Friday, April 27, 2007

soundtrack: aint nothing like me

It's very rare that I will fall in love with an entire album, and all the songs really reflect what I am feeling at the time. Brandy's albums (Never Say Never & Full Moon) are the only ones that come to my head right now. Well seems that Joe's newest album has done it! Who Knew? I'm not even a big Joe fan, but when I previewed his album online, the album was amazing!

"...I would die before I would hurt you..."

This song is all about trust in a relationship. All of us are guilty of it. Just think about it? How many times have you found out from somebody that there man with another dude at a party, or they was was talking to a whole bunch of guys off the Internet...and it didn't sit well with you. Then you go up to your man accusing him of this and that, without asking him his side of the story!

Shouldn't we start to put more trust in our men, and don't always jump the gun? Or will we always think that all men are dogs? Know your man.

My Love
"...I have never been the type for holding in, or holding out for sex, but I think I guess I see where its different, but I can't hold it anymore..."

All week, Fuzz and I haven't had sex... mostly on my part. I have been really tired, and been through small depression spells. Now that the weekend is here, as listening to this song, I can't wait to give him my love!

Sometimes it isn't all about doing it every night, and trying to break there back in. It is even more special to wait, have time to think about it, hold off until your both ready to enjoy one another. It makes it so much more special. Sex is like 50% mental as it is physical.

" more lies, just want to get it right this time..."

What I like about this song is that, love really brings the change in people. When will we stop complaining that there aren't any good men in the world, and realize we need to become that GOOD MAN in ourselves? We always talking about how all men cheat, lie, but have at times been guilty of it ourselves. Even if we aren't at that extreme, there is something within ourselves that allows us not to get or keep a man. Before trying find Mr. Right, let us try to be a man, and get it right.



ThisMightBeMe said...

I will most definitely have to give Joe a listen. You may also like Tamia's newest CD, if you haven't already copped that.

Marz said...

If you had a goatee and poked your lips out a bit more, it would have been SQUARE ON. But, you did capture Joe's pose very well, even down to the eyes.


ponoono said...

you are so photoshopped lately :)

Trent Jackson said...

Trent Jackson says that CD is whack

BuddahDesmond said...

Joe is one of the most underrated male R&B singer-songwriters today. He's given us some beautiful music over the years. I must admit however, that I wasn't instantly taken with what I heard from this new CD like I was with much of his previous work. Guess I'll have to try again and see if I can get into it.

I'm feeling what you said about love bringing about a change in people. It's amazing what love can do. And someone finally said it - we need to make sure we're right before we go looking for Mr. Right. You can blame men all you want for the issues in your personal life. But you eventually have to check yourself to see what role you've played in it all.

Anonymous said...

somebody knows photoshop