Thursday, June 28, 2007



Feeling like all the men on ONLINE are weak? Why can't anybody have a REAL conversation? Is it really all about the HOOKUP? Well it doesn't have to be! Contrary to belief, everybody on here doesn't just want SEX.

What REAL men really want is somebody that is on point, Physically and Mentally. They want somebody that ENJOYS LIFE. Most importantly they want COMPANIONSHIP, either romantically or sexually. So how can you BECOME every man's dream?

If your main photo is a picture of a ass. 9 times out of 10, Your an ASSHOLE! If your main photo is a picture of your genitals, 9 times out of 10, Your a DICK! No REAL man wants to talk to you Sexual Attributes, no matter how round and juicy your azz is. Dick is good, hell, Dick is GREAT, but I like to unwrap my MEAT instead of picking it up after it has been sitting out. Eye Candy Yes... Dream Man, HELL NO! Keep some mystery for Christ Sakes! There's no problem showing it off. That is what they are there for! But if you really want to be on point, BE CREATIVE WITH IT! Put on a nice Tank Top or wear some cute Underwear. Show a little, and let them want MORE. Sometimes a sexy stare into the camera is all they need to hit you up!

I'm not asking you to write a novel, but let somebody be intrigued by what you say. INTERESTING PEOPLE ARE... INTERESTING. BE ONE. If you really want to be every man's Dream, then talk about your interest and hobbies. Don't have any, then now would be the time to get some. Don't tell your life story, but talking about what you think about life, men, or yourself is always great way to catch a man. HUMOR is always a good way to show off who you are, and there is nothing wrong with being a FLIRT either. Just don't put up "want to fuck"... that just makes you sound DESPERATE!

If I see another message that says "WHAT'S UP" OR "HEY" I'm going to throw this muthafucking computer out the DAMN window! REAL men don't have time for you to say Hello... come correct KICK SOME GAME, state what you really want, get to know the person, ASK QUESTIONS... if you really down with it, get DOWN WITH IT. It's not called CHATTING for nothing! Intelligence and good conversation can go a really long way.

Don't be asking dudes to have SEX and you guys don't even know each other. Leave that for those THIRSTY brothas that have a HARD time getting some. I know it gets lonely out there in the desert, but bring some LUBE... that will keep you WET until the dude you really want comes along. There is dick and azz everywhere, don't be a scrub, that's a NO NO!

Everyone on in your city knows EVERYBODY! We all talk about you guys to all our FRIENDS, and don't think your business won't be on somebody's mouth. Try and eliminate an uncomfortable conversation about how you FUCKED three dudes at one time, but NOT FUCKING three dudes at one time. NOBODY dreams about a man that everyone has HAD-before. Being a HOE is fun for awhile, but when it catches up to you, its a NIGHTMARE! You can be sexy, and still be every man's DREAM!



Andre Allen said...

excellent Excellent!

Omar Ramon said...


Darius T. Williams said...

Question though...why are YOU online?

ShawnQt said...

I LOVE being onilne!

1) I have access to my information about my interest and hobbies.

2) I can read and update my own blog and create a network of friends for professional and friendship purposes.

3) I have the ability to create and share my creativity via graphic design, writing, or videos to an audience.

4) I do have an account to a black gay networking site. Call it a sex site if you will, but where else can you meet other black gay men like yourself?

On that subject, man people have asked me and Fuzzy why are we on sites like that if we are in a relationship?

1) Our main intentions is to meet new people. Both of us are very social people. We have parties and events all the time, and enjoy the company of others that share the same interest and hobbies. Contrary to belief, we do meet people that don't want to have sex with us.

People are going to be attracted to us, because we are attractive people, but we are very secure in ourselves and in our relationship to not entertain the ideas of other peoples advances. You pay it, and move on.

While I may have "sexually suggestive" photos of me online, they are mostly done tastefully & creatively. I have never shown my dick or azz on ANY site. I like attention, as per the photos that are even on my blog. Sexuality I always believed should not be hidden because of the thoughts and advances of others. I could have on a big azz T, some Tims, and a Fitted, and people would still Holla... so its whatever.

Hope that answered your question. :)

fuzzy said...

you tell em' baby! :-)

Kensilo said...


BRAVO *handz clappin* !!!

EVERYONE needs to abide by #1 on your list.

Totally agree. Best post yet!

Kensilo said...

That comment was meant for u Shawn not Fuz...

Okay I am a blonde this morning!!


ponoono said...

"People are going to be attracted to us, because we are attractive people, but we are very secure in ourselves..."

ever been accused of being modest or showing humility???

no? somehow i'm not surprised....

ShawnQt said...

@ pono

We talked about this, and I apologize if the comment came off less modest.

I will try and balance my humility more, was just a tad bit annoyed with the question.

Daryn said...

nyeh modesty is overrated, you have to know you're hot before you can convince other people of it.

Hey, mind if i CC this to every black man i meet online? lol 99% of em NEED to memorize this shit. Esp #3...and #2...AND #1!!