Monday, June 25, 2007

Sexually Adventurous

vs Social Responsibility

[sexy fun or a social no no?]

In a Gay Man's Life, after getting over the guilt from the your family & the dogma from the church, you finally stop listening to others and start doing things for yourself. Your finally on your terms. Your attractive, stylish, and you never looked better.

You go to a party, and everyone is jocking you. You meet some sexy guys, and all you want to do is take them home... and why not, your grown, and there is nothing wrong with being Sexually Adventurous! It is so hot to just take a random guy in the bathroom and just do him right there. What about those threesomes, foursomes...even the orgies, everyone is protected, do your thing! Why not take sexually erotic photos to show off that round ass and huge dick. If you got it, show it! Your Grown & Sexy, and life is all about the adventure, all about experiencing life.

Being Sexually Adventurous is fun right?
Until one day there is a rumor that your a ho, or worse you have HIV.

Have you ever talked to your friends and told them about a hot escapade, only to tell you that your a slut.
Have you ever taken a photo of yourself in a sexual position online, only for someone to think that your easy.
Have you ever been to a sex party, only for people to find out, and say you have a STD.

While you can be as Sexual Adventurous as you want, you also have a Social Responsibility to yourself.

Our world has a stigma on sex, and its not cool. There is nothing wrong with sex, and nothing wrong with experimenting with it. But the truth of the matter is, people will look at you in negative light socially. Sometimes you have to carry yourself respectfully so that people can see past the "sex" and see the great human being that you are.

I have seen so many of my friends, who are Amazing, Intelligent, Motivated men with great careers, just totally get the bad flack from there personal sexual escapades. So where is the happy medium? You want to be a socially responsible person by carrying yourself in a dignified manner, but you want to get in where you fit in as well.

How do you balance the two?


Darius T. Williams said...

It's easy to balance the two...remain sexy and classy. Taking the high road always pays off. Remember, you're fly - keep that attitude coming and you'll generate quality, not quantity. Although, flyness isn't inherited - you learn it. So, there is a period when the youngins go through this stage. It happens, we all went through it. Some of us stayed in it too long and are paying for it. Just don't dwell there too long!

Andre Allen said...

you can never balance it. people will talk regardless if they know you or not. thats the nature of people. Sad but true. continue to do you cause in the end all u got is you and only you know the truth. Great post!!

ThisMightBeMe said...

There is no balance, as you can not control what anyone thinks/says about you. We've all had our sexual escapades. We've enjoyed the extemporaneous fun of you name it......but that goes along with the territory. The human condition is full of hypocrisy. These labels/stigma are not esclusive to the gay community. A little fun in the sheets can be a big thing in the streets. It takes a strong, mature mind to deal and keep it moving. Virgins have been labeled hoes out the mouths of the jealous. The truth is you can't control the street committee.

Spook E said...

there is nothing wrong with having a lot of sex. but if you're having a lot of sex with a lot of different people, they you are promiscuous AKA stupidus maximus AKA slut AKA ho!

Spook E said...

oh and whats so wrong with being a ho?

HUMightyMouse said...

Its not easy to balance the 2 but it can be done. You can have a lot of sex just try to make it with one person. I like to think of it this way the more sexual partners you have the more of a chance you have to catch something. And then nobody will want to sleep with u cause you got an STD....that always scares me away frm sleeping with random Theres nothing wrong with the people who sleep around but they shouldnt get mad when people call them sluts, whores or whatever. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck,

HUMightyMoude said...

BUT...every now and then we gotta let our inner slut come out and play...;)

EVERYBODY slut or not RAP IT UP...u like my lil BET moment dont uall...

ponoono said...

that pic was sorta dysfunctional. fuzzy was goin in on omars target waay too low.. and u were goin in on fuzzy waay too high....

either too much drinkn goin on or you boys need a trip to lenscrafters


ReddMann said...

people are going to talk about you regardless of what you do or dont do.

it just has to be a personal choice of what ammunition you give them.

Omar Ramon said...

Goodness gracious...

do what you want,
to hell with the chatter,
those who are not you
really don't matter.

lol that's my freestyle for today... I'm too tired to get thoroughly intellectual.

That is all.

ShawnQt said...

Seems like most of the answers are, just do what you want because people are going to talk... but I mean there has to be a difference between being sexually adventurous and somebody that really is a "ho"?

Are there like guidelines or rules on proper sexual interactions with people? Can we put any photo of us online? Is there a set amount of people u can have sex with and it be ok?

ponoono said...

the "adventure" should be takin place in your bedroom with your man..

if u need to bring in a third or a fourth to spice things up... your relationship is already over even if u dont see it

if you need to be meeting your "needs" with random jump offs.. then u really are a ho..

my two cents worth.... im old fashioned

muhus said...


All sex begins in your head. put some blinkers on your eyes. What your eyes don't see, your heart/loins will not hunger after

Mr. Jones said...

I'm with ReddMann on this.

You can't stop people from talking, but you can dictate what they talk about.

heartbreaker said...

i think it's easy to balance the two, it just depends on how you carry yourself really, some people like to brag and carry on conversation about the things that they have done and things that they want to do, i think class plays a huge roll in that cuz u can be a hoe and still be reflected if u KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED, and only disclose what u really wanna do or what u r really thinking between a few close people, not just any and everybody

you can be sexually explorative, with the parties and the bathrooms and this and that, but it all goes back to how you carry yourself and how you approach being that way, not what you say, but HOW you say it, and when you say it

appearance is EVERYTHING regardless of how anyone looks at it

but after all the fun, at the end of the day, the statistics DON'T LIE, i will be honest enough to say that i've caught an STD even when i thought i protected myself 100% of the time, never had a slip-up, condoms are NOT 100% effective, even with good jugment, so all i gotta say is BE CAREFUL and TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS cuz if you are ever having reservations about fuckin somebody or GETTIN dick from somebody, TRUST your instincts and say NO, sex is best when u have it often with ONE person, be freaky as you wanna be with with ONE person, let's not fulfill the stigma and the statistics placed upon us, good post, i'm gon' hafta preach and write on this one soon Shawn lol

heartbreaker said...

i meant to say u can be a hoe and be RESPECTED (not reflected) if you keep your mouth closed, and disclose only a select few... we all have needs, and all things are permissable, everybody goes thru that hoe stage and then the i just want some friends stage lol but people are gonna talk if u allow it through your own words and actions

fuzzy said...

I believe that there can be a balance. Sex can be very fun, but (I know this will sound bizzare given my freaky side) I think sex was meant to be PRIVATE AND KEPT PRIVATE. You can still conduct yourself in a responsible dignified manner to you and for others' sight and still be a closet freak. If it is you it is you!

Marz said...

Be a gentleman in the street and freak in the bed. ALso, just be mindful who you tell all your escapades too.

I've been told some WILD SHIT (like incest). But, I'm like, I never know who may be my cousin so it's not my place to judge. Even if I do judge, it's not my place to spill the tea to the entire world.

But, people are going to talk regardless. You could be abstinent, and everyone is whispering, "Look at the scoop that bitch got in his back, he always glowing every day".

Do you, do others. Whatever. lol