Wednesday, August 08, 2007

why is it so damn hot!

So I'm sitting on Omar's bed, and there is only one fan to go around the entire room. I only have on a tank top, some basketball shorts and some flip flops. Why is it so damn hot! I think its because there are two many damn black people in here. And Omar. lol.

Omar is doing his friend's hair. He's an asshole and he knows it.

He tried to drive us into a car accident, riding on the other side of the road like he don't got no damn sense! sigh. No more car rides from maniacs for me! Then there is Omar's date. He's cute. He has a degree in Design and Culinary Arts. He's like me and Fuzzy all wrapped into one. "Omar's Date" and the "Driving Maniac" have been going at it all night... its safe to say they don't like like each other. Omar is stuck in the middle, and I find it quite funny!

Then there is two of Omar's New House Guest, who is suppose to be here for a week and a half, but will end up staying for three months! Mark my words...

Yeah there is too many black people in this house, that is why it is so damn hot! What if everyone thinks I am giving off all this heat? I mean I am wearing all red! (Looks left, Looks Right) Everybody is just sweating, and trying to be cordial, knowing damn well if it goes up another degree, all of us would be blacking on each other!

Just in case your wondering where Fuzzy is, he's at the bowling alley, losing to his blind dad.
Moving On...
Why is this fan not flowing over this way? They being stingy I swear. I'm so happy my boss is on vacation. We are (excuse me let me rephrase that) "I am" still reorganizing the office for this new business venture we are doing. We are mostly a design center, but he wants also turn it into a call center, mailbox facility, and virtual office for those who want to start a new business.

It's not going to work.

I want it to work, but its not, and then we going to go bankrupt, and the business is going to close down. I would be ok with that honestly. Like my mom says, "you is too talented for them. That man is taken advantage of you."

Maybe. Just a little.
But, I do enjoy what I do. I like the people I work with. I like the work we do... just wish that we flourished more, but it all is up to my boss, and all he wants to do is go on vacation. Whatever.

Ok I think the fan is broken, because it seems like the fan is not even working! Gay Pride at the Beach was fun. Shout out to the guy that I met that reads my blog. It is kinda weird when somebody that you don't even know, just calls your name, but it was great hearing from him. Make sure you e-mail me! Am I really popular? If anyone mentions me being on one more time! lol. It's embarrassing a little, but hey, I like attention. It is what it is.

What I don't like is how the sweat is rolling over my eyes and I can't even see what I am typing!
So I'm not going to buy a Ps3, Xbox 360 or a Wii. Instead of getting that (because I damn sure don't have the money to get any of them) I got a graphics card and that way I can play computer games and the graphics will be just as good. So yes, I'm smart! I also go the AVATAR: The Last Airbender DVD set. I love that show. I also bought a Tripod for my camera. Oh yes, more reasons to do these damn videos... what do u want from me, that's what I do! lol
Ok I'm rambling now... I'll ramble some more tomorrow.
I'm leaving this house, where is Fuzzy? He need to put my AC in the window!


Kensilo said...

Tell O to get that ac in. The ways it's going all of you guys in there will be black puddles on the I love the Avatar also, I rent them on Netflix. I need to buy all of the disc. Avatar is one of the best carttons. The "driving maniac" needs to chill or someone else need to drive.

ponoono said...

why are u so hot in that house shawn?

why are u so hot period ?

Anonymous said...

Nah,its too many blacks,whites,
hispanics,chinks etc..etc...etc
its just too many on this planet
period. manchild

Ladynay said...

I love the randomness!

Anonymous said...

So tell me why YOU can't put the AC in the window?

ShawnQt said...

@ Kensilo
Omar has AC, but he gave it to his roomates since they have a smaller room, and it doesnt cool off his big huge one. He's a nice guy, so hey!

Avatar is the best show out, with hot anaimation, great story, and it is quite funny!

I'm never getting in the car with him again!

@ Pono
First, public apology for not making Dinner the other night, I have to make it up to you.

I love this new photo of me with my glasses, I look so hot! But the post was about the heat of Omar's house, lol.

@ Anonymous
White people don't give off heat! They are cold blooded! They are the only ones I know that will wear shorts in the winter!

@ Ladynay
Its your style right?

@ Captain
Because I have a big strong man of a boyfriend, and he loves me and will do anything for me! Plus he put it in last time, so he is more experienced, lol.

ponoono said...

@ Captain
Because I have a big strong man of a boyfriend, and he loves me and will do anything for me! Plus he put it in last time, so he is more experienced, lol.

Shawn i'm so lost.. were u still talking about the air conditioner here or sumthin else.... ??

dinner anytime im in jerzee !!

Anonymous said...

What up Shawn! This is Kev, the dude that you met at the beach party for Pride on Sunday!!! I did email you, but I guess you didn't get it. If you will please put your correct email addy here in the comments section. I will come back and check so we can chat!!! Later!


prince alexander said...

Hell, I saw you and Fuzzy at the beach as well. You two are too cute together and Shawn, loved the shorts

Promiscuous X said...

werd as bond. it do be hot as hell in O house. I'm dying right now. And them dam house guest. I see u gave in huh O? lol He gave them the A/c oh hell no lol I hope they paying electric. lol that's some bull. they been going together for how long they aint establish a plan yet. Umm somethings wrong with that picture lol. they kewl ppl an all but noooooo O noooooo lmao. lol @ shawn sweating blindn em!! that fan don't b hitn on shit lol

Omar Ramon said...

umm excuse me my house is not any hotter than your pizza oven of a home so let's get that together. and umm promiscuous x...??? you've never been in my house...don't make me cut you.