Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feline in Disguise!

I swear to YOU! My dog is like a cat, and I'm not to happy with that! Yeah that rthymed, and I didn't intend it to. It just sorta happened. Like Chilli sorta runs through the house jumping, hoping, skipping and leaping all over the house as soon as the doorbell rings! Bitch, the door ain't for you! Sit your catlike azz down! Now, what's really funny is, Omar has a cat called Cooking Dough? No? Cookie Crumble? Cookie Monster? Ohhh... Its Oreo! yeah! I think he wanted the cat to be an O like him, think he sooooo slick. Well anyway, Omar says that his cat acts like a dog... chewing on cords, pees where ever, oh man its hilarious to hear! I don't like the thing, and he knows it. Same way like he doesn't like Chilli, and that's ok. Got him a birthday card with a big huge Chihuahua talking about peeing on him! Hmmph! Omar swears Oreo can beat Chilli in a fight. It's true. Then again, Chilli has a little gangsta in her! Don't let the pink collar fool you!

The Bitch was sent away for the weekend to my Mom's house. She spoils her to no end! Am I jealous of a dog? Well my baby gave me attention. Went to the Poconos with Twin, Xavier, and a group of there friends. While everyone wanted a winter getaway, I wanted to have a romantic Valentine's Weekend! But nobody wants to hear about us freaking like 3 or MORE times! Or how we put on sexy underwear and made love under the candle lights to some soft ipod touch music. And you don't want to hear about how our suite mate thought someone was banging on the door trying to desperately come in, and yeah... the sound didn't come from outside. Or how X walked in on us butt azz naked... sorry. Knock First! And you DAMN sure don't want to hear how someone found magnums in the bathroom garbage, and people were really trying to guess which one of us was, umm... packing. Ok, I admit, we went at it like cats and dogs, and yeah... I think he won. 

Or did I let him win????? 
The plot thickens!



kennyking78 said...

AGH!!!!! You are so dumb!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Get it Shawn!

Omar Ramon said...

Cats do not go running around hopping on furniture like manic morons when people ring the doorbell. HOW DARE YOU?!

And OREO A)was not named by me and B)is all cat!
Yes, he swats at cords and botes at them, but that is only when he sees them dangling around. Cats hunt moving objects, it's in their nature. Oreo doesn't just chew on crap randomly for no reason like smelly old dogs!

And I love dogs...I just don't like The way Chili doesn't take no for an answer when i tell her pissy ass to stop jumping on me! I feel so violated! You, on the other hand, just don't like cats in general. Which means, you suck. lol

But I love you. And I'm glad you and Mark had a wonderful wintry weekend of romance!

Omar Ramon said...

BTW Cats Rule and Dogs Drool!!

(I'm sleepy, I'm allowed to be childish)

deonte' k said...

LOL.. boy ur funny.... glad u and ur boo had fun. :)

Prodigal Soul said...

I prefer a dog over a cat...and the face Omar didn't name Oreo is interesting, because that's a part of getting a pet; I'm glad someone had an awesome Valentine's Day, as opposed to celebrating "Single Awareness Day" in the ATL (Check out the blog)

Mr. Jones said...

Ya'll better be fucking like wild animals in the Poconos!!! I love it.

ShawnQt said...

@ Kenny

Thanks! LOL! We have to talk by the way...

@ Omar

It isn't my fault she crazy! It would be different if the company was for her! Then again, I love to see her happy!

She only bites for the enjoyment of fun! not because she crazy... anymore!

And yes she is smelly where her mighty bouts of gas, but she isn't old! She's my lil princess!

And trust me I have a reason NOT to like cats!

Omar Ramon said...

i know u have a reason, boo. no worries. as long as you love me, oreo is negotiable.

Promiscuous X said...


Luckliy I didnt see anything..Ughhh 2 midgets fucking ILL PASS LMAO.

Yeah i think ya dog taking xanax like that dam monkey that mauled that lady..you better sleep with 1 eye open lol.

Sexy underwear my ass.. that shit look like a dam PURPLE SLINGSHOT. I cant take it lol

ponoono said...

ok i can understand a hairy penis.. but why that thing between your legs have eyes on it too ???

Darius T. Williams said...

Well alright for having fun at the Poconos!!! Wow!

Um, e-mail me (darius@everydaycookin.com) in regards to the Blogger Family Reunion that's gonna be in Chicago 5/15-5/17 2009.

fuzzy said...

Oh gosh! like cats and dogs? ummm I got some catnip for the pussy and some weed for the dog! Now who gets what? lmao

Don't talk about Chilli like that! you just wait till i see you...

K.C. said...

I'm sitting here in the airport laughing my ass off at X's comment! Now everyone thinks I'm a crazy terrorist! LOL

Yeah, your dog sounds a bit suspect ... !

Sounds like the perfect weekend combo of romance and sex ... beats being sick! Do ya thang man! :o)