Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reflections :: part 2

So this wil be my new symbol for my new birth year. The Vitruvian Man created by Leonardo Davinci.

So I woke up today, still reflecting on my upcoming birthday. I want a change. I want to live out my dreams, and really for once, make them come true. I sometimes lack something very important. Dedication. I can be very motivated when I am passionate about something... but usually it only goes but so far. I can start the car, but I always run out of gas.

I know what needs to be done to acheive a goal, but never stick to it till the end. That is something I need if I want to take my life in the right direction. So I finally came up with what I want to do, and be at 27.

I will become the Porportional Man.
I will become Art & Science combined.
I will become Cosmography of the Microcosm.
I will become The Material & Spiritual.

I want to work on enhancing & evolving my mind, body, & soul... all in balance, all at once. This is a strong challenge for, especially in front of my friends and blogging community. I have to keep my word. I have to remain dedicated, so that I won't look like a failure. I will become the person I want to be...

My Declaration: In 6 months time, I will take a photo of me, just like the one above, for the world to see me as a new!


Soldier said...

Will u be naked too ? lol

How u doin Shawn ? :-)

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm with you man on this! I'm doing some stuff too that's propelled me into being a lot more mature than I've been in the past!

pono said...

ok so to get this locked down so u cant squirm away.. in 6 months you will take and post a nude picture of yourself with 4 arms and 5 legs. right?

let me know if u need help holding the camera ;-)

Unconquerable Soul said...

my 26th bday was last week, and i began to reflect on some things as well.

anyhow, bruh, you are so talented that I know anything you commit to, YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH! I'm claiming that for you!

much luv!

Dayne Avery said...

Wow, 27 I'm a couple years behind you but not far. Doesnt if feel crazy getting older. Damn wasn't I just 16?