is so damn afraid up there on the stage. He can sing, he just doesn't have the same ZING As say Sundance, Kris9 my personal favorite), or the beat boxer guy.

Jared is cute, but needs a new nose.

(that was mean but so what.)


Clay said...

okay you are mean but funny as hell! i avoided talking about him cuz he is a TEEN! lol I think it is those 12 yr old white girls voting for him.

Jay said...

Down with Sandra...this is not a BALL, how is she still there. the hoe can't sing