Sunday, April 06, 2008

birthday brunch :: the day before

I woke up Saturday morning wondering if what really happened last night, really happened. I was on the phone with X earlier that week. "You have to do your birthday big!" You should see my face on the other line. I really wasn't about to do nothing huge, especially since Greg just had not one, but two parties back to back a week ago. One was at my house and the other in NYC (which is where I met Danity Kane) I told X, its going to be really simple, just a Birthday Brunch, and that's it.
He was very adamant about getting me a stripper. "Where You going to get a Stripper X?" "I have connections," he said. It is very easy to characterize X as the "sexual one" He is the XXX of the group, but then again, everyone can be a little sexual at times.

Back to Saturday morning. So I wake up and I was really excited to have brunch at the SkyLark Diner. It has a really cool vibe about it. Colorful, Futuristic, Retro... very much me. Fuzzy wanted to work there when it first opened, but lets not bring that back up around him. Just look at this place, go ahead, look...

It was so fly! It turns into a lounge at night, so I have to go back there to see how poppin it can get. I got out of bed and put on the fly outfit I bought Friday afternoon with Fuzzy and Jay. We headed to the mall and I wanted to just get a pair of new jeans and wear something I already had, but when we went into the Ecko store it was a wrap! I love Ecko, they are so creative, urban yet stylish. Got to love the Rhino. Here is what I picked out, fly huh?

You couldn't tell me nothing! Got my clothes on, and I was dressed before everyone else. That's a first. As I was waiting until we headed out, I had another FLASHBACK to Friday Night. It all started as a simple night at Friday's (the restaurant) O, Jay, Me and Reggie were waiting for X to get there. We talked about our worst dates and our best dates.
While me and Fuzzy have had some great dates, the one that came to my head was a time when I was with this guy at a restaruant. He then went out to his car, and for something. He comes back minutes later with this HUGE BOUQUET OF FLOWERS! Happy Anniversary! I was thinking to myself? Was it really today? Lord and behold it sure was, 6 months in... He actually remembered. The waitress was gushing over the moment, she said we looked so cute together and wished her own boyfriend would give her flowers. That was a cool night!

{Being Greedy, can you guess what I was eating?}

Anyway... We all get in the car and head out to the SkyLark Diner. We were only a tad late, which wasn't a problem with me. A couple of people were still on there way. Oh yeah Greg, Question? How were you latest and you was the closest to the place? LOL. Anyway... Like always we don't wait to order. You can't mess with a man's stomach.

X comes in. For a moment there was a brief silence, and coy smiles around the room. Who was going to say something first? I surely wasn't! I greeted him and made sure he was ok and didn't have a hang over. Then you see "the two" go into there phones. Fuzzy and Reggie, just clicking away as they watched and smirked. I knew what was on there.

See on Friday Night, after Friday's (the restaurant) we all decided to head back to my place for drinks. I was cool with it, and decided to maybe invite some people over. We haven't done that in awhile because every time we do, some kind of sexual antics go on! For the past couple of months all that has ceased, which I am totally ok with! There is only so much eating whip cream off of booties you can do! I like having a normal relationship with normal friends and do normal things. Yet Friday was no normal night...




Greg finally gets there and in a couple of minutes we are all eating our food. Reggie decides to show Greg what he was chuckling about on his phone. HIS JAW DROPPED. "You guys got a stripper?" he said. The brotha came out the bathroom with a fitted, tank top wrapped on his back in some timbs, butt azz naked! He popped it on the wall, twirled his dick in circles, and get this... hit a split on the floor while it popped his azz up and down! It was a sight to see!

"I knew I should have came out," Greg said. You always miss the good stuff when your MIA, lol.

{MY FAVORITE GROUP PHOTO OF US // TOPS: Fuzzy & ShawnQt. BOTTOMS: X, Jay, Reggie & Greg}

Greg couldn't recognize who the stripper was. Later that night, everyone wanted to throw another party, and hopefully the stripper would emerge again. So EVERYONE CAME, we had drinks pouring, music playing, everyone was having a good time, yet the stripper never showed up. Maybe it was better that way. I love my friends, every single last one of them, and they really made my birthday special, but like Jay said:"Even though it was sexy, It was like seeing my brother dance."

Don't you agree X?


Jay said...

Good times good

Darius T. Williams said...

Ahh - glad you had a great time sir!

Anonymous said...

We want to see stripper pics, lol

Promiscuous X said...

Oh WOW....Im just now seeing these pics oh wow and reading the blog...oh shit long as you didnt post the videos and pictures lol...Or did you take them down? hmmmm...Yea that friday was definetly a friday to remember..My theighs were sore for 4 days..dam that split lmao...Yea an jay you shoulda stoped me...What kinda brother are you lol...I hope a certain someone doesnt read your blog shawn lol. I didnt quite disclose this part of the night yet lol

fuzzy said...

Mr. Anonymous, baby! Believe you me, that was a sight!

Glad you had a Happy Birthday!


Trackstar said...

i second what jay said. But although it was a naked man i couldnt take it to serious and i laughed alot at it i just took it for what it was a few friends sitting around acting crazy lol

Kensilo said...

Happy B-day man. I glad u and the gang a a great time. I gotta check out that restaurant.

ThisMightBeMe said...

Looks like fun times were had by all. You guys certainly know how to have a good time.

Mr. Jones said...

LMAOOOOOO...not tops and bottoms though.

RocaFella07 said...

DAMN!!...Stripper pics, please!?!? LMAO!

I'm glad you had a great time and a memorable birthday!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time.

Jersey Brotha said...

I'm still gaggin at X's video.