Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Keeping it DOMESTIC

Since me and Remarkable have been dating, our lives have started to move into a more domestic realm. This is a blessing for me, because this time around, I want my relationship to feel like a "family." I want to know that I have a tight knit unit that I can always count on and also be there for them. In my past relationships, I felt like that my house was just mine, and my boyfriend just stayed with me. This time around, I want it to feel like "our house." This thought shift not only takes some of the every day burdens off of me, but allows me to fully appreciate doing things for the people I love.

Everyone knows I HATE washing the dishes. HATE. HATE. HATE washing dishes! I can't cook, and my laundry is done in a very "single man" type of way. I don't really fold undergarments and roll up socks, to me it is just too much of a hassle! With Remarkable, all that has changed. He is very much an organized, neat and clean kind of guy, and a bag of socks just won't cut it with him! So now both our socks are rolled up and placed nice and neat in the drawer. All tank tops and t-shirts are folded to fit all our stuff, and the same for underwear. Now this doesn't mean that I'm going to automatically start rolling it up all the time, but I'm going to try. I stress "try." Honestly if I'm doing it with him, it's OK.

Which brings me to my next point. I don't know how to cook, and dating a cook didn't help. But now, especially with the economy, I cook at least 4 times a week. I have perfected my healthy baked French Fries, and my special recipe for homemade Chicken Tenders is almost on point! I still haven't gotten to the other stuff, but Honestly if I'm doing it with him, I will.

Now we come to dishes. uugghhhhhhh. No longer are the days of a sink-filled dishes that last a week. Now that I cook, dishes just CAN'T stay in there long enough... I need them! LOL. So as I cook, I wash dishes, or if he cooks, I will do a couple. Now I won't do it every night, and if I have guests, I may get to to tomorrow. But I do them. I have a new faucet now to, so my "HELL WATER" which everyone calls it, won't be burning anyone anytime soon. While I still will get an attitude when asked to wash dishes, Honestly if I'm doing it for him, I can.





KB said...

love is something else...lets see i: paid all the bills, paid for school for him, paid for and picked up dry cleaning, and did laundry uh! i don't know if all that is domestic but it was for

deonte' k said...

Well I don't think anyone can top KB's response lol. ;)

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Wow, now the fact that you don't have stale, dirty dishes in your sink is impressive to me (thank GOD for this boy lol)!

Ummmmm as you know I'm extremely domesticated in all the areas that you mentioned so I think everything I do would be out of the ordinary to you. Actually, I think dudes that I date are actually surprised when they find out. LoL


fuzzy said...

shawn, Im sorry for the cooking thing! especially since i want to become a culinary instructor! Keep hope alive and be on the lookout. your help is on the way, wait and see...

Ive been domestic in my own right, im just lazy. I cook, clean, wash clothes, fold and hang clothes, (including underwear and socks), bills, and when I was at my old house i even did yard work! I cant think of something ive done for someone, domestically speaking, for a man that i didnt think I would do before.

Promiscuous X said...

Hmmmm....I tend to be domestic with all the dudes/females I talk too. I cook, clean, cut grass, fix pipes,paint,theres is really nothing I can say I havent done around the house/appartment for male or female. Its the ciely in me lol

I hate a dirty sink and shit on the floor.

Lords knows Ive washed your dishes plenty of times shawn LMAO.

I loved this post and Im feeln the word cute..Im so jealous right now lol


Prodigal Soul said...

With the current person in my life, I have domesticated myself to doing something they have no clue as to how to do:

I changed his oil.

Chet said...

This isn't recent, but the most domesticated task would have been attend to his children on the weekend. I cook, iron, and take care of the cleaning chores most of the time even shop at the market for grocery.

jerzey_reality said...

Praise the lawd for the dishes bein done..cuz im tired of burnin my fingerprints off wit ur devil water past relationships i've done the laundry, cleaned, and of course cooked. I like cookin especially when it's for someone that i care about/love

Mr. Jones said...

I've cooked and ironed clothes for a dude. That's about the extent of my domestication skills.