Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i slept on the floor

im a bad person.

iDont care what you guys say. I am. I don't pay attention. I have a broken tooth. I am a stinky nasty funk. I can't please. I am broke. I am a procrastinator. but I don't mean to do or be these things...

I can only be a success by the things I do, not by who I think I am.

I wonder how many time I have apologized in my life?
I wonder how many times I will apologize in the future?

bad people sleep on the floor... like a bad dog.
who just shitted inside the house.

go to your corner shawn!


Anonymous said...

very short and effective, though i have to dissagree about you being bad... and besides the fact that you point out that you have success by the things you do... and i'd prefer sleeping on the floor... but that's just me :)

have a great week/weekend

Will said...

I agree that you're not bad. We all have things that we could do better, that doesn't make us bad people. I think success is more about who you are rather than the things that you do. If you maintain a good heart and strive to do great things with all of your honest efforts, regardless of the outcomes, you're on a much higher plane than a lot of people. :-)

The C double O L kidd . said...

Your a good person with bad habits , thats all (: