Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Spring is coming, and you finally snagged you a cutie from the winter. It's only been a couple of months, maybe even a couple of weeks. For some of you Homos, you finally met dude in person from BGC! But Hey... you is feeling the shit out of this man! The First kiss was magical, the sex can't get more explosive, and you really want to make this last! ONE PROBLEM! For some cosmic reason, we all think that gay relationships don't last. You be lucky if you make it 3 months! Being in a gay relationship for a year is like 5 years in a heterosexual marriage! Hey people, I don't make the rules... I just break them!

Fuzzy and I will be coming up on our One Year Anniversary next week!


Everyone should GET a MAN and KEEP a MAN!
Repeat after me...GET A MAN, KEEP A MAN!


Kissing is the most important part of a relationship. It is the first intimate interacting between two dudes. If you have a hang up over kissing, get over it. There is nothing like two passionate brothas locking lips! Hot! If you have luscious plump lips, you got an edge, but kissing isn't always physical. Kissing is very much a mind game. You prepare for that moment with the locking of eye, the touching of their body, and that soft sexy tone to your voice. You have to time it just right... and if you’re in the right setting and mode, RAINBOW FIREWORKS FOR EVERYONE, YEAH! But beware, if you bite, spit, cough, sneeze, give to much tongue, or have bad breath, take 6 months off your relationship. Yes it’s that serious!

Sex is good... hell, sex is great! It is invisible line between a lover and friend. Mixing that shit together only leads to confusion. It's cute to have a Fuckbuddy or friend with benefits when you’re in your early 20's, but as we get older, can we progress above that, THANKS! I'm not one for labels, but the bottom line is, somebody has to get fucked! Let me not be so harsh... making love involves two people who know who they are sexually, and they mesh well with one another. LOVE is compromising, and especially in the bed! Being Versatile is a relationship heaven, but most of us can't hit Cloud Nine like that, so... you have to bear the pain, to keep your man. Think of it as a sacrifice, Jesus did it for your sins! Don't we all want to be like Jesus!

There's nothing like saying I love you, like saying I'm Negative! Why be with someone for a year and not know their status? Finding out your positive after a couple of months, can bring and end to a relationship. If you find out your positive early on, he may still be willing to date you. Now that's love! This way, you can both be protective and ready when a hot moment arises! Being Negative Together will make your year a Positive one! And, don't forget that magnum, you guys have only been dating for a year, shit still can happen!

Let me put it to you this way. If you want to go to the museum and learn about Egyptian Art, and all he wants to do is sit on the coach and watch "I Love You New York." TELL HIM TO GROW UP! Your trying to enhance you man's lazy life, get it together! If you got some problems, and your man gives you some advice and tells you about yourself... GROW UP! Listen to what he has to say! Most important, grow up together. Go to church; learn about positive affirmations, read a spiritual book. Bake a cake, go to the gym, and take a trip to Jamaica. Through these experiences you learn and grow, not just for you, but him as well. Life is not all about eating and fucking... there is a whole world out there! Every relationship is all about how you can grow as a person, if your not UPGRADING, neither will you two together.

and finally...

“When we laugh, natural killer cells which destroy tumors and viruses increase, along with Gamma-interferon (a disease-fighting protein), T-cells (important for our immune system) and B-cells (which make disease-fighting antibodies). As well as lowering blood pressure, laughter increases oxygen in the blood, which also encourages healing.” "Science of Laughter” Discovery Health Website

If you laugh with your man, you both will live a year longer to be with each other. With all the stresses of the world, you need someone that can laugh with you the mishaps of life. When having sex, its great to be romantic & passionate, but also make it fun! Role-play, play cops & robbers, be the toilet repairman ready to plunge something, or what ever kinky mess you gays get into. Make silly faces, throw food at each other, do the Beyonce Booty Bounce, do anything to keep you guys entertained and laughing all night! Nobody wants to be with a boring brotha. You and your man go ahead and streak naked in the street that will make the relationship last, and give the gays something to talk about!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's sooo great for yall... Glad there's people out there makin it work. Congrats...

lol thx on the tips... but can we rewind a bit... and give me tips on how to keep them past a month...??? seriously.

pono said...


you mighta been feelin less pain if you had broken it in with Cloud 7 instead of Cloud 9.


