Friday, November 13, 2009

UnEmployment Rehab

Sorry I didn't get a chance to write yesterday, but I will do two post today! Maybe I'm not as bad as I think. I have moments where I break down. Two nights ago was that! After some talk, some sleep and some space... I feel like I'm back on the road to feeling better. When u don't have a job and u feel like u lost your self worth... It effects you on the inside. You feel like u don't deserve things like friendship cause you can't be happy go lucky around them, or you don't have the money to hang... It's a lot. When you see yourself slipping until somebody your not, it hurts.

In other news I had an interview today! I was happy about that, but was scared to share it with people because what if I don't get it? Then people may see me as a failure... And I hate to be that vulnerable. But I know I have to. A lot of people are hurting and even more so then me, so I have to just be positive and if the job is meant to be, they will call. I just have to keep moving...

I feel like I'm in rehab when I type on this thing lol.

Will holla at yah later! Thanks for reading.


deonte' k said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for u buddy.... hugs.

Joey Bahamas said...

I've been with out a job for immigration reasons and there was nothing I could do about it. I know how you feel, loosing self-worth and feeling like you have no purpose. It can take so much out of you, but just hold strong Shawn. You'll make it...and remember, you're more than a job, there are ppl who love you no matter what. Mwah!