Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If I wasn't so nice...

...so we go to this fashion show, the usual crew, and I finally meet Fuzzy's old fiance.

Well they wasn't going to get married, but SHE was the girl Fuzzy wanted to be with when he was younger. You know, the childhood sweetheart. They go to the same church together, and are still really good friends even after she found out he was gay. Cool. So we are at the fashion show, and she gets up to walk around during the intermission. Mostly everyone was leaving, so there were more seats open. I sit down to relax since I been standing down for so long. She comes back, and sits in another seat while the show begins. She then starts to ask around where is her white jacket, come to find out, its on my back seat....

So somebody gives her the jacket, and she gives me this mean azz stare, and then brushes off her white jacket in disgust. My AZZ or my BACK wasn't EVEN on her DAMN WHITE JACKET! I wasn't even sitting back all the way... and I didn't think I needed to apologize to her, and who would after that rude azz dramatic she gave me! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!

I was over it from there.

So we go to Applebees afterwards, and I was quiet the whole time, it was just very uncomfortable. So she goes over to Fuzzy asking him if he could buy her some BBQ wings.... EXCUSE ME, THAT'S MY MAN! I calm down, they are friends, and he can buy her what ever she wants. sigh. I was jealous. So then he tells the waitress to put him and her on one bill. NOW THEY GOT THERE OWN BILL, IS THIS A DATE I DON'T KNOW ABOUT? I calm down. Of course I don't show my jealousy. I'm cool with it. But in my mind, I was thinking... WAIT UNTIL WE GET HOME!

As I order, he asks me, "Do you want me to pay for you?"

HELL YEAH! Then in my mind I'm thinking, NO WAY THIS GIRL IS GOING TO TAKE MY MAN!
My eyes are green!

So the next day, I go over to Fuzzy kissing him on the coach, and I ask him who he is on the phone with. IT WAS HER! I sucked my teeth, got off him and looked out the window. He asked me why I did roll my eyes like that, and I didn't say anything. I didn't want her to know that I didn't like her, out of respect to Fuzz, but then I hear her on the phone saying... I DON'T LIKE HIM!

SHE DON'T LIKE ME! I DON'T LIKE YOU! If I wasn't so nice!

Come to find out later on that night, she NEVER LIKED ME! Even before the white jacket on the chair incident. She told Fuzzy that I looked like a nerd... A NERD! JUST WHEN YOU THINK INSECURITIES LEAVE, I started feeling some kind of way. Back in the day, I was called that by the girls, and it left me depressed for a very long time. As I got older, I refused to let that part of my life get to me again, so it bothered me for a second... just for a second. If I'm a nerd, I'm the finest and sexiest one, with or without my glasses!

I STILL DON'T LIKE HER... but then I had to really get back to who I am. I'm not one to get jealous easily. I can understand why she would be upset if someone sat on her jacket, and even if I did, I still think it was a rude way to react. She is entitled to comment on how I look, because I damn sure have my opinions, but I would never express it. I respect Fuzzy, and if she is an important part of his life, I can make an effort to respect her. We just got off on the wrong foot. Somebody told me I should have put my foot somewhere else, but I'm too nice for that!


// ShawnQt //


Enigmatic1 said...

You need me to make a few phonecalls?!? LOL

Jay said...

Yea the hate in the air was suffocating. Never a good idea to have ur bitter ex and the man she thinks u left her for together. U 2 should never go out 2gether again

The Captain said...

Wow...I was laughing all the way through the story.

She still wants Fuzzy and he knows it.

ponoono said...

if i was you shawn.. i would not go out on a date with this girl again.

wait.. maybe im confused. who was dating whom exactly?

fuzzy is your man. you know what he likes. you know what he likes a lot. why is it you fear this girl???

Quaheem said...

If you know that you got your man held down then what is the problem???

NEVER let them see you sweat....You have what she still wants...

And worst case scenario if he DID want that then that would say more about HIM than YOU....(but that will never happen hopefully)...