go FUzzy.. its ya anniversary...go FUzzy..

yo anonymous.. u show me a man who is walkin away from you after a month together .. and i will show u a man whose bf forgot to eat out his ass regular like...

shawn - props to u for keepin it goin for a year.. u know how annoyin those 19 yr olds can be :)

heartbreaker said...


yooo u had me bout to piss my clothes when u brought up Jesus lmao oh nooo and AMEN to being versatile, that makes a HUGE difference and same as life being more than just FUCKING AND EATING OMG!!! HOW TRUE IS THAT PLEASE E'RYBODY RE-READ THAT DAMN LINE!!!

lol luv ya, congrats again!
so happy 4 u 2

Playboy Adonis said...

Wow, I hope you guys enjoy your 1 year mark and find more ways of enjoying each other as the days, months, and years continue to glide by.

If what you said is true, then I will be going into my 50th year with Mr. Man. That's just unbelievable. It feels like 50 years even though I'll be 27 this year.

Everybody knows I'm a sex addict and that can help destroy any relationship. Learn to go solo and jack-off sometimes. Learn to appreciate and give your man privacy when he wants to jack-off. I don't know why, but, it becomes essential.

Our first year was fun. Our first 3 years were all about fun fun fun. Then things became ultra serious and we began to argue and dawg each other out. But, if you can find someone who mutually feels that arguing is a waste of time, then you might be with someone in love.

Do you guys love each other and how do you know its love?

Its yen and yang (yin/yeng or however its spelled) equal amounts of hate and love. When you recognize that relationships and people are not perfect, then you begin to grow together. You begin to recognize each other's faults as well as your own. You begin to help each other grow by helping each other see how much better the other person can be or how much potential each has in their individual lives. Then you come together to share in the growth.

I can't tell you how many times we tell each other it is over. Only to realize that we don't want to let go. Many times I tell him its over because I think the grass is greener on the other side but when I look at the big picture, It is going to be hell trying to find someone to replace the person who has stuck with me and who has taken all the bullshit I can give and still tells me he loves me 3, 4, 5, or more times a day. Kisses me on the cheeks, and hugs me just because he thinks I might be feeling sad about something.

Stick through the downs and I promise the ups will occur more and be better each time.

Be each other's support system. Be each other's mother, father, sister, and brother. Be each other's friend and person of highest trust. Be best friends first and lovers second and you will last. Because at least when its not time to make love, you will have a best friend to interact with and love. Then you can go home and fuck each other's brains out.

Ladynay said...

Wow has it been a year already? Congrats Shawn!

I literally laughed out loud when you asked didn't we all want to be like Jesus. Not that it's a bad question, it's just the context it was used! HAHAHAHAHA!

Rodney said...


I'm one of those who has been lucky enough to have a versatile partner and it is wonderful. Everyone should be so blessed. But why must giving it up be a sacrifice likened to the crucifixion? That's too much!... lol

Marz said...

I haven't read the whole post yet. BUT YOU ARE MAKING ME TEAR UP WITH JOY!!!!!

I was on a date with this boy and he told me that he dind't tbink gay relationships could last longer than a month, and a 3 month relationship is like a year, and a year relationship is like FOREVER. ANd I was like, " why the HELL am I on a date with this fool?"

let me read the post. (LOL)


Marz said...


One of my FAVORITE gay couples just broke up, and I've been going through it with them. Yes, it is good to see gay love.


I loved that clip about laughing. And there's more to life than eating and fucking.


YES @ pono's comment. (LOL)


Queer Kid Of Color said...

Wow Shawn this was actually a great post. I was expecting something sexually explicit and I'm happy I didnt get it!

BooksR said...


ReddMann said...

Great post but damn only a year... seems like i have been reading about you 2 for a decade!! Look forward to saying this again next year!

Darian said...

Hey Shawn! What an amazing post. Thanks! I would love to have your permission to repost this on my site for my readers. Don't worry I will be sure to let everyone know that it's a Shawn QT productionand link your page.

ShawnQt said...

I want to thank everyone for the amazing comments on my post. Maybe I should do more like this: "giving advice from real life experiences."

