Monday, August 06, 2007


Qwanell//Jeremy//Willie//Mike//Brian A.

My picks for Making the Band 4!
What you think? Let's Converse!


Darius T. Williams said...

I didn't see it last night. I still think Jonathan needs to come back - along with Dan - keep Big Mike and Robert...I don't know who else though.

Omar Ramon said...

TAKE QWANELL (with his grotesque nostril flaring) OUT AND PUT IN ROBERT! THAT BOY CAN SAAAANG!

Cash S. said...

I missed it last night too.

How many is he picking? 4 or 5?

Robert and Mike are definites for me.

Quarter Life Crisis of a Black Woman said...

Here is the group:
Dyshon, Mike, Willie, & Jeremy or Brian H.

Robert gets on my nerves, Brian A was low key, & Diddy would be playing himself if he picked Donnie.

fuzzy said...

I watch the show, but I dont watch it that often to pick out who is good enough to go the distance! lol

fuzzy said...
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Valentino said...

Hmmm...I pick Jeremy or Qwanell/Dyshon/Willie/Big Mike. Somethin about robert I dont like.

Dayne Avery said...

Ummm. Sir? Where are Robert, The other guy that got his hair cut(forget his name), and D'angelo? I keep telling people that puff needs to just make a super choir. I can't take any more cuts..AND BRING BACK JONATHAN!

ShawnQt said...

I hate commenting late, but I promised I would to every post, so hey, here I go!

I don't like Robert, he seems like he kinda lost his edge since the beginning of the show, so thats why I didn't pick him.

Its funny how all the homos want Jonathan back, lol.

The reason why I picked these guys:

Qwanell: He can dance, and he's very funny to me. I can see him having fun on stage. He can also be very sexy with his dancing.

Jeremy: As much as I think he is a "How You Doing" he is the country cute one in the group. He gives the bad boy image very well without really being a bad boy.

Willie: He is like a veteran in the game, and knows how to work an audience. Him being sexy but not cocky. A body doesnt hurt.

Mike: Is the soul singer, and he will always bring it home! Once he loses some more weight, don't sleep on the brotha.

Brian A.: Seems like he is the icon from Making the Band for some reason. Like I see him, and I see the group.

So there u go, see how much I'm right in a couple of weeks! lol