Monday, December 24, 2007

Buzz!: The Mega Quiz for PS2

This is a game that I bought for my Holiday Kickoff so that me and my friends would have something cool to play with. We just recently played it at Fuzzy's Christmas Party on Saturday, and had so much fun! I totally recommend you guys get this for the holidays!

Buzz! is a series of video games developed by UK software house Relentless Software and published by Sony for the PlayStation 2 console. They are quiz games that sees the players answering trivia questions whilst competing in the fictional show Buzz. Created specifically with multi-player party gaming in mind, the series launched in October 2005 and to date is comprised of six games. The series will make the transition to the Playstation 3 in 2008.
As with most TV quiz shows the winner of the game is the player with the most points. The show uses a multi-round format with most games in the series featuring eight individual rounds. The exact rounds vary from game-to-game and more information about the rounds can be found in the individual articles. Each game is hosted by the titular Buzz (voiced by Jason Donovan in the English versions)

The games are played with buzzers - a set of four simple controllers that consist of four coloured answer buttons and a red buzzer. These are intended to replicate the buzzers often seen on TV quiz shows. The buzzers plug into a USB port and the game allows use of either one or two sets of buzzers allowing up to eight players in certain games. The games are usually marketed in two versions, a pack containing both game and buzzers for new purchasers or a game only version for players who already own a set of buzzers.


ponoono said...

and u get to be a dark and handsome Drew Carey ??

Trackstar said...

i love this game especially cuz i won both times at fuzzy's lol (and no hating Mr.QT) lol

Playboy Adonis said...

That looks fun (i like the music playing in the video too). The game reminds me of a game I used to have 4 years ago called Texas Hold'em Poker. You connect it to the tv and everyone had a remote control to see their 'hand' of cards to play poker on the tv.

Merry christmas