Monday, November 09, 2009

This is not just a VIDEO BLOG!

Ok so a couple of people have been wondering...


LOL... well no. At least that was not the intent. What has been taking up most of my time is looking for a job. Being unemployed has made me feel like I don't have a contribution to this world. I know that is not the case, but that is how I have been feeling. But I stay on my grind and stay busy.

Being part of the FIVEblackgUys has helped me to contain my creative side, and I appreciate that a lot! I really enjoy the two new members... shout out to Marco and Dyvon! I really think we are on the fast track to making a movement. I have a strong passion for video editing now, and I never thought I would! So YEAH ME!

Me and Remarkable are doing very well. He has a whole new set of friends that he is really happy about, so they come over, chill... eat. Whatever! I play happy Housewife for a change, LOL. I have lost contact with some of my friends for various reasons. Sometimes I feel like they don't want to hang out with me because I'm unemployed. Sometimes I feel they don't want to hang out with me because they have to pick me up for us to chill. Sometimes I feel that they are into there own problems to really worry about mine. No matter what it is, I still care about them a lot, and that will never leave. I guess once I have my job, I will have more energy to be "SHAWN" again.

Im going to post again tommorrow, cause I do want to start writing again, it may be shorter then usual, but we will see...

Later guys!

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Promiscuous X said...

I was wondering when you were going to start posting an actual blog instead of those dam videos. Congrats on you and remak and strengthing your relations. You should try hanging out with "YOUR" friends more. They/WE do miss you but Im not going to bare my soul on blogger lmao. I hopefully ill see you next tweet/text/movie ..sigh

Love always ya lil bro X

P.S: keep up the good work FiveBlackGuyz