Tommorrow is the day! I'm very excited. I already got his present, and I just can't wait to just be with him and remember the first day I met him. Moments like this really make you realize how much you have come full circle.

@ anonymous
Here's a tip for the first month. Don't have sex with them on the first night! Make them wait for something. We are all men, and love sex... but sex can confuse emtions and logic. Let your brain really think about what your getting into. Telling somebody you want them to get tested before you guys have sex really makes them think seriosly about what you two are getting into.

@ pono
Your a hot mess, and I want you to know this!
Funny though.

@ heartbreaker
Jesus is in all things! Christ is what strengths me! lol... Man up and give and receive like no other!

@ playboy
We need to talk, trying to get to that 10 year mark!
Thank you always for the wonderful comments you leave!

@ ladynay
are we getting an anniversary gift? :)

@ rodney
nothing is too much for the lord! :)

@ marz
Like I said before, I didn't make the rules, I'm just here to break it!

@ queer
I kept it Rated PG13 just for you!

@ booksr
I was going to do ten, but ya homos would have lost me after 7. lol. Besides I can't give away all my secrets!

@ red
thanks... it seems longer for me... wait to you read my next post about him, I would give a hint, but I want to surprize fuzz.

@ darian
YOUR MORE THEN WELCOME! I tried to email you, but couldn't find it... hope u see this!

ShawnQt said...

You know what's weird, my own boyfriend and friends are always the LAST to comment

Fuzz, O, J, Cal, Ty... get with it! :)

j_shanlin said...


That Dude Right There said...

Congratulations Shawn and Fuzzy. Now this is advice that I can use, especially since it came from someone whom is in a relationship.

Now WHEN you 2 make it to 2 years, you can get married (or civily unified) since you live in Jersey.

Soldier said...

Congratulations Shawn, you guys make such a cool couple. You're gettin more and more hollywood-power-couple status everyday, we have to find u a name !! What do u think of....
* Shuzzy
* Fawn
* Shawzy
* Fuzzawn
* FuzQT ???
Pick one in the list or open the name-picking to your readers, you guys NEED a name lol
( my fav' one is FuzQT, wink wink )

Soldier said...

oh by the way guess who's in nyc ? yes yes !! lol

Soldier said...

Last one, i promise,lol, im so jet-lagged i dunno what im doin !!!! Your friends r livin LIFE by your side, its no surprise they're last to comment. i hardly ever comment on my friends' blogs, they hear my comments LIVE and see my reactions !

fuzzy said...

so let me tell you how to keep a man in 5 tips! LoL

1. Honesty! You have to be honest with yourself before you can be honest with someone else. Once you have been honest with yourself, you can begin to express that same honesty to your lover concerning anything. Whether it be that you wont be able to come see your lover that night or you need to give him tips on how to suck that dick. GET IN!!!

2. While you think you are MR G.Q., and you have fell into a comfort zone we sometimes, yes I said we, tend to relax ourselves and forget that we have a lover to keep interested! You better get that shape-up and keep that body in shape.

3. Shall we say sex sex sex? While some couples can survive on no sex some can't or choose not to. Once you get it he gonna want more. As long as there is consent ya'll better make a new sexual experience each and every time!

4. Listen! You have to be able to have that ability to SHUT UP! Listen to what he got to say. If its not what you wanna hear, wait till he finished and you tell him after. On the same note you gotta know when you only listen and do not comment on what he has to tell you! You will save yourself a vase bill when that dude throws it at you for saying the wrong thing! LoL

5. Finally, the ROMANCE! The romance must never die. If the romance dies in the relationship then there is not much to it. Keep that fire going. Keep the spark live. Don't let loose of all ya goodies in beginning! you gotta save some for a rainy day!

Just some of my Tips from me to you! Shawn has been GREAT to me. I'm so LUCKY to have had him in my life. My copilot is a magnificent example of what a good man should be. HOLLA hoes and smuts, FALL BACK!

lj said...

LOL. I really liked that. After being in a relationship 3+ years...all drama aside. I agree.

j_shanlin said...

@ Fuzzy...ooooo we don't throw vases at our lovers..I could see maybe a paper towel or a plastic knife or even some car keys, but never a vase!...Shawn, keep all of your glass valuables hidden!!! lol.

Anonymous said...

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