Friday, November 02, 2007

sex 102

So I am training myself to be a better sexual lover. I think that when your in a relationship for a long time, sometimes you just get comfortable. So I am taking the time to PERSONALLY & PRIVATELY get to know my body better. I wanted to get some tips and advice from you guys?

• What do you know about pubococcygeal muscle?
• Have you tried any Kegal Exercises?
• Know any special techniques in Autoeroticism?
• Anyone read and interesting insights from the Kama Sutra?
• Is it possible to engage the prostate with a phallic device?
• Best way to receive during sexual penetration the first time?


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha...I dont know nothin
about any of those things you have
mentioned....but I will investigate
anyways Keep yah head up

ponoono said...

forget that kama sutra stuff.. it hurts when they put that dot tattoo on your forehead and then u wind up smelling like curry after a hard fucking lmao :)

but then again.. you could run your own 7-11 !!!!!!

Soldier said...

yessss... somebody went there...

get to know how your pubococcygeal muscle works and strengthen it by doing the kegels and you my friend will discover levels of sexual pleasure u havent heard of yet !!!


Marz said...

As a future sex therapist, maybe....

What do you know about pubococcygeal muscle?

They are muscles on the inside of the vagina that women can contract on urinown and have orgasms. When they contract them around a penis the vagina gets tighter. Although it doesn't get as small as it can get ( About half a centimeter if memory serves.) For men they are in the penis and they are the ones at work if you stopped urinating mid-stream. when men flew their muscles it is said to feel like one is adding pressure.

• Have you tried any Kegal

No. But they are basically flexing and unflexing your PC muscle just like working other muscles.

• Know any special techniques in Autoeroticism?....

Anyone read and interesting insights from the Kama Sutra? Yes, but some of the language in the original is confusing and it can be very heteronormative. I believe one chapter is like women if you don't give your man head right he will cheat on you with male prostitutes.

BUt reading about tantra I learned how to have multiple orgasms, well in theory. Men can do it too.

• Is it possible to engage the prostate with a phallic device? Yes

• Best way to receive during sexual penetration the first time? MAny say ride it because you have control. But you put all the gravity on your anus. Lying on your side, preferably a little tipsy, lubed up (water based) breathing. maybe pre-opened (dildo, finger, tongue. etc.)


Anonymous said...

Leave all that stuff alone...

ponoono said...

hey marz: tipsy? candy is dandy but liquor is quicker? wahahahaa

Promiscuous X said...

Shawn if ya horny ass don't go have sex an cut it out lol. I was looking at these long ass words like WTF

Omar Ramon said...

after i spoke to you about the PC Muscle I realized that I already flex that...a lot...maybe that's why...wait. i'M gonna call you cuz i ain't bout to tell all my sexual business on this thang!

ShawnQt said...

This is from a friend of mine that sent me her femal perpective on myspace:

You are so nasty but thats why I love you, tell my twin Omar I say hey...he don't love me no more...
But from a female perspective the answer to your questions, (I read a lot about sex from both perspectives)

The PC mucsle is one guys and gilrs if you push the males PC before a climax it makes it much stronger
I do my kegels daily
Autoeroticism? Having sex with yo self? try the underhand technique, it feels like a different
Hell yea you can engage the prostate with a phallic device thats why I don't know why these niggas won't just let me stick my finger in they
If its in the anus, make sure both the dick and ass are well lubed, KY for condoms, vaseline for raw dick, make sure you massage the inside of the ass with it too....RELAX...there are two barriers to bust, the first one which is the asshole and the other is like about 2 inches or more deeper, slow poking motion, don't not jab the dick in, slow poking motion and the receiver should relax. Also an enema would moisten the anal walls and clear any shit that may be laying around....

Hope this works for you

Mr. Jones said...

Good for you. So many people think they can go through their sexual lives being their same sexual selves and not change it up. You have to stay fresh. Pardon the pun.

I can't speak about any of the stuff you've listed, but I can tell you this. In sex, well, in life too, but mostly in sex, you can never go wrong as long as you take pride in and enjoy what you do. Sex, to me, is more about me having fun and enjoying myself. My partners are always satisfied because of that.