You'll be fine...Just breathe

C ain't Crazy he just Creative said...

yo man! ur content is amazing. both in quality and quanitiy. i'm new to this whole blog thing man.....

ima get on your level, yo! lol. aight mayne!

fuzzy said...

okay let ME breathe...

1. This was not a date!
2. I didn't even know that she was going to be there!
3. Yes she was my first crush. Yes you can call her my childhood sweetheart.
4. We have been through it many times. She is over me (before I told her I had a Boyfriend) and I had no choice but to try and get over her and move on. We started off as enemies and became best friends (still best friends after I told her I had a Boyfriend)and best friends we will stay.
5. We were never a couple to for bitter ex's! We just aspired to be together at the wrong times which conflicted with each other's life at those times...

Anonymous said...

hmm i think they are juss really good friends...perhaps ur the insecure one...yes this girl may b beautiful and may know more about ur man than u could know in two years but still in all he's urs...she prob has no intrest in ur man other than a true friendship...they were friends before u and will remain that way after u...things dont change.Who knows y the jacket was significant perhaps it wasnt even her jacket in the first place. And the dinner ur still a guy u cant pay for ur own entree...? U clearly think this girl is goin to steal ur man..n it sounds as if she has no intrest in doin so...chill man...its not that serious..im sure the girl could bag ne dude she wanted to. ..u shouldnt b jealous if the girl wanted ur man trust and believe she would have him already!

ShawnQt said...

Please note:

My Jealous spell only lasted but only as long as dinner lasted. I guess you can say I wasn't in my right mind. I am a very likable person, so it bothered me that I didn't come off that way.

I can be insecure in many ways, but I am not jealous or afraid of losing Fuzzy to her. period.

I still don't like her.

Fuzzy can continue to be friends with her, and I won't create any more drama from the situation... but don't ask us to go out to dinner!

I could have payed for my own meal! I pay for my meal most of the time! It just shocked me that he was paying for her meal! lol.

Ohh she can bag any dude she wants, right Omar? lol

Omar Ramon said...

I don't get bagged..I do the bagging... I will leave it at that.

Everyone has a jealous moment especially in the presence of their mate's ex with whom said mate shares a significant past/lingering present.

Not a big deal. I think her reaction to the jacket thing was at least partially a joke if not entirely. I think you may have been a lil oversensitive about that because you were already uncomfortable being around someone who your mate has had feelings for. Territorialism is natural...humans, while a bit more reasonable, are still animalistic in a sense. Especially men.

Her proclamation of dislike, and following criticism of your appearance were , I THINK, incited by your reaction to her presence on the phone. She became defensive and switched gears to offense mode. It happens.

I'm not saying you're to blame for the tension of the situation. Blame is unimportant. Humans and their emotions are volatile and prone to set off chain reactions. Y'all get it together for Fuzzy's sake and discuss it no further unless it is in an adult effort to dissipate the ill will between the two of you.

Anonymous, everyone is entitled to their opinion but lets not be so uncouth and brash in our approach to voicing them. This is Blogopia, not Jerry Springer. Insults are neither warranted nor tolerated. Thanks.

Marz said...

Being a nerd is sexy. Own it.

She seems a bit high school cheerleader to me. Maybe that explains her need to classify people.

But, talk it out. Maybe before you blog about it write this to fuzzy. (just saying.)


ponoono said...

has Omar ever been tea-bagged ??

Muhammad said...

Shawn, Remember Always That Which FUZZY Has In His HEART for YOU is YOURS and YOURS ALONE.
He can't give it, lend it, borrow it, share it, leave it as a down payment with/to anyone else, nor can they share in it with you.
Don't be jealous, man! Hold on to the knowledge that his love for you is yours alone.
Blessings and Comfort x 200!

ReddMann said...

i personally think you are blowing all of this out of proportion. it wasn't that serious and once you look back on this awhile from now you will see how silly this all seems.

you cant control others actions or feelings... you can only control how you respond.