Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"our anny"

I got him a dog chain with our photo on it.
Mines is Silver and says "Dream."
His is Gold and says "Imagine."
It was wrapped in a Fuzzy Blue Box.
He cried when he got it.
I smiled.
We slow danced afterwards.
It was a Brian Mcknight song I think.

He cooked this amazing dinner for me.
Appetizers, Soup, Salad, Main Course & Dessert!
It's great to have a man as a chef.
I was actually impressed.

It was a good night,
and it rekindled our feelings for one another.

[side note]

Last weekend,
we had slumber party with our closest friends.
It was interesting to say the least.
more on that later...


Dayne Avery said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW congratulations! One year and theyre still together. You have me over here feeling all sappy and love struck. Dammit! lol

Ladynay said...

It's too early in the morning for mush darnit! LOL

Kensilo said...

Congrats on the anniversary. Continue to love and care for one another.

Marz said...


I don't even know what an " interesting" slumber party would entail. My imagination is running wild now.


Bougie Black Boy said...

When are you coming into the city?

ShawnQt said...

@ Dayne & Kensilo
Thank You... it feels good for people to congradulate us, makes me feel like we are doing something right!

@ ladynay
then read the post in the afternoon. :)

@ Marz
I don't know how to talk about the slumber party without calling anyone out!

@ bougie
when it gets warmer!!!!

Queer Kid Of Color said...

Congrats Shawn, you are the perfect example to what being monogamous and committed means.

Trent Jackson said...

congrats kids!

Shawn, I just wished that our love affair could have lasted longer - but I accept that I was the rebound man and I am sorry that I had to make our seven night stand so public. But we were both going through a difficult time...

I wish you and Fuzzball the best of errythang - and now that you two are the poster children for gay relationships worldwide, keep it up! We need to defy the negative image that gay man can't make it work (thinking to myself, I am on my way to Liz Taylor status)

Oh - and please spare us the details about your "slumber parties" we ALL have heard about what goes down at a Shawn and Fuzzy partay - okay?

Hmm...I've seen the pictures, I know the deal!