Wednesday, August 01, 2007


7.7.07 Is when it all went down! Tyson's Hotel Birthday Party was night to remember! It was a night of great friends, good food, music, movies, half naked men, and a hot tub! Yes it was a night to remember! You can check out Tyson's blog at: Show him some love, he's new to the whole blogging game. So here are some of the photos I took from the party...

To the Left is my boy X, Shout out to him!

Shout out to D&D to the Right!

Me and Tyson! He is the guy I told you guys about. "Mr Gay New Jersey" I was his back-up dancer in the show a couple of months ago. He didn't win, but funny thing is, the guy who did win isn't fulfilling his duties and want Tyson to take his place... he told them NO! LOL!

Shout Out to Greg!

Oh Jay! Jay's Birthday is next, and its going to be at this really fancy place, so it will most def be much more classier then this photo, lol.

Shout Out to Omar! I had a photo of Fuzzy and Tyson, but he looked crazy in it, so I saved you guys the horror!


Update: Due to the strong sexual content of some of the photos, I made a responsible decision to remove them from the post.

While I am a Strong Believer in being Sexually Adventurous & Living Your Life, many of the sexual antics was due to irresponsible drinking. I would not want to create a space where a mistake can be revisited and seen by others.

I want my blog to be a positive forum and show my friends and the black gay community in a respectable manner.

So In short, what happened at the Party, stays at the Party!



ReddMann said...

oh my

ThisMightBeMe said...

Sounds and Looks Like Fun.

Kensilo said...

Glad you guys had fun!

Anonymous said...

What's up with this touchy feely crap?

Cash S. said...

You all always seem to have a great time!

ponoono said...

what?? you dont think that the CVS pharmacy photoshops develop thousands of pictures everyday, nationwide, that people took of other peoples assholes when they got stinking drunk and someone pulled their pants down and took a bootyhole picture the night before??


for a bunch of professed churchboys, u sure do know how to partee...


Hey what's up Shawn.
What can I say, your crew really know how to have a good time.
By the way, was in NYC over the weekend and spotted you at the beach.

Just wanted to give you a holla man, and good judgement on holding back some of the pics.

Peace and Blessings Man.

fuzzy said...

Captain The touchy feely crap makes it fun!We all know our limits and there were sober minds there to regulate! lol Next time take multiple pics of me so I can get one good shot of my true beauty! lol I can't wait for the after party next week for jay's party! :-)

ShawnQt said...

I already left my comment in the update, so I'll leave it at that. I had fun though!