Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Reflections :: part 1

I am exactly one week away from my 27th birthday. It feels like I am at a crosswalk now. I can either walk down the path of feeling like I'm getting older, everything is going to go down hill from here, and I am just one more year away from fading into gay non exsistence. Or... I can walk down the path of feeling like my life is just beginning, I'm finally becoming the Grown & Sexy Kat I want to be, and I am just one more year from acheiving ultimate happiness in my life.

Let me just sit here for a moment and really look at down both these paths. I reflect.


Marz said...

Why can't they be the same road?

You exist, and you're not going to stop existing because you become a year older.

Though, yes the kids are VERY caught up in their age.(sigh)


pono said...

it aint easy to be 27 when u are tying to keep pace with a bf so many years your junior :)

Soldier said...

LORD ! u r gonna be 27 ?????
u look so not 27 !
U make "almost-27" look cool !
Most 27 people r weirdos lol
Im not scared of growin up now.