Monday, June 18, 2007

seeing progress...

First I want to say thank you for all the comments left in my last post (from friends and bloggers). It really made me put some things in order in how to deal with my emotions about my father. I had a dream that my father pushed me off a cliff. Deep stuff. This is something that isn't going away easy, and I'm trying not to put so much energy on it. It did help to let it out, since I have never done that before. My next step is I'm going to talk to my mother about it and see if she can help.

In Other News...

So my Dream of having a "Banging Body" is still in progress, and I am happy with my results! When I first started I was 150lbs, had a small gut, and my diet was based off fast food. I got the LL Cool J Platinum Workout Book and The Secret for my birthday to help me motivate myself. I have since been jogging at least twice a week. I have pushed myself to do sit-ups and push-ups daily, and my diet has changed into being a lot more balanced. One week I cut out ALL fried foods out of my diet! Even French Fries! My chest is getting a little more defined, my stomach is now flat, and I can see a "pac" somewhere showing through. I can handle exercise much better. I feel a lot confident in the bed. But I know I can do a lot more, but this is what I look like now...

So now I have 2 months until I get to my goal, and I will pick up the pace in July. It is now Summer Time, and there will be plenty of water parks, nude beaches, and prides to go to, so I need to be ready! Don't tell Fuzzy, but we went running one day, and we are jogging, and doing the exercises in the obstacle, and boy was he out of breath and in pain afterwards, lol. Fuzzy' has a nice body, but if he worked out he would be so on point, it ain't even funny. But it was just interesting to me to see him huffing and puffing and I was ok. He still beat me in the push-up contest though! My old workout partner, Calvin has started going to the gym, but I haven't decided if I want to get a membership yet... maybe at least for the month of July.

So let's see my goal this week is, I'm going to eat at least one bowl of vegetables a day, and only drink water, while making sure I do a lot of upper body work... and continue my diet as is. I need to eat more vegetables, so this should kick start me.

As always if anyone has any advice to get me into "banging body" status, holla at ya boy!


lj said...

try adding protein shakes to your diet. They help the muscle building process

Marz said...

I've missed you SHAWN. (Caught up in the graduation/prom/ Bs whirlwind.)

Dreams can be unsettling as hell. I had one I was going to get shot two days after graduation. On Sunday, my nerves were SHOT. BABAYYY!!! I can't even begin to detail it. Let me read what you're referring to though.

You need to get something you can snack on that is healthy. I do Raisin Bran. Also, have healthy foods available. Many times we, people, eat nonsense because we don't have a healthy alternative available. Adding protein is crucial to muscle gain.

Don't eat after six. Eat six meals a day. All that good stuff. I used to know a lot about that stuff. But, I stopped exercising and just got crazy looking.

Soldier said...

* Look for proteins try to get them from natural sources (meat, chicken,etc...). Then the protein shakes, yes they r good, but control your consumption !
I mean... dont start havin a bottle of that thing and drinkin it randomly at anytime of the day, please no lol

* The multiple (usually 5 to 6) meals a day, very important ! The concept is " DO not let your body go into starvation ".
For me its :
5:30 am - wake up
6 - jogging
6:45 - meal 1 breakfast :
orange juice + cereal
9:30 - meal 2 chicken panini + high energy fruit juice
why ? because it'll give me energy that i'll use right away
12 :30 - 1h30 lunch break
meal 3 : lunch = nice salad then i go for a slow walk with some friends then get my 30 mins power nap
2 pm - back to work
4 pm - snack : something light with chocolate/sugar : pure energy !
5 pm - my own exercise (no gym)
6:30 pm - dinner

hope it will inspire u in some kinda way lol

Kensilo said...

Keep up the hard work. You'll reach your goal!

ponoono said...

You do have a bangin body Shawn. The name of that bangin body is Fuzzy !!

You are just gonna have to settle for simply being smooth and sexy while u work it up !!!

Trent Jackson said...

be lucky that I respect you and fuzzball not to say what I really want to say...

Ty said...

Can't really give you any advice on working out other than stay consistent and to find an exercise/eating program that you can stick with even after you reach your goal.

Glad to see that you are still working on your goal. U CA DO EH!!!

fuzzy said...

huffing huh... thats why i did more pushups that you... THIS IS WAR! u came for me, I don't believe you... u just wait, very soon i will be running circles around you... :-P

Lyrically speaking said...

It's been awhile since i've been to your blog, I enjoyed reading this post, you always take great pics ;)

Dayne Avery said...

Congrats on the new diet and exercise regime.

HUMightymouse said...

Good Luck on that diet part. I m sure you can do it. lol..I tried to call myslef being a Vegetarian for the summer to help with my summer fitness it lasted about a week. Anyway...i dont have any tips im new to the getting healthy scene also. So good luck. ur motivating me to do it so dont mess up...pressure pressure