Ty said...

You let me know when you figure everything out. lol

Although, sometimes I wonder when is enough.... enough. What's going to happen when you exercise all of these things and they become the norm. Are you going to continue to look for something else?

Rodney said...

There's actually this little vibrator that you insert into the anus. It looks like a little jalapeno pepper. I've heard that once you maneuver it into the spot... HELLO!

Let me be clear... this is something I HEARD.

dancehard said...

shawn...let me first say that it is so HOT of you to want to expand your sexual repertoire...i wish more of the brothas would open their...minds...and try something new!

Everybody have explained the PC muscles and Kegel exercises adequately. If you want to know how to locate them, act like you have to keep yourself from doing #1 and #2 at the same time...feel what areas tensed up? Those are your PC muscles my friend. "Kegel Exercises" are a serious of tension/relaxation exercises that can be done to increase the muscular tone and control of the PC muscles. It is supposed that by increasing the tone of your PC muscles, you can more effectively delay orgasm, thus producing a more forceful (and voluminous) orgasm when you do decide to cum. I'm not regular with doing Kegels, but I can tell a difference when I've done them for a while. If you're interested in conditioning your Kegels, try sets of 20 contractions for 15-20 seconds 4-5 per day for a few weeks. When that becomes easy, shoot for holding up to a minute.

I know nothing about autoeroticism besides visualization. That's basically thinking up your own internal porno movies. Pretty cool when it actually works.

Kama Sutra is a waste of could end up pullin' something fucking with all those poses...stick with what you know.

Can you engage the prostate with a phallic device???? Shawn, this is coming from a brotha who for a heavy majority of his sexual experience has been a top....YES!!! It is not a lie or a front, there is a method to the madness for all the power bottoms out there (no shade, I love the bottoms!). Having your prostate stimulated the right way can send you through the roof! I speak from experience...sort of.

About 7 months ago, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at exploring penetration. I knew personally I was not gonna let some dude run up in me unless I knew for sure I liked it and could handle it. Soo, i went to the local sex shop and bought a small dildo, and PRACTICED. Whenever I decided to have some fun with myself, i pulled out the dildo...sometimes it got used sometimes it didn't. At first it was uncomfortable and not my cup of tea, but at one point I got enough in to hit that spot...and BABEEE!!!! I woke up my dad actually :) It shocked me how good it felt. From that point forward, I grew accustomed to using the toy.

I still had trouble taking it all in, so I bought another toy....the one that looks like a string of beads, graduating up in size. The largest bead was a bit smaller than the base of the dildo, so i figured if I can take this I should be able to take the piece. it didn't take too long to work that out, and I finally was able to accommodate the dildo all the way. So my take away message is...if your interested in jumping over the fence, engage in some heavy experimentation before you end up in the bed with an horned up, impatient top with way more than you're ready to take.

Although I have yet to have the real thing, I feel comfortable giving it a try if the situation presents itself. Buy some toys and play!!!

I don't think it's gonna matter what position you're in when you get it for the first's gonna hurt either way. Make sure there is plenty of lube, you are totally clean (e-mail me for tips about that), you have been properly worked open with fingers or a tongue, and your partner has the FIRM understanding that this encounter is on YOUR TERMS. I'm sure if all that is taken care of, you'll be fine and have an enjoyable experience.

I recommend you check out the book "The Joys of Gay Sex" from Amazon or your nearest bookstore...great information!

Good luck boi!

Rodney said...

I want dancehard to make those "tips" public! LOL

I tried the jalapeno and it is THE BUSINESS!

Tyson said...

I never heard of that stuff, but I will try exercising those muscles.

fuzzy said...

Wow, Such big words, let me get out my dictionary! Sounds like fun... I think I already do some of those exercises and don't even know it! I'm already on my way! :)

SpecialK261 said...

Damn what a post...phew, well I'm actually referring to the comments...very informative..we'll i'm proud to say...I knew about the PC muscle and alot of those other details that were being explained...Lets just say I found some literature in mummies closet at the tender age of 13 and I really caught up on my summer bad mummy found the book and it was never seen again... but I read enough of it to start doing those excisercises at a young age...apparently it payed